Five Guys.


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One evening about a week or so ago, Jason turned to me and said ‘Oh B, one of those London burger joints is opening up in Guildford soon.’ ‘Which one? I replied. ‘Patty & Bun? Meat Liquor? Honest Burger? Shake Shack?’ (I reeled them off super quick, like any good burger junkie can). ‘Mmmm…not sure. I can’t remember’ said Jason. ‘UHHHH’ said I.

After a little googling, it turned out that Guildford was being graced with a Five Guys! So on Friday, I went over to the studio, and met Jason for a little lunch date. It was so, so nice to have a mini midweek date with my love, when we usually see so little of each other during the week days. We talked about plans for the house (because that’s all we talk about these days, you know), compared our burgers (unfavourably) to those we ate at Patty & Bun, and picked the other’s brains about the projects we’re each working on right now. It was just lovely.

But now, let me tell you about the food! I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t great. Flavourless, overly greasy, and ceeerrrrazy expensive. The bill came to £30 for two burgers, one small and one regular fries, and two sodas. WHAT? I know. We both felt that it basically was like an overpriced Macdonalds, and most definitely wouldn’t go back!

Save yourself for a trip to Patty & Bun and one of their Smokey Robinson burgers, is our advice ;)

* I’m wearing a sweater by Brora, boots by Dune, playsuit ℅ Love, and jacket by Toast.

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  • Ruth Johnston

    I definitely agree with you about their pricing, I don’t get it!
    I quite liked it when I had it and their packaging is rad, I think they just need to be much more purse-friendly. You can eat their a little smarter though as the portions of the fries are enormous with one small being enough for two – at least that’s what I found at the Reading one.

    I really do appreciate their multi-option drinks machine though, raspberry Fanta, a revelation!

    All that said, places like even Ed’s Diner really outdoes them given its a proper dining experience for the same price and not ‘just fast food’.

  • Charlotte (@makupbcandlelit)

    Looks yummy, I think all of my good intentions for the day are out the window now :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • Rachael

    You are so cute. I love that outfit. Thanks for introducing me to Brora, I’m now tootling off to bankrupt myself on their website xx

  • Victoria

    That’s an absolute rip off!! If it tastes amazing, then you could maybe justify it. It’s amazing how some places manage to make something as essentially simple as a burger, and totally ruin it.

    I’m working in Guildford today actually (though I’m from Southampton). I’ve not any lunch with me so was planning on heading out and seeing what’s on offer. I’ll makes sure to keep on walking by if I see this place then!

    Love the boots by the way!

    Victoria, x

  • Laura

    Ouch that is pricey for what you get! I’m a massive Bryon Burger fan, one recently opened in Liverpool and they are the best burgers I’ve ever had..*drools* xx

  • Becca Louisa

    I love love love your outfit, Rosie!! The colours go together really well. I’m sad to hear you weren’t very impressed with Five Guys – perhaps I’ll knock that one off my list of places to try then! xx

  • Freya

    Fringe envy!!! P.s. you’re lookin smokin’

  • Angie SilverSpoon (@SilverSpoonUK)

    I have heard really bad things about Five Guys. Thanks for confirming this is true!
    SilverSpoon London

  • Caroline

    I’ve heard so many bad things about Five Guys recently! You’d think with all the bad reviews they might try and buck up their ideas as there’s so much burger competition out there! Honest Burgers is my favourite :)

    Caroline x

  • being erica

    noooooooo! I went to Five Guys in Covent Garden and had the *most sublime burger* of my entire life! it has left all other burgers in its wake! no other burger shall ever compare! I’ve sent so many friends there too since, who all agree… maybe Guilford is letting the whole team down? don’t let this disparage you from going again – try Islington or CG next time; you won’t regret it I promise! (although, I agree about the cost)

  • Kim Wilkes

    It does look like a really fun place to go,but like you said,is it really worth the money? Really cute outfit by the way! xo

  • Nicki Kinickie

    God I love burgers, this post has made me so hungry! Lovely photos as always :)


  • Geneva

    How odd! In America, Five Guys is fantastic, and it sounds like it’s also about half the price! Their cajun fries are phenomenal. Perhaps the magic just can’t manage the journey across the Atlantic. . . .

  • Sophie {the cake hunter}

    I thought Five Guys was completely overrated. I quite liked the burger but the fries were horrible. I’m not in a rush for Stoke to get one – although that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon :)

  • Chelsea

    I agree that Five Guys is overrated! You looked amazing though!

  • Amy

    Wow, their pricing is ridiculous! I’m now interested to find out how much the same meal would have cost in USD. I’d rather go out for a proper burger!

  • Victoria

    Your outfit is amazing. Your hair is amazing. Ugh. I hate you :P

    We had a similar crap experience at Ed’s Diner. Oven chips at £5 a portion. No thanks!

    I wish we had some of those burger places up North :) x

  • Liesa

    Wow! I think I just fell in love with your outfit! Looking gorgeous as ever, Rosie! Sucks that the food wasn’t as good, and very over priced. £30 for just that?! Crazy, indeed. But at least you guys had a lovely mid week date! :-) xx

  • Amy

    I love Five Guys.

    I’ve certainly had better burgers and healthier burgers, but sometimes you just need a good ole fashioned American burger, and this is our place!

  • Laura Kate

    Jeez that is a lot of money for some burgers and chips. On the other hand, you look gorgeous in the first photo I love your outfit x

  • Setarra

    I wish you would’ve consulted with me as I actually live in the area where Five Guys first started out because I would’ve told you to leave the place alone lol. The burgers and fries are way toooo greasy for my liking as well. I had no idea this American chain had made its way to the UK… What a small big world we live in :)

  • Leona

    You are so cute, I can’t handle it. x

  • Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

    Five Guys is a big chain here in the US. I totally agree with you – one step up from McDonald’s. But they do have good french fries, and give you a lot of them ;)

  • Alice Barton

    that playsuit/shorts is super cute! and those fries look amazing! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  • Emily

    That’s such a surprise! Whenever I’ve been to Five Guys in the U.S on holiday, it’s been amazing! Plus I may be wrong but from my memory, it was never as expensive as that- it’s stupid that they can charge so much for the same thing in a different country!
    Emily x

  • Teffy

    I felt completely the same when I went to Five Guys! The burgers weren’t bad, but it was just the price for that kind of quality that was just absurd!
    My friends in America told that over there it’s a good fast food burger, as in you pay for it as fast food price! I much much rather say Patty & Bun, which has incredible quality and taste, and is not even as expensive as this.

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  • Sarah Linda

    Love a good burger! There’s not enough of these joints down south. Those chips look pretty epic!


  • Jenni

    As always you look effortlessly stunning!

  • Angela

    I’ve heard so many good things about Five Guys from my American friends. Personally, I always favour Wendy’s Baconator when I’m Stateside, but it’s still disappointing to hear that they’re so expensive and not very good here. Maybe they’re cashing in on the name and expat market?

    In the UK, Patty & Bun has stolen my burger-loving heart. I’m wondering if I can justify stopping off there on my way home from Blogtacular in May…

  • Foodie Laura

    So disappointing when they don’t live up to the hype :( I’ve not heard of five guys before either…

  • Rosie W

    Sucks that it sucked! But your photos have made the chips look SO AMAZING AND OH MY GOSH I AM HUNGRY RIGHT NOW. #capslock

  • Kerry

    Now this makes me sad! We had a Five Guys over in Miami and it was amazing! (Maybe it was the hangover?)

    I always hate it when US franchises over in the UK and the quality goes downhill.

    Will still have to drop by though one day!

    Kerry xx

  • Scarlett

    I LOVE it when I get to have a weekday lunch date! It always feels a real treat, an illicit hour stolen from work (even though I’d have had a break anyway). Shame about your burgers not living up to the hype. Got to admit, seeing the photos before reading your review, they don’t look hugely appetising.

    x Scarlett

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