7.30am :: I woke up easily yesterday, when Jason’s 7am alarm went off. He hit snooze a couple of times, then we both got up at around half past 7. Our weekday morning routine is that Jason heads straight for the shower (since he has the time pressure of leaving the house to get into the studio) and I go downstairs to let Teddy outside into the garden. Lately we’ve been trying to keep Teddy from charging into the living room at top speed since his claws are pulling loops in the carpet, but he’s always so excited in the mornings he just can’t physically control himself. Sigh. There should be a #spanielproblems Twitter hashtag…

Cider-with-Rosie-bed 8am

8am :: Bed straightening, + side table tidying.


9am :: My day to day ‘work uniform’ usually consists of boyfriend jeans of some description (these were sent to me last week by Fashion Union, and I ADORE them) a washed out tee, and a cardigan. When I first started working from home I used to slob around all day in whatever scruffy old clothes I’d worn to walk Teddy in the morning, but as I’ve gotten into the swing of things over the past few months I’ve learnt that it’s important for me to be at least a little put together, or else my mood and productivity both suffer.


10am :: Teddy had to wait for his walk because I had work to get done before leaving the house. He sulked at the bottom of the stairs whilst I answered emails and edited a few photos.


11am :: We headed up to the bluebell woods mid-morning, and I paused to take a couple of photos just next to a little stream. This ^^ is the result of me being distracted. A soaking, stinking dog, with about twenty twigs stuck in his tummy and leg fur. Despite the mess he was in, I can’t help but love the way the fur goes on his nose and forehead goes when wet.


12am :: This little spot in the woods is my favourite. It’s quiet (we never come across another soul there) and is the perfect place to take a moment to pause, and breathe deeply.


1pm :: Email answering. Post drafting. Apple + Nutella eating. Coffee drinking. List writing. Photo editing. (…procrastinating…)


2pm :: Ottolenghi’s ‘Plenty’ is my favourite source of inspiration when meal planning these days. On our menu for this week is spinach and feta pasties, sweet potato-topped cottage pie, steak fajitas (or as I like to call them, Vaguely Mexican Wraps) with feta guacamole, and roasted Mediterranean vegetables with grilled halloumi (plus sausages for Jason).


2.30pm :: Sock thief, caught in the act. I eventually had to distract him with a rawhide bone to get that (very soggy) sock back.


3pm:: This is maybe the hundredth photo I’ve taken of these ranunculus, but I just can’t stop. Even the little buds I cut short and put in a separate jug are beginning to bloom!


4pm :: We usually head out for a second mini walk in the late afternoon. Teddy found an animal bone whilst we were out, and was very proud of his discovery. On the days when Jason takes Ted to work with him, I miss having a little blast of fresh air in the afternoons. I find it’s the best way to get over that post-lunch, is-it-the-end-of-the-day-yet slump that often appears around this time…


5pm :: I’d overdosed on milk all day (two flat whites, plus two quite milky teas) so tried drinking a cup of weak black tea instead of having another one made with milk. It was horrible, and got thrown down the sink (as soon as I’d finished taking photos of the light dancing on its surface).


6pm :: I popped to my Mum’s early yesterday evening, for a quick cup of tea (more tea!) and a catch up. My sister and I made plans for Mother’s Day, and I embarrassed her in front of her friend by using the word ‘smashing’ in a non-ironic way. We traded clothes too, which is the weirdest thing. I can’t get used to the fact that my little sister, who’ll forever be about 12 in my mind, is old enough to borrow my clothes and go out to parties and not think boys are gross.

I kind of forgot to take photos in the evening, but it went like this :: Jason got home around 7 to find me shouting at the cutlery draw. It had jammed so tightly shut (rolling pin) that Jase ended up having to take the drawer completely apart to get it open again. We ate pork shoulder steaks with sweet potato wedges and peas for dinner (which was a total cobbled together dregs-of-the-fridge job) and then a little homemade raspberry frozen yoghurt for dessert. Our evening was spent editing photos (me) putting the covers back on the sofa cushions (Jason) and watching Silk (us both). It’s a glamorous life ;)

And that was Monday! I hope yours was lovely, too.


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9 :: days after purchase, my ranunculus are still going strong. Now that they’re fully open and wonderfully blousy, I’ve cut them down short and packed them tightly into little jars and bottles. They might be my favourite flowers I’ve ever had in the house.

2 :: train tickets to Edinburgh purchased! I’m very excited. Because Edinburgh will be wonderful, AND because I hate flying and now we don’t have to!

1 :: hour spent browsing Waterstones online straight after booking the train tickets, looking for books to read on the journey to Scotland.

10+ :: amount of bad words I said when I broke the mop partway through cleaning the hall and kitchen floor on Saturday.

3 :: episodes of Sex and the City watched later that afternoon, as a reward for managing to clean the floor with a broken mop.

2 :: hours spent using my dungaree pouch as a place to store a hot water bottle. Never been so cosy in all my life.

7.15 :: the time my Sunday morning alarm went off. The earliest I’ve been up at the weekend for a long while (I think since Teddy was a puppy!)

4 (at least) :: times my friend Cath and I walked up and down the Kings Road whilst shopping on Sunday. (Jason believes that the main difference between men and women is that men shop by walking in one continuous line down a street and in + out of shops, and women bounce at random from one shop and item to another. I can’t help but agree with him…)

4 :: the number of items coveted, tracked down, and bought from Anthropologie’s home department.

75 :: the percentage of those items that Jason actually likes. Unprecedented! I expected him to strongly dislike them all (our taste in crockery is so very different!)

8 :: the amount of hours straight Cath and I talked whilst shopping and driving and lunching and walking. My throat was actually sore in the evening.

1 :: Hummingbird Red Velvet cupcake brought home from London as a treat for Jason (+ 3 Ben’s cookies picked up on a whim on our way over to Hummingbird)

1 :: the number of Ben’s cookies that actually made its way back to Jason (I accidentally ate the other two on the journey home. Peanut butter, & white chocolate flavours. Uhmazing.)

10.30 :: the exact time I had a massive post-cookie sugar crash yesterday evening, and nearly fell over from tiredness.

3 :: photos taken this weekend. Just 3, and all on my iPhone. I accidentally took the entire weekend off from work, and didn’t shoot a single photo on my proper camera. It was hard not to feel guilty, but I think I kind of needed it.

Now tell me, how was your weekend? Did you do anything lovely? :)

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This week’s been an emotional roller coaster of cooking related dramas. I burnt granola. Wasted a fiver’s worth of buckwheat noodles. Dropped chicken fat all over our (wooden, and oh so porous) kitchen floor. BUT. Hummus was made and enjoyed, and that roast chicken was a dream thanks to it having half a pack of sausage meat stuffed in every stuff-able crevice, and the granola bars don’t taste bad at all now I’ve cut the burnt edges away. So you see, it’s okay! This weekend Jason and I are planning to head to B&Q to pick up materials for a new project (which happens to be Operation Refit Rosie’s Wardrobe, and I couldn’t be more psyched about it), AND on Sunday I’m off for a day on the King’s Road with my lovely friend Cath. Life is good! Here’s what’s made me most happy, in the past week…

1. Seeing the robin take up position in the nest she’s built in the ivy on our garden fence (we can see her little face peeping out through the gaps in the leaves). It’s the sweetest thing! (Though we think Teddy might have eaten a fallen egg the other night. We think it was an empty one. We *hope* it was an empty one…)

2. Rewatching Homeland, from the very beginning. God bless Netflix.

3. Making (& devouring) Molly Yeh’s famous hummus, which is most definitely as amazing as Tania’s been telling me.

4. Watching Teddy wait for Jason by the kitchen door, when he’s late home from work. Teddy gets all twitchy and huffy, and watches the front door so intently waiting for Jason to appear. Those two boys melt my heart.

5. Making fresh coffee each morning. I love the ritual of filling up the little espresso pot and waiting for it to boil. Jason and I convinced ourselves last weekend that our lives were incomplete without a Gaggia bean-to-cup coffee machine. But incomplete our lives shall stay, because at 500 pounds a pop we won’t be adding one to our kitchen appliance any time soon ;)

6. Banning the word ‘should’ from my inner monologue. I’ve spent years driving myself nuts churning ‘shoulds’ over in my head, and recently, I just decided that enough was enough. No more comparing my reality (my job, my achievements, my body, my relationship) with what I think it all ‘should’ be like. It’s making me feel more peaceful and content and present than I ever have before, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

7. Waking up to sunshine streaming in through the curtains each morning.

8. NIGHTLY PINTEREST. (Shouting, because it really is awesome.) I get into bed each night, pjs on, and Pin away until I’m too tired to Pin anymore. It’s the best. The other night I maybe fell asleep holding my phone. #iphoneaddict

9. The pink ranunculus currently blooming on the living room window ledge. They’re just perfect.

10. Seeing the benefits of positive thinking. Somedays I pinch myself at how lucky I am to be able to do a job I love so much.

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Malgo’s photos of less-commonly explored areas of Edinburgh || Tania’s recipe for no-bake hummus pizza || Joy’s post about being okay with an occasional lack of productivity (which totally struck a chord!)

Tell me, what’s made you happy this week? :)

p.s. Don’t forget to follow along with Cider with Rosie (@ciderwithrosieblog) on Instagram if you’d to keep up with me over the weekend! Happy Friday everyone!


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Etsy has kind of stolen my heart recently. It’s taken me a little while to get into it, I guess. For ages I’ve been in awe of all those fabulous bloggers who link to endless gorgeous items from the sweetest little Etsy shops, when all I ever seemed to be able to find on there was dodgy looking candles, novelty aprons, and cushion covers that cost about a zillion pounds each. But I’ve kind of found my Etsy mojo lately, and I can’t get enough. It’s doing nothing to curb the tea tray obsession I’m currently nursing, let me tell you. I don’t know what’s happened, but since I bought that pink and wood one a couple of weeks back, all I want to do is buy tea trays. I’m obsessed. I mentioned it to my Mum, and she said ‘You’re just so much like your Grandma, Rosie. She loved a good tea tray too.’ And since a Grandma-stamp of approval is worth its weight in gold in my book, I shall continue to fritter my money away on tea trays to my heart’s content!

I’ve collated a few of the pieces I’m coveting most from Etsy above, and linked them just below. How amazing is that prism wall planter? I think it’d be such a beautiful and unusual addition to a gallery wall. Oh and also, I should have said- this is the start of a new series here on Cider with Rosie! I’ll be putting together a little selection of items from my favourite shops every now and again, and sharing them right here. I think the series will be a fun alternative to the type of wishlist posts I used to write, and I really hope you enjoy it!

Now, are there any really stellar Etsy shops I should know about? Feel free to link your favourites in the comments below! :)

Grey cylinder vase with gold stripes from The Object Enthusiast
Brass prism wall planter from HRUSKAA
Mint, coral + gold ceramic coasters from theCoastal
Sunshine hand block blanket from Gypsya
Dipped white & gold leaf trays from thevintagevoguestory

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