Let’s start the week with a biscuit, and with tea.



This week I’m going to try and be my most productive self.

Spend more time working at my little deskspace, instead of sitting on the sofa with my laptop balanced on my knees. Not leave items on my to-do list un-ticked, because I don’t fancy doing them that day. Uh, and also actually *write* a to-do list every day, because so often I don’t get round to it, and end up floundering my way through the day feeling lost and unproductive. Also, I’m going to try and not make Teddy wait too long for his walk in the morning. Because it usually ends up in us having a disagreement over whether or not he’s allowed to chew holes in the rug when he gets bored, which is never fun.

I’m think I’d also like to make up another batch of these biscuits during the week, because they really are good. The original recipe is from Averie Cooks, but I’m going to fiddle around with it somewhat. It needs a little less vanilla extract, a little less nutmeg, a whole lot less butterscotch chips and a whole lot *more* raisins.

Thinking about it, this week is going to be made up of a lot of baking. (Seville orange curd. Orange curd and yoghurt loaf cake. Birthday cake for my Ma.) Photos will be styled, and taken, and edited. Posts will be drafted and scrapped, and redrafted and published. The flowers Jason brought me home last week need throwing out, and I’ll try to salvage some of the greenery from the bouquet and make it last a little longer. Teddy and I will walk many, many miles. Jason and I will send each other approximately five thousand texts over the course of the week. Coffee will be brewed most mornings. Tea will be drunk most afternoons. My hair will be chopped on Wednesday lunchtime. And payday will be met on Tuesday with much glee.

What’s on the menu for you, for this coming week? Anything exciting planned?

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  • http://elettravelle.blogspot.co.uk Sarah

    I’m attempting a more productive week too. I’m sat at my desk to work today rather than being slumped in front of the TV, so that’s a start I suppose! Now to stop reading blogs and actually do some work…

  • http://www.amiciarai.com Amicia Rai

    I’m going to experiment with some Quiche recipes this week, and also homemade noodles, which I’ve never done before but it sounds fun! ^_^

    I also need to take my to-do list more seriously… -_-

  • http://www.teacakemake.com Nat- Tea, Cake and Make

    Yum, those biscuits look so delish!!

  • http://www.daydreamingfoodie.co.uk laura

    Good Morning :) I am very lucky to have a few days off after my sisters wedding – so I intend doing a bit of baking, relaxing and recharging! x

  • http://memichaelandme.blogspot.co.uk Laura

    A new batch of granola is going to be made, with 2 dogs dying to get in on the action. Then home made pizza, definitely a foodie week!

  • http://www.poppyloves.co.uk Poppy Loves

    That’s a lovely piccie, Miss Rosie :)

  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.co.uk Rosie W

    GAH I cannot wait for pay day. It’s been 6 awful weeks! I would like to be more productive this week, which includes doing the 30 Day Shred every night.. eek..

    (The font at the beginning of the post is really hard to read, I had to zoom right in to see it properly. Might just be my screen?)

    • Rosie

      Thanks for letting me know about the font lovely. Every now and then WordPress randomly switches parts of my post’s font to this swirly one without me realising, and I can’t tell until the post’s gone live. It drives me nuts! Really sorry it caused you trouble. Will try and be more vigilant about it in the future! Thanks again for letting me know! :)

  • http://www.littleappletree.co.uk Angela

    That sounds like a lovely week, Rosie! I’ve got some savoury baking planned, a bit of reading, numerous cups of coffee, and some trips to the gym later in the week to work off my birthday cake.

  • http://dinoprincesschar.blogspot.com/ char

    Oh, orange curd sounds interesting..as does the loaf – will there be a recipe post? x

  • http://www.intoruth.com/ Ruth Johnston

    Being productive is something that’s important to me too, have you tried Bullet Journalling? I’ve found myself to be much better at keeping track of the little things thanks to this ingenious idea. :)

  • http://imeowlife.blogspot.com Dixx

    I need to force myself to make to-do lists daily. they’re so useful. I’m always bored then remind myself I have so much to do. uh, need to bake some cookies too now. with the snow outside it’s one of my favorite activities.

    -on my menu this week is to play in the snow! :d

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  • http://danueli.blogspot.de dani

    This week is very busy for me but I want at least take one afternoon off to visit my friend with coffee and talks :)
    Those biscuits are looking quite yummy :3 maybe i find the time to try them out

  • http://www.carriebrighton.com Carrie

    There is absolutely nothing better than a cuppa and a biscuit! Lovely plans for the week too, I’ve been very lucky and ended up with a week off, so I’m planning a week of snuggling down in front of the fire with my dogs and very little else!!
    Carrie xx

  • http://www.raspberryrummle.blogspot.com Roxanne Leather

    I found this blog very lovely and warming. I know what you mean by sitting at a desk – I do have one but it’s in the front room and I want to have my own space when I am on the laptop so I want one in my room. I am currently on my bed with my laptop on my knees and it is killing my back. But a very nice blog!

  • http://www.surletagere2.fr marion

    Thanks for this receipe! Have a good week!

  • http://lilyloveslola.blogspot.com Victoria

    Yum. I could just eat that biccy! Have a great week X

  • https://www.candyflosscurlscupcakesandcouture.com Elizabeth

    I had to smile when reading this, mostly because your words were my own thoughts about how I need to be so more productive, how I need to sit at the beautiful desk I begged my other half for at Christmas as opposed to taking to the sofa, balancing the laptop on my knees and getting writer’s block because I’m so distracting by the catch up programmes in Sky’s ‘Planner’. I love that feeling of achievement when you cross things off your ‘to do’ list :)
    Hope you have a good week lovely!

    Elizabeth x


  • http://teenagewastelandbyhd.blogspot.com TWbyHD

    I need to be really productive too this week! Hope we can make it! :) ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: http://teenagewastelandbyhd.blogspot.com/ ♥❇

  • http://onetenzeroseven.com/blog Sophie

    Oh man, I really need to master the To Do List. Too often I have found myself floundering through the afternoon, even when my mornings have been so productive! Hope you have a great week :)

  • http://ninadhollander.blogspot.be Nina / Hermania

    Trying to make the last couple of days before my final exam as productive as possible, and then enjoy my week off hopefully with the feeling I did well!

  • http://www.thelobsterandme.com Ibbs

    My to-do list just looks at me from the other side of my desk begging to be ticked….but it can always wait until tomorrow right?
    A coffee and bloggy catch up on the sofa is a much better choice for my evening :)
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  • http://greywalls94.blogspot.co.uk Petrina

    You have made me want to bake this week now. My up coming week will include celebrating my friends birthday which is always great fun.


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