More photos from our weekend at the Midwinter Fair!



Like I said before, there was just too much loveliness at the fair on Saturday to fit into one post, so here are the rest of my photos from the day! Special mention must go to those Christmas pudding chocolate truffles from the 1066 Bakery, photographed below. They were mindblowingly awesome, all rich and stodgy and chocolatey and fruity, with a big wodge of soft dark chocolate ganache inside. I think my eyes rolled back into my head when I first bit into it. Seriously.


^^ That candle above, Pomegranate + Spruce? Amazing. It smelt like the very essence of Christmas, and then some. And isn’t the red jar so lovely? I can only imagine how beautiful it would look all lit up! ^^


Pompom garland above and colourful lights below by Pompom & Twiddle, one of my favourite discoveries from the fair.



^^ In love with these embellished cashmere sweaters. You can’t quite tell from the photograph, but the patches on tops of the shoulders on certain sweaters were in the shape of giant stars! Awesome! ^^


^^ That truffle. Still dreaming about it… ^^


For lunch we had venison burgers from the Wild Food Company, which were good, but definitely not great. I majorly regretted not picking up a mix ‘n match salad bowl from Chicks that Chop instead. Don’t those bean salads look great?


Toffee apple cider! It was tasty, and mild enough even for me! My Mum teased me for making a thimble-sized taster cup last a full lap of the food tent. What can I say, I’m just terrible at drinking! Oh, the irony of my blog name!


And now I’m well and truly in the festive spirit! Merry-only-two-days-until-December everyone!

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  • Peta

    Beautiful photographs, the fair looked so amazing. I wish I was there to have a wintry Christmas but alas I’m stuck in sweltering Australia for now…

  • Jenny

    Oh my goodness these photos are beautiful Rosie. Making me feel all festive. I love your outfit too. Pink and grey. Favourites!

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  • Hannah

    This market looks amazing! Beautiful pictures – your hair looks amazing here as well :)
    Hannah xx

  • TWbyHD

    Lots of food and fun, seems to me. :) I love your hairstyle here :) xoxo
    ❇♥ Blog written by two friends: ♥❇

  • Sophie

    These photos are great, looks like you had a lovely time :)


  • Stephanie Large

    I love this! Enjoyed the last post too. Such gorgeous photos, and make me so happy & festive xx

  • Cat

    Looks so lovely, especially those mini christmas puds! Love your braid too x

  • Dani

    Loving your hair like this, it’s so pretty! As are your photos – I’m having serious pangs for Christmas markets and the like…toffee apple cider sounds yum! xx

  • Claire

    Oh I want to go to there! I was just about to have breakfast, but your description of the chocolate truffle makes my toast seem rather unappetising!!

  • Melodie

    Everything look so cute and charming i love it!! The cashmere sweaters are so pretty and all the food looks delicious i wish i could spend my weekend there!
    Many kisses to you girl and have a lovely rest of the weekend!

  • Beccy

    Beautiful photos – it looks as if you had a wonderful time. Your hair is so pretty in the plaits!

  • Alice

    Those truffles look amaaaaazing!! I also love your outfit and want your hair. Merry It’s-December-Tomorrow to you too! xx

  • amanda

    This is so great! Love all the colors you found.

  • Lorna

    I think you said it was your Mum taking some of the photos from your day out, in which case, well done her! They’re great. I wish I could train my Mum so well ;)

  • jess

    aw i loved this post so much. silly question but i’m a student nurse so always have to have my hair up and was just wondering how you manged to do your hair as it looks so lovely ? xxx

    • Rosie

      Thanks! I just do two regular French plaits/braids, and then take each loose plait (the bit not tight to my head) and pin it along the nape of my neck and up the other side of my head. It’s so hard to explain in text! Does that make sense at all? :S x

      • jess

        yeah that makes prefect sense :) thanks so much for replying :) xxx

  • Asmaa

    Those candles! They look beautiful! :)

    Asmaa || JustPeachy

  • Georgina

    That fresh fig and cardamom reed diffuser looks so cute in the purple bottle! I may have to have a search for those online.
    The christmas pud treats certainly look like they were yummy, also like they were blooming massive! I can’t wait to get myself to more fairs this month :)

  • Natalie

    Beautiful photographs! Love Natalie x

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