Saturday + Sunday by numbers.



9 :: days after purchase, my ranunculus are still going strong. Now that they’re fully open and wonderfully blousy, I’ve cut them down short and packed them tightly into little jars and bottles. They might be my favourite flowers I’ve ever had in the house.

2 :: train tickets to Edinburgh purchased! I’m very excited. Because Edinburgh will be wonderful, AND because I hate flying and now we don’t have to!

1 :: hour spent browsing Waterstones online straight after booking the train tickets, looking for books to read on the journey to Scotland.

10+ :: amount of bad words I said when I broke the mop partway through cleaning the hall and kitchen floor on Saturday.

3 :: episodes of Sex and the City watched later that afternoon, as a reward for managing to clean the floor with a broken mop.

2 :: hours spent using my dungaree pouch as a place to store a hot water bottle. Never been so cosy in all my life.

7.15 :: the time my Sunday morning alarm went off. The earliest I’ve been up at the weekend for a long while (I think since Teddy was a puppy!)

4 (at least) :: times my friend Cath and I walked up and down the Kings Road whilst shopping on Sunday. (Jason believes that the main difference between men and women is that men shop by walking in one continuous line down a street and in + out of shops, and women bounce at random from one shop and item to another. I can’t help but agree with him…)

4 :: the number of items coveted, tracked down, and bought from Anthropologie’s home department.

75 :: the percentage of those items that Jason actually likes. Unprecedented! I expected him to strongly dislike them all (our taste in crockery is so very different!)

8 :: the amount of hours straight Cath and I talked whilst shopping and driving and lunching and walking. My throat was actually sore in the evening.

1 :: Hummingbird Red Velvet cupcake brought home from London as a treat for Jason (+ 3 Ben’s cookies picked up on a whim on our way over to Hummingbird)

1 :: the number of Ben’s cookies that actually made its way back to Jason (I accidentally ate the other two on the journey home. Peanut butter, & white chocolate flavours. Uhmazing.)

10.30 :: the exact time I had a massive post-cookie sugar crash yesterday evening, and nearly fell over from tiredness.

3 :: photos taken this weekend. Just 3, and all on my iPhone. I accidentally took the entire weekend off from work, and didn’t shoot a single photo on my proper camera. It was hard not to feel guilty, but I think I kind of needed it.

Now tell me, how was your weekend? Did you do anything lovely? :)

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  • Deborah

    What a great post, I really enjoyed the read! x

  • bex

    ranunculuses (ranunculi?) are my favourite flower. they look like tissue paper, and i love it. as for the anthropologie purchases, i’d love to see what you picked up – lord knows i love a good anthropologie treat. xx

  • pauline

    Hi Rosie, As I live in Edinburgh let me know if I can help you out with anything for your trip. Also can I recommend my most favorite book to read – Diana Gabaldon Crossstich, it is epic. P.x

  • Setarra

    Don’t feel guilty; I think it’s healthy to take a break from spending all your time trying to capture ever moment in photos. It allows you to be fully present & take part in those moments instead of spending your time on the ‘outside’ looking in through your camera lens. I particularly like it when I forget to take pics of my food because then I’m able to eat it while it’s fresh off the stove instead of trying to find the right light and adjust the plate just so for a photo op. Cold food is a major side effect of my picture taking obsession haha :)

  • molly yeh

    love this! please share photos of edinburgh! i want to go there so badly.

  • Jessica Wray

    those flowers look like that after 9 days?! whats your secret?

    also, sex and the city marathons are always appropriate

  • Eilidh

    I loved this post! I just spent my weekend working really – nothing too exciting! glad you had a lovely weekend :)

    Eilidh |

  • Anne

    Haha that hot water bottle in a pouch sounds divine! Is Ben’s cookies the one in Covent Garden market? I’ve had their peanut butter cookies before, they’re divine!
    I had a big birthday party on Saturday and I’m still recovering from it now (starting to feel a little too old for drinking, even though I’ve only been 22 for a few days..) xxx

  • Katie Farritor

    sounds like a fabulous weekend :)

  • Sarah

    Such a great idea for a post! :)

  • Malgo

    Ooh you’re coming to Edinburgh? Let me know if you need any recommendations for good caf├ęs etc!

  • Floor-Marie

    I love this post! Really a creative way for talking about a weekend! :D
    And I think it’s really admirable of you to only watch 3 episodes of SATC after mopping the floor with a broken mop, I’ve been watching Nashville all afternoon and I didn’t even manage to write one sentence… *le sigh*


  • Hannah PalindromePoppet

    I hate a sugar crash! Recently I’ve been so exhausted, it is definitely down to bad diet! Sounds like you had a lovely relaxed weekend! x

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