10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a lovely week! And that it’s not been too rainy. Jason’s company were able to move back into their office this week for the first time since it flooded over Christmas, and now the river’s rising so high again that it’s at risk of being flooded for a second time. And that means that our darling dog won’t be able to go to work with Jason for another few weeks, which makes my working life pretty difficult. (Because he’s a photobomber of the highest order, you know?) Le sigh. Did it rain on St.Swithins day or something this year? Have we been cursed? Have I talked too much about rain over the past couple of blog posts? Am I being melodramatic?

Anyway, here are a few of the things that’ve made me most happy this week! And it has been a nice one, despite how much I’ve been whinging!

1. Banning myself from looking at my phone whilst out walking with Teddy. I never used to do it at all, but just recently had found the habit creeping in. It’s terrible, because I’m almost surgically attached to my phone through the rest of the day, and so to be ignoring the beauty of the landscape around me whilst I walk is a disgrace. It’s been so nice this week so leave my phone in my pocket, lift my chin up, and breathe.

2. The ballet. It was magic. Proper post to follow, because how could I not?

3. Fresh bed linen. (And also the new fabric softener I bought, which smells amazing. But I can’t give that a point on it’s own because it’s too lame even for me, so I’m putting it in brackets so it kind of doesn’t count. But for the record, it does make me super happy. Got that?)

4. Burning my gardenia and cardamom candle. It scents the house so beautifully.

5. Making an effort to eat dinner at the dining table. It’s so nice to sit with Jason at the table at the end of the day, and eat our meal focusing on one another instead of the television.

6. Maldon flaky sea salt. I ran out this week and spent a couple of days using rock salt, and it made me appreciate the top-notch flaky stuff even more.

7. The face Teddy makes when I catch him with a forbidden item in his mouth. So shifty, so unsubtle.

8. The chewy bit in the centre of a meringue. Unbeatably delicious.

9. This clip of Bradley Cooper speaking French. You’re welcome.

10. Being in the city. Jason hates being in London with a passion, and I can’t for the life of me understand why. I’m so grateful that my job leads me to take trips in as least two or three times each month. I find it rejuvenating, in the way city-dwellers are rejuvenated by trips out to the countryside.

Three posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week: Rachael’s beautiful thoughts on motherhood // This incredible looking winter abundance bowl from My New Roots // and Sara’s post on a darling London tea room.

What’s made you happy this week? :)

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  • http://www.bigroastdinner.co.uk Laura

    Yes! The chewy bit of a meringue is absolutely the best – I am so disappointed if it isn’t there.

  • Bethany Thomas

    How can anyone not like going to London, I agree that I wouldn’t want to live there everyday but the odd trip is, as you say, so rejuvenating! Can’t wait to hear about the ballet x

  • http://www.mascaraandmud.wordpress.com mascara and mud

    what, apart from your nutella smoothie?! a new bag. it’s the small things ;)

  • http://www.theantisocialite.me Alex

    Hi Rosie! I just discovered your blog and wanted to let you know how much I love it! Thanks for sharing your life and musings; I’m new to the world of blogging and am happy to have found a new source of inspiration :)

  • http://www.tamarasblend.com/ Tamara’s Blend

    I totally feel you about the rejuvenating feel of the cities! Since I’m usually in-between the countryside (during the weekend) and the city (during the week) I find this transitions really good for my mind, I always totally relax when I change the environment.

    Tamara’s Blend

  • http://www.jedisbonjour.blogspot.com Migle

    Looks like you’ve gad a good week! I just found your blog and it’s so nice! :))

  • http://just-add-deenie.blogspot.com Deenie

    I know what you mean, the rain seems depressingly never ending! I love the points about banning yourself from checking your phone and eating dinner at the table, sometimes I feel so over attached to all my gadgets and gizmos that taking a break is such a breath of fresh air, I need to become independent from them!

  • http://danueli.blogspot.de dani

    Your dog is so cute :3
    If I would live near London I would drive to the city as often as I could :D

  • http://sevenlivesandmore.blogspot.com/ Melodie

    As a french girl, listening to Bradley Cooper speaking french is a real delight…and he’s doing so good! Very impressed…and charmed! ;)

  • http://www.thelobsterandme.com Ibbs

    YES gooey meringues!! I’m always sceptical of people who like theirs to be fully crunchy
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  • http://nine-fortytwo.blogspot.com Emily Cooper

    Hey! I do this on Fridays too! We should create like a link-up! Your the first person I’ve found who does it too!
    Let me know :) I don’t know how to create a link-up, but I’ll research it if you want to collab!

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