Wagamamas and Frankenstein.



Last night Mother Goose (What? She loves when I call her that…) and I went to Wagamamas for noodles, and then to see a screening of the National Theatre’s production of ‘Frankenstein’.

The noodles were delicious, though not a patch on our beloved and dearly departed Amai Udon (why Wagamamas, why?). The gyoza were as delicious as ever. We would happily live on chicken gyoza alone.

And Frankenstein? Frankenstein was…spectacular. I’d forgotten how mindblowingly amazing good theatre can be. Jonny Lee Miller as Frankenstein’s creature was especially wonderful. Someone may or may not have nodded off partway through the performance though.

And not to name names or anything, but her name starts with ‘M’ and ends with ‘um’.

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  • http://www.amyliz.co.uk Amy

    I’ve seen the adverts for Frankenstein but I’m not able to go and see it – absolutely gutted! It’s one of my favourite books, and I imagine it’s incredible on stage.

    Also, I’m all about the duck gyozas. Might have to pop and get some at lunch. xx

  • Cath

    I love this post. God I hope Rube is still giving me affectionate nicknames and beaning off to Lunnin with me when she’s in her twenties. *squeezes eyes shut and makes wishes*

  • http://www.nishaantishu.com Freya

    Jonny Lee Miller!?!?! Swoon!

  • Brookies

    Can I point out that it was a brief moment when my concentration lapsed and also feel the need to point out that we did not go out in matching hats!! We were just sharing…..

    ‘Mother Goose’ xx

  • Grace

    OMG Amai Udon…absolutely my go to dish at Wagamama’s though there are so many awesome things to choose from! Living here in Russia, I miss just being able to pop in to town and have whatever I fancy – living with a Russian Grandma who cooks for me doesn’t lend well to international food!! You’ve tempted me now – first stop on UK soil!!

    Check out grandma’s cooking on my blog: http://theartofwandering.blogspot.com/2013/10/i-am-not-glutton-i-am-explorer-of-food.html

  • http://somuchstory.blogspot.fi Pihla

    Hello Rosie! I think I may have found my new favorite blog :) Your blog is absolutely stunning and beautiful in every possible way! I have also seen Frankenstein, the one with Benedict Cumberbatch as the creature. :)

  • http://www.katieskitchenjournal.com Katie

    I Love wagamamas- its my go to for something yummy and different! hope you had a lovely evening! xxx

  • http://disgracefullyemily.blogspot.com Emily

    I think I just drooled.

  • http://www.jemmainwords.co.uk Jemma

    I feel like I’m massively missing out on Wagamama’s – I need to find one sharpish… I loved Frankenstein when I did it for my coursework at GCSE, so gripping xx

  • Rachael

    I too am still mourning the loss of the amai udon. Absolutely nothing else is as good. :(
    I’d go for duck gyoza, and if you haven’t tried the chilli squid then you need to!

  • http://theressomethingaboutalice.blogspot.co.uk Alice Evans

    I would love to see frankenstein, I’ve heard it’s amazing! + Wagamama is my favourite, you can’t beat the Ginger chicken udon :) x


  • http://www.journographie.com Caterina

    You can’t beat good ol’ wagamama!

  • http://www.inmysundaybest.com Sade

    This post made me so hungry!


    Sade XO

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