The little woofer who lost his wag, & other news from Wednesday.


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We’re all feeling pretty sorry for ourselves in this house right now. Teddy is at the vets right now, and I’m off to the dentist later on this morning. The pooch has a suspected broken tail, and I’m about 99% certain I’m about to be told I need a wisdom tooth removed. Sob! I mean, I’m really just being pathetic, but the pooch? The poor little man! He was so sad all day yesterday, and wasn’t able to wag his little tail once. It was the strangest thing, to see our dog *not* wagging and wriggling. Teddy usually wags so much that Jason’s been known to complain about the draft coming off his tail, so it’s been horrible to see him so quiet and subdued over the past day or so. I’m going to pick him up from the vet early this afternoon, and find out if his tail is broken or just sprained. Having seen how much better/bouncier/waggier he was when he woke up this morning, I’m thinking it’s probably either a super mild fracture or just a little bruised. Thank goodness for pet insurance, is all I can say! Now, if only there was an insurance company who’d pay my dentist bill…

Other (pointless, trivial) news from yesterday? Okay, get ready: Two ducks arrived on the big pond outside our house, and Jason spent a good twenty minutes bribing them to stick around by feeding them bread from our front door yesterday evening! I drank so much coffee I couldn’t calm down enough to get into bed in the evening! Teddy ate two rawhide bones, and attempted to eat a piece of tinfoil! I did absolutely zero work, because I couldn’t put my mind to anything other than worrying about Teddy’s tail! BUT bedlinen was washed, and carpets were hoovered, and the piles of clean laundry were put away in cupboards because doing manual jobs was easier than attempting to write or be creative! The most darling parcel arrived from Boden, and filled the notebook-shaped void in my life! I ate my bodyweight in hummus! Jason ate his bodyweight in beef, because I decided the other day he doesn’t get enough red meat so have been plying him with the stuff at every opportunity! My deodorant ran out, so I used Jason’s and enjoyed smelling like him all day long! (Is that too much info? I’m sorry. I sometimes forget that I’m not just writing to a friend on hereā€¦) Teddy did sad eyes at the lovely receptionist at the vet’s surgery, and got fed about a hundred biscuits! I pinned all the things!

So, that’s what our Wednesday consisted of. How was yours? Also, if you fancy telling me stories of how you had wisdom teeth removed and it was so pain-free it was practically enjoyable, go right ahead!

p.s. photos are extras I took on Monday, that I like too much not to share. Note the poobag dangling out of the pocket in the top photo. Hashtag accessorising.

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  • Siobhan

    Oh Rosie! I hope your tooth is OK and that Teddy’s tail gets better too. Gav has had a lot of dentist work recently so he’s been feeling a bit sorry for himself, poor boy. I’ve been making him a lot of soups and soft food. Get well soon! xx

  • Keri Bainborough

    Sorry babe, not going to lie. It’s PAINFUL. Lots of painkillers and tea. Hope Teddy’s tail gets better soon!

    Keri from

  • Tereza (Cityscape Bliss)

    Awh bless him, I’m sure he’s gonna be okay soon <3
    Also sending hugs to you – I'm absolutely terrified of dentists & teeth trouble:S xx

    Tereza // Cityscape Bliss: How to store bobby pins

  • Jo

    Hi Rosie I had my wisdom teeth out on my 18th birthday under a general anaesthetic. It was fine really. I was a little sore afterwards and remember I couldn’t open my mouth too wide so I lived on pure orange through a straw and after eight mints that I could slide into my mouth then just let them dissolve. Yum! I lost weight and had an excuse to eat as many after eights as I wanted. Good luck xx

  • Rosie

    Aw – poor Teddy, hope he gets his wag back very soon! It’s horrible seeing your pet distressed :( you’ll be fine with your teeth – get some clove oil, it tastes VILE but works wonders for numbing post removal!

    Rosie xx

  • Ashlie

    Poor Teddy, I hope he is feeling better now and has his wagging tail back to normal! xx

  • Jenny

    Poor Teddy. How did he manage that? Pip is sending smoochie kisses his way xx

  • Ala Skrakowski

    Every now and then when I stay at my boyfriend’s and I forget to bring my deodorant, I’ll use his. A few weeks back when he’d changed brand, all day I thought I was smelling someone really good in the office. Until it got to 5pm and realised it was actually me. Face – palm.

    Hope Teddy is feeling better soon and don’t worry about the dentist, just have loads of ice cream to make up for any pain! x

  • Jessie

    just stumbled across your blog lately and I love it — your photos and your writing too :) I hope you feel better and I hope Teddy does too!

    i.e.; Jessie

  • Grace from Amble.

    Don’t listen to the horror stories!! I have had two wisdom teeth out (under general anaesthetic…thank you insurance!) and it was fine. It wasn’t very attractive having two tampon like objects shoved in my face to stop the bleeding whilst my boyfriend took pictures, but the pain was manageable! I took a lot of medication but I only had one day of really nasty plan (about 4 days after the op!). Don’t worry too much – I was fine by the afternoon and never had a swollen face or anything!


  • Leona

    Oh bless, poor Teddy! I can’t imagine Rex not being able to wag his tail :( I bet it’s looks so sad.x

  • Migle

    Oh poor Teddy! I hope he is feeling better and you are feeling better as well! x

  • Lily

    Oh, poor woofer! I hope his tail is back to its waggy self! My brother’s kitty broke her tail and had to have it amputated – now she just has a mini tail which is so funny to see squiggling around when she’s cross!
    I really should go to the dentist too, but I’m scared he’ll tell me I need something pulled, argh. xo

  • Geneva

    Wisdom teeth vary from person to person. My brother had a horrible time, but when I got mine out I was chomping on tortilla chips 48 hours later. I was absolutely terrified, but the surgery wasn’t too bad, either — they gave me a valium to take beforehand so I wouldn’t be too nervous; I was already high as a kite by the time they administered anesthetic. I seem to remember dreaming of zebras while coming off the general, too. Don’t worry too much, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  • amanda

    oh no! poor little buddy, i can’t even imagine how bummed he is right now.

  • Melodie

    Oh no poor Teddy! I hope he feels better now!
    And Oh my, do i wish to live and such a lovely place like yours!
    Many kisses lovely!

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