10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



So this week’s been all about the waiting. And I suck at waiting, so it’s not been the greatest. Our lovely new carpets couldn’t go down on Tuesday, since the wife of Jason’s friend (the friend who was due to fit the carpets) went into labour on Monday evening! I’d had a funny feeling it might happen, so wasn’t totally surprised when Jason called to tell me. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, and just means waiting a few days longer for the new carpet to go down, but I’ll admit I had kind of a major sense of humour failure about it. And now I’m over it, and ashamed to have been so moody and intolerable. But hey! We’ve lasted three years with these hideous pink monstrosities under our feet- what’s another few days, right? Here are a few of the things that’ve helped break me out of my funk this past week…

1. Performing a one-woman rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’ in the middle of the woods on Wednesday morning. Complete with stompy dance routine. Basically the best, most uplifting thing I’ve done all week. Or maybe ever. Try it!

2. Walking right to the top of the big hill near our house, and being high enough up to watch the cloud-shadows moving across the land.

3. Finishing a cup of tea just seconds before it got too cold to enjoy.

4. Experiencing golden hour light for the first time in months. It didn’t quite last a full hour, but it *did* happen, and it was beautiful.

5. The long, wild stems of ranunculus I treated myself to on Wednesday.

6. Being able to go out walking without a coat this week. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to warmer weather as much as I have this year.

7. The beautiful grey paint Jason mixed up (using the grey we bought and hated, and a cool stone colour we already owned) and painted on our bedroom walls. It’s just perfect.

8. Anticipating today’s lunch date with Jason. I’m going to go meet him at work, and he’s taking me out to the new Five Guys in Guildford. I’m so excited!

9. Learning how to style my fringe properly, after months of being totally rubbish at it. Huge round hairbrush + tapered hairdryer nozzle = happy bouncy fringe. Who knew?

10. Baking four-ingredient Nutella brownies, from A Cup of Jo. I’ve been on a major chocolate kick lately, and these are just the thing to satisfy a chocolate craving in a pinch.

Four posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week: This burrito bowl recipe, from Dinner: A Love Story. Excited to try the recipe this week! // Carin’s round up of the best eats in NYC // Jessica’s collection of the most darling peach tones.

What’s made you happy this week? :)

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  • http://greywalls94.blogspot.co.uk Petrina Whiley

    haha i love that you did the Beyonce routine.


  • http://howdoesitfeeltobe.com Bella

    Your happy list makes me happy. P.s. your fringe is looking hot at the moment and I’m jealous!
    Bella xxx

  • http://www.thisparticular.blogspot.com Ala

    I always joke that getting my fringe was the best and worst decision I made because I love it when it’s just been cut in and at a good length but when it gets ever so SLIGHTLY too long, it’s gameover. And I’m always too lazy to go get it trimmed.

    And I think we are similar with the deflated feeling, I always let it get to me more than I should but ho hum, it just shows how much you care! x

  • http://www.shewearsburgundy.blogspot.co.uk Jo Fisher

    It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week! Thank you for sharing the nutella brownie recipe too – I made Oreo Brownies on my blog last week and am always up for a new twist!

    Have a good weekend :)

    Jo xxx


  • http://www.silverspoonlondon.co.uk Angie SilverSpoon (@SilverSpoonUK)

    I LOVE it when you can start leaving your coat at home!! I really hope that you enjoy your lunch date :)
    Lots of love

    SilverSpoon London

  • http://frontiere-girl.blogspot.com Danielle

    Such a sweet post…reminds me to be thankful for more! I love the sound of the Nutella brownies…and the flowers are cute! Danielle x


  • http://www.lifeoutsidelondon.co.uk Michelle

    Thank you – I had to Google Ranunculous, they are not what I thought they were. At all. But are oh so pretty!

    Off to find a clearing or copse far enough from civilization to switch my Beyonce on…
    M x

  • http://ailishgoes.blogspot.de Ailish Goes

    Number one… all the time!! ;-) I also really want to try the nutella brownies from Cup of Jo, they looks so good! Good luck with getting your carpet done soon! Ailish Goes

  • http://allienotsally.blogspot.com allie

    I love these posts. :) And finishing tea right before it’s gets cold is the perfect feeling of accomplishment.

  • http://www.thecharmingblog.com Amy

    Just discovered this blog via the Passionfruit Marketplace. I adore it. :) Newest Bloglovin follower. Do you know how many times I heat up my coffee and tea because I don’t finish it before it gets cold? I definitely know how that feels, so much so that my wise parents bought be one of those cup warmers that you put your cup on it. They are so amazing, but one time I got so distracted and forgot about my tea and left it there on the hot plate for a few hours….. the bottom of my plastic travel mug decided to marry itself to the plate. Ah, the perils of someone who gets easily distracted. P.S. thanks for the brownies! I love nutella & brownies. :) xo

  • http://whimsicalmrsw.blogspot.co.uk/ Kim Wilkes

    Those flowers are beautiful! Starting up my blog and going for long walks watching the ducks and feeling the spring breeze have made me very happy(no more coats!) xx

  • http://www.katieskitchenjournal.com Katie

    I love these posts you do- It makes me appreciate all the things that have made me happy this week too! xxx

  • http://www.melissalovesthis.blogspot.co.uk Melissa

    Love these posts you do. I have loved kisses from my dog and clean sheets this week :)


  • http://www.escapemyordinary.co.uk Siobhan

    Being able to go out without a coat makes me happy too :) As does the fact that it’s not quite dark when I leave work in the evenings now!

  • http://polypolinaaa.blogspot.co.uk/ PolyPolinaaa

    This post made me happy this week definitely! Hope you will enjoy your next week as well. Kisses PolyPolinaaa

  • http://www.strollingabout.blogspot.com Malgo

    Seeing and meeting Bastille in Edinburgh. Best day of 2014 so far.

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