10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



This week’s been an emotional roller coaster of cooking related dramas. I burnt granola. Wasted a fiver’s worth of buckwheat noodles. Dropped chicken fat all over our (wooden, and oh so porous) kitchen floor. BUT. Hummus was made and enjoyed, and that roast chicken was a dream thanks to it having half a pack of sausage meat stuffed in every stuff-able crevice, and the granola bars don’t taste bad at all now I’ve cut the burnt edges away. So you see, it’s okay! This weekend Jason and I are planning to head to B&Q to pick up materials for a new project (which happens to be Operation Refit Rosie’s Wardrobe, and I couldn’t be more psyched about it), AND on Sunday I’m off for a day on the King’s Road with my lovely friend Cath. Life is good! Here’s what’s made me most happy, in the past week…

1. Seeing the robin take up position in the nest she’s built in the ivy on our garden fence (we can see her little face peeping out through the gaps in the leaves). It’s the sweetest thing! (Though we think Teddy might have eaten a fallen egg the other night. We think it was an empty one. We *hope* it was an empty one…)

2. Rewatching Homeland, from the very beginning. God bless Netflix.

3. Making (& devouring) Molly Yeh’s famous hummus, which is most definitely as amazing as Tania’s been telling me.

4. Watching Teddy wait for Jason by the kitchen door, when he’s late home from work. Teddy gets all twitchy and huffy, and watches the front door so intently waiting for Jason to appear. Those two boys melt my heart.

5. Making fresh coffee each morning. I love the ritual of filling up the little espresso pot and waiting for it to boil. Jason and I convinced ourselves last weekend that our lives were incomplete without a Gaggia bean-to-cup coffee machine. But incomplete our lives shall stay, because at 500 pounds a pop we won’t be adding one to our kitchen appliance any time soon ;)

6. Banning the word ‘should’ from my inner monologue. I’ve spent years driving myself nuts churning ‘shoulds’ over in my head, and recently, I just decided that enough was enough. No more comparing my reality (my job, my achievements, my body, my relationship) with what I think it all ‘should’ be like. It’s making me feel more peaceful and content and present than I ever have before, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

7. Waking up to sunshine streaming in through the curtains each morning.

8. NIGHTLY PINTEREST. (Shouting, because it really is awesome.) I get into bed each night, pjs on, and Pin away until I’m too tired to Pin anymore. It’s the best. The other night I maybe fell asleep holding my phone. #iphoneaddict

9. The pink ranunculus currently blooming on the living room window ledge. They’re just perfect.

10. Seeing the benefits of positive thinking. Somedays I pinch myself at how lucky I am to be able to do a job I love so much.

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Malgo’s photos of less-commonly explored areas of Edinburgh || Tania’s recipe for no-bake hummus pizza || Joy’s post about being okay with an occasional lack of productivity (which totally struck a chord!)

Tell me, what’s made you happy this week? :)

p.s. Don’t forget to follow along with Cider with Rosie (@ciderwithrosieblog) on Instagram if you’d to keep up with me over the weekend! Happy Friday everyone!

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  • http://www.thisparticular.blogspot.com Ala Skrakowski

    The sun is literally a blessing. So happy it’s here and giving me major summer vibes.

    I’m happy about how well some of the pictures I took in Bruges turned out, so proud of them on my little blog, http://thisparticular.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/bruges.html

    AND all of the amazing limited edition releases for Record Store Day that is happening in a month’s time. One of my dad’s all time favourite bands are releasing a limited edition vinyl, so that’s Father’s Day sorted and a brilliant surprise in the pipeline for him!

    Happy days! x

  • http://www.lifesopenpages.blogspot.co.uk Jade @ Bits & Bobs

    I think all us Brits have been soaking up the sunshine simply because it can be a novelty this time of year.

    I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen a bit more these past couple of weeks. I’ve also been more of a baker than a cook but it’s always nice to change up what can be mundane dinners.

    Will you be sharing your wardrobe project? I’m interested!

    Here’s to another great week!

  • http://kimberleysquests.blogspot.ca kim @kimberley’s quests

    Sunshine coming through the windows definitely makes the mornings easier!
    I love the idea of banning the word ‘should,’ reading your post I was picturing all the times I say that to myself and the impact that can have on my attitude.
    Happy Friday!

  • http://fairyintheblossomtree.blogspot.com Jenna

    Lovely post! :-)

  • http://greywalls94.blogspot.co.uk Petrina Whiley

    I have been loving the sunshine this week, I hope it’s here to stay.


  • http://acertainadventure.blogspot.co.uk/ Tamsin

    I’m definitely guilty of falling asleep during a pin-fest as well! So addictive :)

    I love this feature of your blog – it’s really perked up what was a gloomy Friday for me. xx

  • http://www.jedisbonjour.blogspot.com Migle

    Oh yes, I agree so much that we have to eliminate the word ‘should’ from our vocabulary, it doesn’t do any good. I have a habit of comparing my life with how it ‘should’ be and it’s not a nice thing to do to yourself, I have to get rid of this as well!
    What made me really happy this week was realizing once again that last Summer I took the best decision so far when I changed my university :)

  • http://www.littleappletree.co.uk Angela

    I love browsing Pinterest before bed, too. It’s a nice way to unwind, and you drift off to sleep with your brain full of beautiful things. What could be better?

  • http://www.thisramblingcorner.com/ Laura

    What a lovely post, such a nice idea to remember weekly highlights. Totally with you on the pinterest obsession, it’s the perfect evening occupation. Also interested that you are re-watching Homeland, it’s a series that I still haven’t watched and have been pondering starting on Netflix. Think I’ll have to give it a go soon.

  • http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/best-pizza-in-london.html gina

    such a positive outlook, v inspiring
    glad you’ve had a good week
    is blogging your livelihood then, or by job do you mean something else?

  • http://www.mynameisyeh.com molly yeh

    oh you are such a dear! this post made me happy this week :) i love your cheeriness!!!

    also NUMBER 8! i do EXACTLY THAT SAME THING!!! screw bed time reading. it is all about bed time pinteresting.

    happy weekend, miss rosie!

  • http://www.littleobservationist.com Steph

    Ha! I’m addicted to nightly pinning too :) Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend.

  • http://kimiandme.blogspot.co.uk/ christina

    morning sunshine before heading to work makes me smile! I drive pass the beach everyday, and it’s so pretty on a sunny day. :-)

  • http://www.fancypantsandsugarshacks.com Meghan

    OMG. Love. Love. Love. Pinterest!!!!

    Meghan xo

  • http://www.carriebrighton.com Carrie

    I’m pretty sure life doesn’t get much better than fresh coffee every morning! I haven’t had the time lately thanks to 6am starts, but my early mornings are finished in a week, and I can’t wait to get back to enjoying slow starts with coffee and breakfast every morning! Lovely post, sounds like you’ve had an absolutely lovely week!
    Carrie xx


  • http://www.frillsnspills.com Maria

    We have been drinking a lot more coffee recently and it is such a lovely ritual!

    Maria xxx

  • http://slothlyf.wordpress.com D

    Ranunculus are such a happy flower!

  • http://www.palindromepoppet.com Hannah PalindromePoppet

    Ahh Rosie, I love how perceptive you are! You have a wonderful way of seeing the world! This week we lost Matt’s grandma, but I’ve been really happy recounting the nice times we had with her, and remembering how she used to be! xx

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