Advertise on Cider with Rosie in December!



 December’s set to be a wonderful month here on Cider with Rosie, and would be a wonderful time for you to take up an advertising spot and gain a whole host of new readers!

In November, Cider with Rosie gained over 300 new followers on Bloglovin’, and whilst advertising here, sponsors frequently find their blogs have risen high in Bloglovin’s list of the fastest growing blogs in the UK! Laura, of ‘A Touch of Tartan‘, took up an advert on Cider with Rosie in November, and said of her experience:

‘ I have to say, the traffic I have seen from advertising with Rosie has been amazing!! I recommend Rosie’s sponsor deals to any aspiring bloggers out there <3 I shall definitely be back!! ‘

December’s sponsor round up post (as seen here) will be going live on Boxing Day, so will be a great way of driving traffic to your blog during the quiet Christmas period. If you’d like to gain some wonderful new readers (they really are the best!) for your blog, head over to the Sponsor page and book up an ad!

And as always, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line ( if you’ve any questions. Thanks!


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