Life lately, in verbs.



E A T I N G || brazil nuts and golden raisins by the handful, and broccoli & stilton soup (by the spoonful).

D R I N K I N G || fresh coffee, all day long.

R E A D I N G || Garance Doré. She’s my idol.

L O V I N G || listening to the rain fall at night.

W E A R I N G || my boyfriend jeans, even though they’re so baggy now I have to puff my tummy out whilst wearing them to keep them up.

P L A N N I N G || a trip to Richmond this weekend with Jason and Teddy, to get cupcakes from the new Hummingbird store and to go for a walk in Richmond park.

B A K I N G || meringues, served with softly whipped cream and Seville orange curd.

A N T I C I P A T I N G || going to see the Royal Ballet’s Giselle this evening! It’s my birthday gift from my best friend Jo, and I’m crazy excited! It’s been years since I last went to the ballet, and Giselle is one of my favourites. Also, we’re likely to head to Homeslice beforehand, which I’m pretty psyched about…

C R A V I N G || pizza. All the time pizza. I could eat it 24/7 at the moment.

L I S T E N I N G   T O || disk two of Bastille’s Bad Blood album. It’s even better than the first disk.

W O N D E R I N G || is it ‘disc’, or ‘disk’? I never know.

W A T C H I N G || The Taste (I love Kulpna, and Chloe, and my darling Nigella of course) and also Hugh FW’s Scandimania. It’s making me long to take a trip to Sweden this summer.

L E A R N I N G || that even if your shortcrust pastry looks like a dog’s dinner, you should persevere with it because it probably will work out okay in the end.

S E A R C H I N G   F O R || the perfect pair of denim dungaree shorts, to wear all summer long.

C O O K I N G || maple roast ham, and trying my hardest not to eat all the crackling in one go. (I failed.)

W I S H I N G   F O R || the rain to go away, please.

C H O O S I N G || paint colours to sample on our bedroom walls! We’re looking for the perfect pale grey, or cool-toned off-white.

T R Y I N G || to teach the dog not to bark every single time someone dares walk along the path outside our house. It’s not going too well.

How’s your week been, this far? Are you tired of the rain? And the train troubles? And traffic? But at least it’s no longer January, so there’s that!

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  • Malgo

    Hi Rosie, I like your snacking choices(what a weird thing to say, but it’s true!). my verb these days is STUDYING. my biggest exams are next Friday and I can’t wait to do something else apart from past paperss…anyway, enjoy Giselle!

  • Leah June

    I’m with you on the pizza on the pizza cravings! I eat gluten free most of the time because of tummy issues but pizza is my achilles heel. It’s funny to hear you talk about rain and such as we are in the middle of summer here in New Zealand (having said that the weather has been decidedly poo for summertime).

  • Megan

    This is such a lovely post! Looks like you’re having a wonderful time at the moment, sweetie. Denim dungaree shorts are what I’m searching for at the moment too x

  • Jade @ Bits & Bobs

    You, me, and the rest of the UK are hoping for this wretched wind and rain to go away!

  • Sophie

    Absolutely loved reading your life in verbs! Recently my verb would be DECORATING… who knew painting was so time consuming?! Good luck with your own paint hunt :) x

  • Setarra

    Hearing you say that you’re planning a trip to Richmond kind of threw me off because I live in Virginia and Richmond is 2 hours away from where I stay. So at first I thought, is she coming to America?! But thank goodness for google providing my a quick education on “Richmond in the UK” haha!

    • Rosie

      Haha, if only a trip to the US was on the cards!

  • Chelsea

    Such a cute post! I’m loving Bastille at the moment too :)

  • Lou

    Such a lovely post. I had a lot of fun reading this. Your personality comes across so well in your writing Rosie xx

  • char

    Have you seen these shorts:

    And I like the sound of your orange meringue.

    • Rosie

      Ooooh those are super cute! Thanks so much for linking them for me!

  • Petrina Whiley

    I could eat pizza for every meal. I also want the rain to go away again till next year.


  • Juliet

    Hello, new follower here :) Love the blog! Gorgeous photos :)

    Definitely tired of the rain…makes a 20 minute walk home feel like forever!

  • Alice Evans

    That album is my favorite! + I love these posts :) x

  • Stacie

    Nope so not fed up of this rain at all yet, I love rain So much :D
    I’m still loving the Bastille as well listening to it none stop!

    Love this post! :D
    Stacie xoxo

  • Thien

    SOOO glad it’s not longer January! I love the pictures on your blog. :) I started following a few weeks ago and never left a comment.

  • Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

    Love this “verb” post! We are getting snow here in NJ while you are getiing all that rain!

  • Ibbs

    So much love for your verbs :)
    I’ve had one of those weeks where spelling anything has totally failed me! So I’m on your wavelength with the disc/disk/diskh drama x

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