Life lately, in verbs.



 Can you believe the date today? The 19th. The 19th! December goes at double speed, I swear. Like in the Sims, when you could speed up time to make the boring work hours go quicker.

Life lately’s not been particularly exciting, but it has been pretty cosy. I’ve been working double time to get ahead of myself for Christmas so I can take time off without feeling guilty, and also making many a trip into town for last minute gifts, and sellotape, and gift cards, and ribbon, and all those other things that catch you out at this time of year. Here’s what life’s looked like round here just lately, in a small life of verbs…

Eating // cheddar, bacon and red pepper quiche, but wishing it was a giant iced mince pie.
Drinking // tea (only ever half a cup at a time though, since I keep letting them go cold forgetting I put our microwave into the loft at the weekend so can’t heat them back up again)
Loving // my new moccasin slippers, kindly sent over by Surfdome. They’re the cosiest things I’ve ever worn on my feet, and I’m sad whenever I have to take them off to put on outside shoes.
Making // steak and chips, and gingerbread biscuits.
Feeling guilty for // treating myself to a new pair of shoes, just days before my birthday and Christmas. But they are crazy gorgeous, so I don’t feel *too* bad…
Wearing // two cardigans at once, most days.
Reading // Christmas cooking magazines, like Jamie’s and the Good Housekeeping Christmas Cookbook (my favourite).
Craving // chinese food. Specifically, duck rolls with plum sauce and plenty of cucumber.
Watching // Homeland, and dreading watching this season’s final episode. I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle the tension…
Debating // whether to go to an extra Pilates class or not this evening. I know it’d do me good, but I still ache so badly from Tuesday’s class so my enthusiasm isn’t great…
Listening to // a whole lot of Mumford and Sons.
Looking forward to // my birthday on Sunday! And brunch. And steak.
Learning // all sorts of pointless trivia, from Jason. Did you know that the smallest country in Europe is Andorra?
Working // hard to keep our house tidy and cosy and clean, since there are double the amount of people than normal living here right now.
Enjoying // baths, at any hour of the day.
Anticipating // seeing my best friend later on today! I haven’t seen her in weeks!
Finding // my favourite shampoo in the shops after weeks of searching, and feeling grateful since it’s the only thing that keeps my hair from puffing up into a giant frizzball.


I hope you’re all having a lovely (not too stressful) last week before Christmas!

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  • Alice

    I love your blog, your puppy is the cutest thing!! On a technicality, the smallest country in europe (and the world) by both land mass and population is actually the vatican city in rome. weird that its a country! more pointless trivia ;)

  • Jade @ Bits & Bobs

    A soak in a bubble bath is a nice comfort at the end of these chilly winter days.
    I hope you have a lovely birthday on Sunday!
    Bits & Bobs

  • Cat

    I love December but is does go way too quick! hope you have lots of lovely things to look forward to for your birthday x

  • Mel

    Such a nice post! I’m in love with your lay-out!

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  • Sarah

    December really does go by so fast. It’s kind of crazy. And, I’m still trying to get all of my last minute gifts before it gets really insane at stores.


  • Anne

    Haha, the Sims bit is very recognisable! I’m currently on a train home for Christmas – no idea where the past two weeks have gone!
    I really like these type of posts, they’re really cute and personal, but easy to read too! xxx

  • Dixx

    I like you even more for mumford & sons!!

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  • Vic

    Love the verbs idea! Isn’t The Vatican the smallest country in Europe? I think Andorra is quite small though xx

  • Steph

    Happy birthday! I love these lists :)

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