This week I’m going to try and be my most productive self.

Spend more time working at my little deskspace, instead of sitting on the sofa with my laptop balanced on my knees. Not leave items on my to-do list un-ticked, because I don’t fancy doing them that day. Uh, and also actually *write* a to-do list every day, because so often I don’t get round to it, and end up floundering my way through the day feeling lost and unproductive. Also, I’m going to try and not make Teddy wait too long for his walk in the morning. Because it usually ends up in us having a disagreement over whether or not he’s allowed to chew holes in the rug when he gets bored, which is never fun.

I’m think I’d also like to make up another batch of these biscuits during the week, because they really are good. The original recipe is from Averie Cooks, but I’m going to fiddle around with it somewhat. It needs a little less vanilla extract, a little less nutmeg, a whole lot less butterscotch chips and a whole lot *more* raisins.

Thinking about it, this week is going to be made up of a lot of baking. (Seville orange curd. Orange curd and yoghurt loaf cake. Birthday cake for my Ma.) Photos will be styled, and taken, and edited. Posts will be drafted and scrapped, and redrafted and published. The flowers Jason brought me home last week need throwing out, and I’ll try to salvage some of the greenery from the bouquet and make it last a little longer. Teddy and I will walk many, many miles. Jason and I will send each other approximately five thousand texts over the course of the week. Coffee will be brewed most mornings. Tea will be drunk most afternoons. My hair will be chopped on Wednesday lunchtime. And payday will be met on Tuesday with much glee.

What’s on the menu for you, for this coming week? Anything exciting planned?

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Eggnog-date*Image found via Pinterest, originally via CGWP.

I’m so excited for you to meet this month’s collection of bloggers. They really are the sweetest. And such a delightfully mixed bunch! So many were new finds for me this past month, and I’m so glad to have been introduced to them and to have been able to add them to my reading list. There’s a blog to suit just about every taste in this happy collection! In fact, I’m certain you’re about to while away a pretty generous portion of your Sunday reading, following, and bookmarking! :) Enjoy!

Thoroughly English
Have you discovered Bess’ darling blog yet? It’s a wonderful one. Bess is a girl after my own heart. We journeyed through the trials and tribulations of hamper-making this Christmas together (though Bess actually stuck through the process right to the end, because she’s brilliant) and she knows a thing or two about the best way to eat a sausage roll (with tons of chutney, of course!). She’s also one of the smartest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in real life (like, crazy clever! She astounds me.), and makes me laugh on Twitter on a daily basis. In short, she and her blog are both darling, and you’re about to fall in love with them.
Favourite post of the past month? Vanilla Marshmallows (because I’m in awe that she made them so perfect, first time!)

World of Wynne
It’s been a pleasure, as always, having Hanna’s blog linked in my sidebar throughout January. I fell in love with World of Wynne a few months back. Her dreamy photographs and simple writing style had me at hello…not to mention the baleful eyes of that sweet dog of hers! This month, Hanna’s been sharing sweet and simple recipes, a round up of the most beautiful dresses worn during this year’s awards season, and, of course, a little selection of killer snaps of that handsome Elvis. He’s the cutest dude around.
Favourite post of the past month? Sticky Toffee Pudding (because *how* delicious does it look?!)

Cocktails and Caroline
I’ve really, really loved reading Cocktails and Caroline this month! Caroline seems to do the coolest things- bombing around London, visiting and reviewing fabulous restaurants (don’t ever visit her blog on an empty stomach), sampling wonderful cocktails, and whipping up some blinding recipes of her own. Her photographs and reviews are always so spot on that it’s fast becoming my go-to blog for finding out about the hottest restaurants to try when I’m in the city. Also, Caroline’s the cutest! (And I’m not sure where she puts all that indulgent food. I want to know.)
Favourite post of the past month? Mari Vanna, Knightsbridge (because I want a slice of that cheesy thing.)

Setarra’s blog was a new find for me this month, and one that I think you’re going to just love. On her blog, Setarra shares photos (amazing photos, taken solely on her iPhone, amazing!) of the most delicious looking food, and has this awesome zest for life that comes shining through her blog like a ray of sunshine. She also shares stories about her beautiful life living in DC, and uses Quaintrelle as a place to explore her desire to live every aspect of her live in a passionate way. It’s quickly becoming a new favourite of mine to read.
Favourite post of the past month? Sixty One (because her family are so beautiful.)

Princess Possumbean
Princess Possumbean was another new blog to me this month, and is another that I’m so very glad to have been introduced to. Leah’s blog is a lifestyle one, one which she writes about her current loves and inspirations, makes plans, counts blessings, and shares the most gorgeous seasonal cookbooks (seriously, she’s a knockout)! Also, Princess Possumbean’s design is just lovely! It’s fast becoming one of the blogs I check most frequently in the hope of finding a new post ready for reading. It’s a beautiful one, for sure.
Favourite post of the past month? 100 Happy Days | Week One (because you know I just can’t resist a happy list.)

Amber Love
Amber is awesome. There’s no two ways about it. Her blog is full of fun lists, awesome low-key outfit posts (I want those tartan trousers), and photos of Amber’s most recent goings-on. I love her fun and irreverent take on outfit photos especially, and her hilarious writing style. Amber Love is the sort of blog that draws you in slowly, reading just a post or two at a time on a lunch break, or over a coffee, and then before you know it you’re four months into the archives and lunchtime ended two hours ago. But that’s no bad thing, right?
Favourite post of the past month? OOTD | rainbow beanie & denim skirt (because cawkward is a fantastic word.)

Lilac Tinted Views
January has been a fun month to read Reni’s blog! She’s graduated from her Masters course with distinction (and looked totally stunning whilst doing so!), eaten some fabulous breakfasts, and also (I think this is the coolest) begun an online book club! If you’d like to read along with Reni, just click through to her post below! I’ve been loving reading through her book reviews, and have been making a mental list of books to buy according to her recommendations! Congratulations again on your graduation, sweet lady!
Favourite post of the past month? Read with Reni: Online Bookclub Intro (because reading with friends is awesome!)

Daydream in Blue
I’m so glad to have Tom’s blog linked back in my sidebar this month! It’s made it all the easier to while away an hour or so browsing through his posts! I have the biggest crush on Tom’s blog. There’s just something effortlessly cool about it- his photographs, his editing, his writing…all of it! This month he’s written some wonderful posts, but the one that stood out most for me was his incredibly candid essay about taking a gap year. It’s incredibly inspirational and eloquent, and well worth a read. If you’re not already a follower of Tom’s, go and follow right away!
Favourite post of the past month? Gap Life- My Non Uni Experience (because it’s brilliant, & struck a chord.)

Health Inspirations
Antonia’s blog is another I’m so glad to have been introduced to this month! It’s full of beautiful photographs, fun lifestyle posts, gorgeous recipes, and little collections of Antonia’s thoughts. I absolutely *love* it. You must go and check out her recipe archive, which is just crazy gorgeous! (Her photographs are going to blow you away, I just know it). I’ve been especially loving browsing through her ‘Breakfast’ category, which is full of the sorts of recipes that put my boring yoghurt breakfasts to shame!
Favourite post of the past month? What’s kept me entertained this week (because I’m nosy, and love to learn about what makes other people tick.)

Bless the Weather
Bless the Weather is absolutely my new favourite read. Siobhan’s photographs are *crazy* beautiful, and I just love the way her posts are curated and styled. Also, she’s *crazy* inspirational. Not only does she create and sell the most gorgeous knitwear (her Etsy shop reopens in September, and I can’t wait to see what’ll be in stock!), but she also runs ‘learn to knit’ classes from her home in London! How fabulous is that? I’m going to book myself a spot sometime over the next few months, and can hardly wait!
Favourite post of the post of the past month? Getting back into knitting- projects to try. (because I’m in awe of anyone who can do another other than make a pom pom from a ball of wool.)

I’ve so enjoyed reading Amber’s blog this month! She’s written some truly gorgeous posts. In January, Amber shared photos of the most beautiful mood boards, and shared her incredibly inspiring goals for 2014. She’s going to be trying her hardest to not feel guilty in the year ahead, and to be more courageous in pursuing her dreams. Aren’t they the most wonderful resolutions?
Favourite post of the past month? Guilt is so 2013 (because Amber’s words inspire courage.)

Little Apple Tree
Little Apple Tree had a makeover this month, and it’s looking oh so swish! I’ve so, so enjoyed following along with Angela’s adventures in January. She shares my love for Sherlock (in a big way!), and writes such gorgeous posts about her recent happenings, loves, and inspirations. Go and begin reading right away! :)
Favourite post of the past month? Taking stock. (because these little ‘verb’ lists are my favourite to read right now.)

Thursday Afternoons
Sara’s blog has become another favourite read of mine this past month. She’s just moved to London after years of wanting to live in England (hooray for fulfilling life ambitions!) and has been exploring the city one tea room at a time! Sara’s photographs are just gorgeous, and now feels like a pretty exciting time to be following along with her adventures. I’m so happy that I am!
Favourite post of the past month? Sunday Snaps (because it’s so wonderful to see London through Sara’s eyes.)

This Elegant Awkwardness
Alissa’s blog is the cutest. She shares little updates (photographs, stories, & other happy things) from her life, and describes her blog as ‘the misadventures of an awkward college girl’. Isn’t that the loveliest tagline? Also, her post this month about her Mum finally finishing the Harry Potter series after beginning reading it in 1997 made me laugh out loud. Alissa made a commemorative chalkboard. See! She’s the cutest!
Favourite post of the past month? The Cool/Dorky Moment When… (because Harry Potter has my heart, always and forever.)

Yet more wonderful reads! – Kimi and Me, & Miss Enchanting.

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Hello, and happy Friday! We’re so nearly done with January, I can almost taste it. I’m so tired of this month, aren’t you? It’s the pits. But on a happier note, fun (but insignificant) news! In case you missed the little Insta-essay I shared this week, I’m bringing back the ‘What we ate this week’ posts, after so many requests! (And I don’t mean that in a ‘oh aren’t I fabulous getting all these requests for posts’ kind of way, I promise!) I haven’t done ‘what we ate this week’ posts in the longest time, because I found it hard to get decent photographs of my food before it went cold on me. I prefer to style all food shots that appear here on my blog, and that just takes far too long for me to do in the evenings before eating whatever meal I’ve cooked, without even considering the challenge of there being a total lack of natural light available to shoot in by the time we eat dinner each evening! So instead of trying to find a way to make it a blog series, I’m going to make it a more casual Instagram series instead! All photographs of our evening meals will now be tagged ‘#whatrosiecooked’, so that they form a mini-catalogue of meal ideas on Instagram! My Instagram handle is ‘@ciderwithrosieblog’ if you’d like to follow along!

Right, now let’s get to it! Here’s a little list of the things that’ve made me most joyful this week…

1. Roasting butternut squash seeds with olive oil and flaky salt and a little paprika. I’m mourning the loss of the hundreds of seeds I’ve given to the bin over the years, not realised how delicious they are when roasted!

2. Coming across two deer whilst out walking on Tuesday. They were way up ahead of us on the path, silhouetted in the mist. I watched them, they watched me, Teddy watched me watching them, and it was all pretty peaceful. And two minutes after that, I spotted a teeny mouse hurrying across the path in front of Ted! He didn’t see it though, and I was glad, because he’s a chaser.

3. The prospect of having my hair cut next week. Jason suggested I not have my fringe trimmed back in (he’s never been a fan) but I shall be politely ignoring his request. I’ve grown fond of this little fringe of mine!

4. Wearing two pairs of socks at once, and my slippers out to Pilates class on Tuesday evening.

5. A very, very rough homemade galette, knocked up on a whim one afternoon out of some leftover rough puff pastry dough lingering in my fridge, and half a jar of apricot jam. It hit the spot.

6. A surprise bouquet of flowers from my love.

7. The mist that lingered in the air for a whole day after Monday’s frost. It was so pretty.

8. Reading through old copies of Waitrose Kitchen magazine, and turning down corners of recipes I’d like to try.

9. This video of Teddy eating carrots. The thumbnail makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it.

10. Having Jason cook for me. He’s really great, you know! (In fact, he’s so good I’m starting to wonder if he’s been hiding secret chef skills all these years in a bid to have me do all the cooking!;)

Three posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week: Hannah’s beautiful outfit photos, and her sweet zebra postcard // Joanna’s post on ‘the art of presence’ // and Siobhan’s thoughts on photography keeping us *in* the moment, rather than taking us out of it.

What’s made you happy this week :)


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1. Butternut squash lasagne, with celeriac ‘pasta’,

2. Buckwheat soba noodles, with kale and an avocado miso dressing.

3. Polenta with chard, cheddar and wild mushrooms.

4. Gluten free pumpkin ricotta gnocchi with pancetta and radicchio.

p.s. More on my ‘good eats’ Pinterest board

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