Our weekend, as told by my camera roll.


Brewing-espresso Porridge-with-jam

I’ve been starting most weekend days recently with porridge. For the first 20+ years of my life I wouldn’t touch the stuff with a bargepole, but then I discovered that my boyfriend makes the World’s Best Porridge, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I don’t know what he does to make it so great. It’s like magic. Lately I’ve been adding a spoonful of jam (my favourite is strawberry, though apricot is lovely too) and pairing it with a little glass mug full of fresh coffee. That’s how this weekend started out- with porridge made by Jason and coffee made by me; both enjoyed whilst listening to the rain falling hard outside.

The rest of the weekend was spent in our usual style. You know- going on muddy walks, baking sweet things…*eating* sweet things. We also listened to old albums that took us back to our first few months of dating (You Me At Six’ second album) and started watching Hostages as a way of filling the void left by our beloved Homeland. It’s okaaaaay…but not brilliant. Toni Collette just can’t compete with Claire Danes and her trembling chin, if you ask me.

Weekends spent like this are my favourite. Ones without plans, where we can lazy about to our hearts’ content and move at our own pace for two whole days. Even Teddy slows down at the weekends these days, and is happy to sleep in late and wait until midday before heading out on a walk. Here are a few photos of our weekend, if you’d like to see…

Espresso Breakfast-Cider-with-Rosie Jason-and-Teddy-in-the-rain Cider-with-Rosie-Weekend-walk8 Jason-in-the-rain Cider-with-Rosie-Weekend-walk7 Cider-with-Rosie-Teddy Cider-with-Rosie1

^^ Can we take a minute to appreciate Teddy’s face in this photo? Have you ever seen so much joy contained in one facial expression? He just loves walks. And rain. And puddles and mud and smells and running and…^^

Ripples-on-puddle Cider-with-Rosie-Weekend-walk4 Pine-trees Cider-with-Rosie-Weekend-walk6 Berries

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  • grace

    Rocking the straggly, wet look there Teddy – such a cutie!!


  • http://www.cocktailsandcaroline.com Caroline (@CocktailsandCaz)

    I love porridge, it’s a healthy treat. I have mine with sultanas, blueberries and honey :)

    Gorgeous photos.

    Caroline x

  • http://velvet-wolves.blogspot.co.uk/ Natasha

    Oh this sounds like such a perfect weekend, Rosie! We took a forest walk on Saturday only to get caught in a thunderstorm, but then headed home to warm pyjamas and films. Simple things. Lolz at the Claire Dane’s chin reference, she’s queen of the crying face! We still need to watch Homeland’s latest season so there’s that! Lovely post, gorgeous pictures & I totally dig your outfit <3 x

  • http://meganbethkernaghan.blogspot.com.au Meg

    Your pup is just gorgeous. I love the way they get so excited over life’s small joys. :)
    I really love the clarity in your photography but that it is still soft and warm. It’s really perfected.. x

  • http://ofsounds.blogspot.com Sara

    Sounds (and looks!) like such a good weekend. Your pup is the cutest!

  • http://www.alittlelusciousness.com Rosie

    Teddy is just adorable. Gorgeous photos as always :)

    Rosie xx

  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.co.uk Rosie W

    Such lovely photos Miss :) I’m really enjoying Hostages, but then I haven’t watched Homeland (whyyyy isn’t it on Netflix, WHY!)
    Porridge is still food of the devil to me…

  • http://www.princesspossumbean.com Leah June

    Your weekend sounds so lovely, cosy and relaxing. Gorgeous photos as usual.

  • Chelsey

    Love the photography! x

  • http://www.healthinspirations.net Antonia @ Health Inspirations

    This sounds like my kind of weekend. I also love porridge but due to time constraints during the week I’ve been eating it at the weekend only. Maybe you could get Jason to share the recipe with us?! It looks so creamy.
    Beautiful pictures as always. Adore your outfit :) xx

  • http://www.kautekouture.com Katarina M

    I always love these posts of yours. Your pictures are absolutely amazing, I could stare at them for hours! x

    • Rosie

      That is the loveliest thing to hear. Thank you SO much!

  • http://www.frillsnspills.com Maria

    Lazy weekends are the best, I am seriously in need of one soon, but I keep deciding to do stuff!

    Maria xxx

  • http://www.lifesopenpages.blogspot.co.uk Jade @ Bits & Bobs

    Teddy is sopping wet but doesn’t seem to care one bit – he certainly enjoyed that walk.
    Jam in your porridge, so simple but yet I’ve never thought to do that!
    Here’s to more lazy weekends, they are the best after all.

  • http://www.easylittletiger.com amanda

    so beautiful. what a fantastic walk…

  • http://danueli.blogspot.de dani

    I also disliked porridge till I was older but now I put in apples and a banana and it’s delicious!
    Great pictures, your dog is so gorgeous :>

  • http://www.hannah-bee.co.uk Hannah bee

    LOVE everything about this post, teddy looks so adorable xo

  • http://www.thelobsterandme.com Ibbs

    So so so lovely :)
    You & your man have weekends sorted out to a T
    Porridge and coffee are my daily joys to start life with a smile
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  • http://www.tartanmouth.blogspot.com Charlene

    What beautiful photographs. Quiet weekends are my absolute favourite, and where you live looks stunning, a perfect location for weekends away from it all.


  • http://teenagewastelandbyhd.blogspot.com TWbyHD

    Great photos, it looks like you had a great weekend. :) ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: http://teenagewastelandbyhd.blogspot.com/ ♥❇

  • http://ninadhollander.blogspot.be Nina / Hermania

    Lovely pictures :)

  • http://www.sallytangle.blogspot.com sally

    Rosie!! ROSIE!!!! These photos are BEYOND beautiful!!!!! I love this so very much xxxxx

  • http://greywalls94.blogspot.co.uk Petrina

    This looks like the perfect weekend. I can’t make porridge either but my mum makes such good porridge.


  • http://www.thelibrarian.co.uk Georgina

    This looks like it was such a peaceful weekend and absolutely wonderful :) xx

    P.S. My favourite porridge topping of late is Lemon Curd, you must try it! Home made lemon curd if possible, delicious.

  • http://lifeasarollingstone.blogspot.com Anne

    Teddy’s face actually made me chuckle a bit. And the forest is beautiful, the trees look like they come straight out of a fairy-tale.

    I really love your blog.

    xoxo Anne ~ http://lifeasarollingstone.blogspot.com

  • http://www.asensibleheart.com Milly

    oh what wonderful photos! looks like you had a great weekend! your dog is adorable xx

  • http://mstoodygooshoes.blogspot.com Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

    These are stunning photos! Love the one with the fern-like leaves. This American has always wondered — is porridge what we call oatmeal?

    • Rosie

      Thanks Amy! And yes, it is! :)

  • http://www.floraemay.blogspot.co,uk Flora

    Oooh I just stepped in to blogging dream world with this post, Rosie!

    Beautiful photographs, my girl, and yes I know what you mean about porridge. I hated it for twenty years too and now for some weird reason I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if my mother/Jonathon didn’t tell me off for it.
    I keep a bag of porridge oats on my desk at work and just chuck them in the microwave with milk and a sliced up pear for a week day breakfast. At the weekend I get more fancy – tinned peaches and a grating of nutmeg is heav-en. Oh mama!


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