An update on that little man of ours, who turned one in August but still looks like a puppy.



His current favourite toy is an empty peanut butter pot. He kicks it around the living room like it’s a football, and then puts it on my lap when he gets bored of playing with it by himself as a way of asking me to throw it for him.

He’s kind of obsessed with the ladies at the moment. The poor lamb’s hormones are really raging, and make him fall head over heels in love with every ladydog we meet whilst out walking. One day little man, one day…

Every morning when I come downstairs after putting on my makeup, Ted attempts to lick it off my face. He sniffs along my cheeks if I’m wearing blusher, and makes mad attempts to lick any eyeshadow off my eyelids. I’m certain he thinks I go upstairs, smear my face in filth, then come downstairs for him to clean it off for me. (Oh, and I do NOT let him lick my face. I’m not one of *those* dog owners…yet ;)

He still loves to dig in the garden. We’re working on it. He still would eat every poop he does if we let him. We’re working on that too.

He’s slowly ridding our garden of fallen beech nuts, by scoffing them every chance he gets. Oh and speaking of the garden, he stands on pigeon watch most days just in case a pigeon dare land in his precious territory. When they do venture into our garden, he charges out at them, barking and huffing and puffing like a mad dog.

He’s obsessed with licking metal, and has been since we first met him at 5 weeks old and he sat licking my belt buckle. Watches, earrings, the metal detailing on my handbag…it’s all good stuff to Ted.

He’s a true lapdog, and will climb butt-first onto our laps any chance he can get.

The other day I had three raw chicken skins that I was going to throw in the bin, but instead I cooked them up and fed them to Ted. He looked at me with love in his eyes the whole rest of the evening.

When I cook, he stands at my feet with his eyes fixed on the floor, just waiting for things to fall from the counter. He also comes running at the sound of the peeler being used, because it usually means he’s about to get fed carrot peelings.

We call him Spud a lot of the time. And also Bunny, since he hops like one when he gets excited.

The little fuzz around his mouth is super soft, and super tickly. It almost makes up for the loss of that darling little tuft of hair he used to have on the top of his head, that sadly disappeared when he shed his puppy coat. Sob.

In the past few months I’ve caught him attempting to eat: Blue tack. A Pantone colour chip. A needle. A rusty nail. Deer poop. Several slugs and snails. Many, many pebbles. Many, many sticks. A Biro pen. Feathers from a dead bird. The squeaker from one of his toys. The case from my camera remote. A kirby grip. And a sock.

He gets antsy if I haven’t taken him out for a walk by 10am during the week, and sneaks up to the second or third step to try and get my attention.

Yep, I guess we love that little woof of ours a lot. He’s the greatest.

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  • Cathryn Clarke

    Oh my word. What a cutie! I am relieved to read what he eats – our dog Poppy hoovers up everything in sight. We’re working on that too :)

  • Amy

    Oh, he’s so gorgeous and I’m so jealous! I’d love a dog more than anything, but there’s just no way when we both work out of the house all day. One day!

  • Rosie W

    Awwwh such a lovely puppy! :)

  • Menekse

    He’s so lovely! What a little gem :)

  • Ema

    What a gorgeous little woofer! He’s growing up so fast.
    Careful with those slugs and snails Ted they will only make you poorly.
    I think dogs just have a fascination with eating poop, oh and bums! Grizzle will sniff the cats bum when it comes in then looks at me with a face that can only be described as ‘what the hell did i just do that for?!’ Ha!

  • Michelle

    He’s just so gorgeous!!
    Maybe a bit of pineapple juice for the poop eating? We have the same problem but the stepsies drank the juice before I could get it into the pups food!!
    M x

  • Cat

    Oh my gosh! He is so lovely and gorgeous! x

  • Jenny

    Aw. He’s such a handsome chap. I had a dog called Spud when I was younger. Pip used to eat her poo. Digusting dog. Our dog walker suggested feeding her pineapple as when it comes out the other end it ain’t so great :P Pip comes running to the sound of chopping and loves raw vegetables. Healthy mutt.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  • Anna

    What a sweetheart. Yup… he will turn out to be a casanova for sure ;)

  • Hannah

    Get him to a beach so he can dig and dig til his heart’s content :)

  • Lottie

    My parents have a Westie of a simalar age. She stands on gaurd watching out for squirels… she is obsessed!


  • Alissa

    Your puppy is so cute! :) Love your blog- you are a great photographer!

  • Leona

    Oh lord, this little guy is just adorable!

  • Georgina

    Awww he’s so cute! I also know a particular cocker spaniel who will stare at the floor when we cook, that is when she isn’t wandering around hoovering up crumbs I didn’t even know were there, she is allll about eating anything and everything! The cutest food steal yet was a dropped Dorito which looked rather amusing sticking out of her little mouth.
    It is the little things that make them so wonderful to have around :) xx

  • Emma

    He’s so sweet, sounds like you have a lovely little pup! Xx

  • Tania

    Hector & Ted would be best buds. (the poop bit included) just a random thought.. is it possible that it’s a sign he lacks iron if he licks metal? I NEED TO MEET HIM!!! xxxx

  • Lorna

    My greyhound, Travis, makes those exact eyes in the second photo…. it’s utterly irresistible, which is not great when I’m trying my hardest to be a little more strict with him!

  • Emma

    Oh my gosh, he is just the most adorable dog ever!

    Hmm maybe…

  • Georgina

    Aww. This post is so sweet, and really funny. I’m struggling to keep a straight face in the office at the image of him licking your handbag.

  • Katie Albury

    Oh what a gorgeous pooch…they are such an important part of your life aren’t they…so precious.

    Katie x

  • sally

    Oh Rosie i LOVE this!!! I love him!!! Well i mean i love him as much as someone who just loves reading about the crazy little man himself! Sounds like such a character xxxxxx

  • Mandy Parrett

    Your dog is just adorable – I LOVE spaniels…(he IS a spaniel, right?)and am a sucker for cute brown eyes and floppy ears ;) He sounds exactly like the golden retriever we had when I was growing up – she would eat anything she could get her paws on, inlcuding balloons one Christmas, which we only discovered after she was ‘ill’ on the front lawn later that night!! ;)

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