10 things that’ve made me happy this week!



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1. Watching a sweet old man leaning over his balcony, having a chat with his neighbour in the flat below his. He just looked so joyful and cheery, it made my heart sing :)

2. Porridge with a dash of cocoa powder and some sliced clementine segments. Because it tastes indulgent, but isn’t in the slightest.

3. Watching Teddy bounding up ahead of me into the woods, doing bunny hops into piles of leaves.

4. Buying apples that have little leaves still attached to the stalks. (Makes me stupidly happy, and always has done.)

5. Curling up on the sofa with my laptop and a hot water bottle, after a long dog walk in the freezing wind.

6. The prospect of this weekend being a CHRISTMAS TREE weekend! I’m so excited to get all festive and sparkly and jolly, I could burst!

7. Putting away my phone. Some days I drive myself nuts constantly working-tweeting-reading-updating, and so am trying hard to put my phone down and just walk away every once in a while. I have a feeling it’s going to do me a world of good…

8. The man who knows just what to say to help me understand why I’m in a funny mood. Which I have been all this week, but am feeling better now thanks to him.

9. Trying to remember to be courteous at all times. I mean, I always say my ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous’ and ‘good mornings!’, but I’ve been trying hard to be courteous and well mannered even when a shop assistant is taking a hundred years to put through three items, or when the car in front of me doesn’t indicate, or when the lady in the Post Office *still* won’t crack a smile. It’s been making me feel happier to be less rushed and blunt, and more kind and patient instead.

10. Sitting on the stairs whilst Jason gets his bags together for work in the morning, admiring how handsome and sharp he looks in his jacket and shirt and shoes. He sets my heart a-flutter. (Especially on the days when he hasn’t had time to trim his beard.)

What’s made you happy this week? :)

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  • http://9liveslondon.blogspot.co.uk/ Cat

    This is really lovely. I think it’s definitely important to leave your phone at home, or in another room some times, step away from it all x

  • http://www.earthlyluster.com Anna

    Cute list :) I especially agree with you on number 9, and I think the season is a big reminder, although I should try to enforce that mentality on myself all year around!

  • http://www.myfabfitforties.com Gigi – My Fab Fit Forties

    I’m so cruddy at leaving comments on blogs, but it’s my new year’s resolution to be better about it! I have to say this post, and your whole blog, makes me smile!

  • Ann

    I love this posts! That porridge sounds amazing, I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow!
    Ann xx
    Prattle and Froth

  • http://www.jesscaedmunds.com Jessica edmunds

    This is so heart warming & lovely! Xx

  • TWbyHD

    I was really happy this week and loving my family really much :)
    ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: http://teenagewastelandbyhd.blogspot.com/ ♥❇

  • http://www.bridgingthegap.blogspot.com jillian

    So sweet! I love this post.

  • http://the-cup-and-saucer.blogspot.com Alice

    That porridge sounds incredible! And yay for Christmas tree weekend! We’re sorting ours out this week, eek! xx

  • http://renversus.blogspot.co.uk Ren

    Mmm healthy chocolate orange porridge! Never thought to put add clementines before – might have to try that. x

  • http://www.charlotterigby.co.uk Charlotte

    Such a lovely list! And how have I never heard of cocoa powder in porridge! I may have to get up early so I can have porridge before I go off to work at early o’clock in the morning! Getting all the Christmas decorations has made me happy last week, as well as finally watching Roman Holiday.

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