Red Velvet Cupcakes (& a giveaway!) CLOSED.


Red Velvets are the king of all cupcakes, in my humble opinion. I like that they’re chocolatey, but not overpoweringly so. Rich and kind of dense, but not too heavy. They’re best eaten topped off with about a foot of cream cheese frosting, and as many sprinkles as can be crammed onto them.

Here’s how to make them…

Makes approx. 16 large cupcakes.
120g unsalted butter, at room temperature
300g caster sugar
2 eggs
20g cocoa powder
40ml red food colouring (not ‘natural red’, as this turns brown when baked)
1tsp vanilla extract
240ml buttermilk
300g plain flour
1tsp salt
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
3tsps white wine vinegar

For the frosting:
75g soft unsalted butter
450g icing sugar
190g full fat cream cheese (fridge cold)
Sprinkles! (please see note below for brand recommendation)

1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees celsius, and line two muffin trays with muffin paper cases.

2. Add the eggs and sugar to a large bowl (or the bowl of a mixer), and cream together until fluffy. Add in the eggs one at a time, and beat on a high speed to combine.

3. In a small bowl, mix together the cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and food colouring to make a paste. Add to the butter mixture, and beat until thoroughly mixed and evenly coloured.

4. Add in half the buttermilk, beat gently, then go in with half of the flour. Repeat with the leftover buttermilk and flour. Turn the mixer up high, and beat for a minute or so until the batter is smooth and even. Add in the salt, vinegar and bicarb, and beat again for another minute or so.

5. Divide the mixture up between the cake cases, filling each to about 2/3 full. Bake at 170 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes, until the tops are spongy and spring back when pressed gently.

6. For the frosting, beat together icing sugar and softened butter. Add in the chilled cream cheese in one block, and beat until combined. Turn up the speed of the beaters/mixer if using, and beat for  a couple of minutes until the frosting is light and fluffy.

7. Use a palette knife to smooth the icing onto each cupcake, and then either roll in sprinkles or just scatter sprinkles on top for a slightly more tasteful look ;)

N.b // It can be hard to find really vibrant sprinkles in the UK since certain types of artificial colours are banned (killjoys), but I’ve found that Divine Deli’s range of sprinkles and cake decorations are the closest in colour to those fabulously lurid ones found on Pinterest!

And now for a giveaway! To win a copy of the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook (one of my absolute favourites, and the cookbook from where this recipe came) just make sure that you follow Cider with Rosie through Bloglovin’, and then leave a comment below telling me your favourite type of cupcake! A winner will be picked at random, and announced in a post and via Twitter one week from today! For an extra entry, leave a second comment over on this video on Youtube :) Good luck!

The winner of this giveaway is…Leanne! Congratulations! Please check your emails Leanne, so I can get your copy of the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook sent out to you ASAP!


Thanks for taking part everyone!

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  • Rocio

    Oh my lord you cheeky genious! That was a brilliant little film. It filled me with joy Rosie! Haha! Loved it! Might have to copy you on that one and try to film one of my recipes too… even if it is just for fun… Aaaaahhh!

  • Rocio

    Oh! Forgot about the giveaway! My favourite cupcake is probably lemon and poppy seeds! But these look delicious too ;) x

  • Peta

    My favourite cupcake would have to be banana with cream cheese icing, I adore all things banana flavoured!! I’ve also had an amazing vanilla cupcake piled high with vanilla icing and mini profiteroles. It was the best :)

  • Jenny

    Whenever I am in London and near the Hummingbird Bakery I try and pop in for a red velvet cupcake. yum! Is it a cop-out to say my mum’s butterfly cakes are my favourite (they actually are!)

    I follow on Bloglovin’

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  • Anda Alexandra

    for sure it would be with strawberries or blueberries :D they are the best ;)
    p.s. I follow on Bloglovin ;)

  • Hannah

    I’m not sure I have a favourite, I usually choose a cupcake on its butter cream!


  • Sarah

    I already follow you on bloglovin – love your blog!
    And my favourite cupcakes are defo chocolate ones with the rolo inside…yum (mouth watering) x

  • Katie

    haha! that film is brilliant, such perfectly cheeky music!! the other day I had an absinthe and chocolate cupcake. sounds horrific but was totally incredible! my new fave :)
    Bumble Speaks

  • Dannielle

    I’m a sucker for just good old fashioned chocolate cupcakes, but like lots of creative flavoured frostings, like salted caramel or peanut butter or cookie dough on top. Big fan of cream cheese frosting too! Pile it on :)

  • Lorraine

    Wow! These look scrummy. I think my favourite cupcake has to be,and in keeping with the time of year, gingerbread with a toffee icing…yum

  • Tori

    Crazy-impressive video Rosie, fantastically shot! And oh my, what a wonderful giveaway! I have to say I’m a bit of a old-fashioned gal so I’m going to have to go with vanilla but, coming a very close second, is definitely Red Velvet :D I had my first at the Hummingbird Bakery in Soho 2 weekends ago and it was DIVINE!!

  • Nicole

    My favourite cupcakes are red velvet too! Great minds, and all that… :)
    Thanks for the recipe and the giveaway!

  • Liz

    Rosie, What a fantastic video – I really enjoyed it!
    I have absolutely fallen in love with your blog and look forward to reading it everyday :)

    Liz xx

  • Lisa

    is an acceptable answer all of them? ;) i really don’t think i could choose a favourite, such a sweet tooth! i’ve has this book on my christmas list for the past two years now, and no one has taken me up on it! lovely video rosie! xx

  • Lottie

    My favourite cupcake is a Cola Cupcake!
    My boyfirend is addicted to Coca Cola so I make them for him every now and then, they are so unusual and tasty!
    I’ve never tried to make Red Velvet Cupcakes but I’ve always wanted to try. Now I might have to :D

    Lottie xx

  • Fi

    Oh red velvet cupcakes, one of my faves. You’re right about the amazing density to them and the chocolatey flavour that’s not too much. Delicious. As for my favourite cupcake that’s easy! Peanut butter and chocolate with peanut butter frosting – amazeballs! xx

  • Charlotte

    So hungry now! They look delicious. I think my favorite would have to be vanilla cupcakes with butter cream, but any cake is generally to my taste.

  • Beeta

    I loveeeeee raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes <3

  • Amy

    Definitely simple vanilla cupcakes with a pastel-coloured buttercream icing…can’t beat simplicity :)
    But I’m going to try these red velvet ones, never tried them before and they look yummy!

  • Ruth Johnston

    Loved the video – particularly liked the sprinkling technique.
    I’ve never had a Hummingbird Bakery cupcake but have heard great things about their book. There’s a fantastic bakery in Brighton called Cloud 9 that does an amazing Cookies & Cream cupcake, oreos go with everything but are great in cakes :)

  • Beth

    I’m a fan of vanilla cupcakes myself. (By the way, I love your outfit in this video!)

  • Becks

    I’m not sure if I can decide! I love the semi-sweetness of Red Velvets with their cream cheese frosting, but the Hummingbird’s Black Bottom ones with cheesecake in the middle/on top are insane!

    Definitely going to try my hand at these ones though, it’s my dad’s 70th this weekend and what says happy birthday better than some fabulous cupcakes?!

  • Michelle

    Yummy! I have to admit I’ve never tried Red Velvet cupcakes (*shame*) but I do love the ‘ol classic: vanilla cupcake with buttercream icing (both with and without sprinkles will do). Now you’re making me hungry! :) xx Michelle

  • Miho

    this is such a fun and creative little film! very impressed! i have the hummingbird bakery book and love it, even just for browsing through – it’s just so pretty. red velvet are my favourite cupcakes too :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • bi

    Hi Rosie,
    my favorite is the red velvet cupcake which is why I was so excited to find the recipe here- but I also love lemon and poppy seed cupcakes, sooo yummy!

  • Shannon

    My absolute favorite cupcake is a carrot cake cupcake!

  • Tania

    ROSIE YOU ARE MY HERO. I seriously wanted to squeeze your face the entire video… oh and lick that cake bowl of course. (Your kitchen is dreamy!! and that red kitchen Aid…!! GIMME! can I move in when i’m back from Oz?!) xxxxxx

  • Lucy

    Rosie, this video is amazing! I also now know what my red velvet cakes were missing, white wine vinegar! xx

  • Fi

    Ive been enjoying your blog for a few months but this is my first comment. I love cupcakes especially coffee ones with lashings of butter icing. Xx

  • Olivia williams

    My favourite cupcakes are vanilla with chocoloate chips and buttercream frosting!

  • Gemma

    why do you have to encourage me to bake – when I need to stop as I am eating too many cupcakes :-)

    My favourite cupcakes are chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate buttercream and sprinkles! yummy!

  • Lisa @ Making Lifes Lemons

    My absolute FAVORITE cupcake is Pistacio by a bakery here in Milwaukee.

  • Jada

    I love red velvet cupcakes! Really I love any and every cupcake.

  • Reni J

    Ouuu I love the video, you look gorge! My favourite cupcake has to be Humming Birds Black Bottom, but really anything with cream cheese would do! haha. I follow on Bloglovin’

  • Emma

    Ooooh I love love love red velvet cake! In fact that is my favourite type of cake. Except maybe chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing! Xx

  • Jessica Riley

    BL: Jessica Riley, and ironically my favorite cupcake is red velvet!


  • Dominique

    ah wow rosie! that’s such a great idea for a video! you have to do more of them…and also a close up of how you frost those cupcakes so well!

  • Vivi

    lovely video :). now I am craving cupcakes lol
    my favourite cupcakes are the oreo cupcakes. I can’t get enough of them :)

    x Vivi

  • Leanne

    You can’t go wrong with vanilla butterfly cakes with strawberry jam and buttercream . Also because I remember baking them with my nan as a child :) x

  • Imogen.

    My favourite is anything chocolatey. Chocolate chocolate chocolate. All the chocolate! <3 <3

  • Hannah

    My favourite cupcake is a Nigella malteaser cupcake. it’s got delicious icing and topped off with a malteaser – probably my favourite sort of chocolate!

    This video is so professional looking, and that kitchen is lovely! x

  • Alex

    Red Velvet is defo my fave. Yum this post made me hungry! xx

  • Kerry-Rose

    There’s a hand mixer on my Christmas list so this will be a perfect indulgent recipe to test it out with! Favourite cupcake has to be a lemon and poppyseed or anything stacked high with cream cheese frosting!

  • Helen Jacob-Lloyd

    Wow! Those Red Velvet Cupcakes look so tasty, I love the contrast between the pale frosting and vibrant cake! My favourite cupcake has to be anything chocolaty! Probably tripe chocolate cupcakes :)

    Helen x

  • Ann-Marie

    There’s a place near my work that does the most amazing chocolate fudge hazelnut cupcakes! Om nom nom.

  • Symran Khangura

    Great video Rosie! May have to give those a whirl.

    I think my favourite cupcake has to be an Oreo cupcake. Mmm so yummy!

    Would love to see more recipe videos!

    Sym xo

  • Louisa

    Those look so nice, the people you live with are lucky to have such a good baker around! I love all cupcakes but if I had to choose a favourite is probably go for an almond-flavoured one or just classic vanilla.

    Louisa’s Notebook

  • Penny Silverwood

    Favourite cupcakes…….skinny lemon cupcakes from the Hairy dieters cookbook! cupcakes on a diet are always a winner! :)

  • Lydia Bradburn

    My favourite ever cupcake is the chocolate mint one my best friend made for my birthday, yum yum :)

  • Hilary

    I don’t think you can go past a plain sponge cupcake with buttercream icing – as long as they are brightly coloured! I like that cupcakes have so many decoration options that are simple enough for even the most average home cook to have a go at! :)

  • Tash

    Ah, how did I miss this?! Love the video, darling, and the cakes look amazing! xxx

  • katie skeoch

    following as katrinao

    my favourite cupcake is a strawberry buttercream with compote filling mmmmh

  • EntirelyEm

    What a lovely post! Just read your post on peppermint creams and I think they’re definitely going to be a winner for Christmas Day.
    I make cupcakes and take them Into work and my most successful have to be either my carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or white chocolate and raspberry :)
    I’m looking forward to the rest Of the hamper series xx

  • Laura

    I love the pistachio cupcakes with raspberry icing that my boyfriend makes. So. Good.

  • sally

    ROSIE!! You sweet sweet darling you! This is beyond lovely to watch. More please!!!!!!xxxxx

  • Hana

    Chocolate with vanilla butter cream :) Rosie , love your posts lovely :)

  • Hannah

    My favourite type of cupcake is a vanilla sponge with a big swirl of buttercream icing with pretty little sugar sprinkles that add a bit of crunch :) x

  • natalee

    I really need to give these a try! :) my favourite cupcakes are my nan’s vanilla and chocolate butterfly cakes!

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