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Last week, I was invited up to Magnet’s Kensington store to learn more about their beautiful range of kitchens, and the selection of clever ‘Smart Space Solutions’ they’ve created. I met with store manager Rilwan, who talked me through the ranges and products available, and was totally game for playing model for me in a few photos. Thanks Rilwan! The Smart Space Solutions Magnet have created are designed to help customers with smaller kitchens make the most of the space available. As the owner (and supreme ruler) of a teeny tiny kitchen myself (it used to be galley-style, until we changed it up a couple of years ago) it was fascinating to learn more about the ways Magnet have come up with to help cheat space out of small kitchens.

One of the innovations I marvelled most at was the ‘Show and Hide’ sink. It has a pull-up, push-down tap and is sunken below the line of the worktop, so that a removable panel of worktop can be placed over the top of it to create extra working space on the kitchen counter. Genius! Know what else is genius, that Magnet offer? It’s called the ‘Sound Bar’, and is a slimline speaker that fits right in between kitchen cupboard units and can be placed at multiple points throughout the kitchen. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to play your music wirelessly through the speakers and pretty much turn your kitchen into a mini-disco.

Imagine it. Dim lights. Music up loud, chopping and stirring whilst dancing along to Beyonce’s new album, which is playing right out from the kitchen units. How AMAZING is that?! And genius! < That’s what I kept saying to Rilwan the whole way round the store. ‘Genius! That’s genius! Why has no-one thought of that before?!’






Magnet offer what they call a ‘Full Circle Service’, from initial consultation, to a full digital design and floor plan, complete installation (and workmanship guarantee), and aftercare. Our kitchen was installed (by Jason’s own fair hands!) two years ago and is beginning to show some wear and tear, so it’s the SmartCare service Magnet offer that really caught me. One year after installation, Magnet will pop round and check over the kitchen, to make sure that it’s still in perfect working order. Cupboard alignment can be tweaked, hinges can be oiled- it’s essentially like an MOT, but for your kitchen!

Basically, I was super, super impressed by Magnet. Their service seems slick and modern and incredibly personal, and in my opinion seems to stand way ahead of the offerings of other high-street kitchen companies. And now I really want a new kitchen! If we could justify having a new one right this second (which we totally can’t, but *if*) I’d probably go for these beautiful white kitchen units, with a pale white-grey granite top and white tiled splash back. Oh, and a few of those fabulous Sound Bars of course, because who could say no to a disco kitchen?!







Magnet’s statement: “Magnet provides a flexible full circle service that includes a smart design service, a 15 year cabinet guarantee, free home survey and the unique Smart Care service. The Sound Bar system is a system that can not only be incorporated into the Integra Astral Grey kitchen, it can also be fitted with many other Magnet kitchens.
To find out more about Magnet’s range of kitchens or to locate your nearest store, visit”

** Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Magnet via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Magnet.

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  • Michelle

    Oooh how did you leave without buying EVERYTHING!?
    Disco kitchen is officially on my bucket list.
    M x

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Ok, I didn’t know this before today but after reading your post I am struck by an intense desire to have a bright yellow shiny kitchen. I NEEEED one! Well, I need a flat first… but hey ho.

    Thanks for the inspiration Rosie!

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

  • Cath

    Tonight I will be turning the radio up loud and serving DISCO SHEPHERD’S PIE. I am going to describe all meals cooked to music as DISCO DINNERS from now on. Genius is right…

  • Freya

    I’m going to need to figure out how to convince my landlord that I need a new kitchen, one that plays me music!

  • Nina / Hermania

    Oh god, I have this image of my future house / apartment as a small but really well designed space where everything is designed for optimal functionality, and this post is just like a… kitchen-orgasm? Is that thing? Well from now on it’s a thing.

  • CarlyB

    Oh man, a disco kitchen sounds like something I definitely need!x

  • Tania

    GENIUS. I need a house first, and then a disco kitchen. (it was perfect rosie ;) xxxx

  • Rosie

    Our kitchen is teeny tiny – the board over the sink is such a fab idea :)

  • amanda

    loooove those blue cabinets although i’d never have them without those super rad pulls!

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