Yesterday was a good tea day. a.k.a. A rundown of our week so far…


Teddy-on-a-walk Tartan-scarf

Here’s the lowdown on our week so far. It’s been kind of ‘ploddy’, but a happy one nonetheless.

- We’ve been decorating. Well, I say ”we’, but predictably, what I mean is ‘Jason’s been decorating’. Our guest bedroom is one ginormous mess of plaster dust and stepladders. Please keep your fingers crossed/pray for us that it gets finished super fast, because there’s nothing I hate more than a protracted DIY project. Ugh.

- I made granola bars, and remembered to put sugar in this time. They taste pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. Which I do. Only issue was that I’d run out of parchment paper so had to line the tray with baking paper instead, which I’ve learnt does NOT behave the same way as parchment paper when baked. It sticks people, it sticks.

- Jason and I had a discussion about Christmas presents, and decided that we’d stick to a little budget this year since neither of us think of a single thing we really want. Not wanting for a single thing made me feel like such a grown up! But then I remembered that actually I really would like a new trench coat and some fine gold jewellery, so…

Also this week! I’ve been to the Post Office on a couple of occasions, and am slowly trying to win round the lady who works there who doesn’t ever seem to smile. I bought Teddy a new bone, and he was mighty pleased with it. Jason developed a little whistle in his nose the other night that made it sound like there was a bird chirping on the pillow next to me. We’ve done plenty of walking, and a little Pilates. (My body aches, I *think* in a good way). My old Gap jeans have just become deliciously worn in, and are my new favourite things to wear. We’ve eaten mashed potatoes, and made the decision that we really don’t like baked mashed potatoes as much as we like fresh mash. ¬†We’ve been getting excited for the beginning of advent. This has been on repeat. We’ve eaten our way through two bags of clementines, and are now ploughing through a third bag.

But mainly, I’ve just drunk a lot of really great tea. And that’s that.


* Photos from a happy Tuesday walk with the woofer, where I looked like I had a hangover but didn’t. I don’t know what happened. *

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  • Georgina

    I wouldn’t say you look hungover, I would go with glam what with the scarf and sunglasses. It is how I like to think I look when walking Lewis, though I think most other people would use the word daft.
    I do love that scarf by the way!
    I’d love to hear about the really great tea, are we talking a standard blend or do you go for fancy ones?

  • Lottie

    I always have Bastille on.. Can’t wait to see them in March!
    Your week sounds lovely… I wish I had more weeks like this! xxx

  • Louisa

    Protracted DIY projects – I hate them as well although we’ve got one in our house that’s been on the go for almost a year!
    Christmas Day last year our boiler decided it was life expired which meant a new central heating system, pipes and radiators – slowly taking apart each room with the floorboards up one by one. It would’ve been done much quicker but the other half’s a skinflint mechanical engineer so wanted to do as much as he legally could himself to save money! :-) x

  • Katie Albury

    I absolutely hate half finished DYI jobs…I have a towel hand rail half clinging to the wall as we speak…! Grr…

    Katie x

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