Life lately, in verbs.



* Post inspired by Miss Tania J.F.Jane :)

Eating // spelt crackers, pickles (way too many, I need to reign it in) and kale chips with dark soy sauce.
Drinking // an awful lot of homemade peppermint hot chocolate, because I just can’t get enough of peppermint flavoured things of late!
Dreaming of // a white Christmas. But then, aren’t we all? Also, peppermint brownies.
Anticipating // my birthday! I’m starting to get a little excited to turn 23, I can’t tell a lie…
Wearing // my new favourite yellow bobble hat, lots fine knit layers, & black skinny jeans.
Cooking // homemade rough puff pastry, spinach stilton & sweet potato pasties, and a sausage & borlotti bean casserole.
Watching // Pocahontas II. I’d never seen it before, and so when it popped up on my Netflix feed I knew me watching it was a sure thing ;) Oh and also, A Christmas Carol!
Enjoying // cooking with Jason in the evenings! I do all the cooking because I enjoy it so much, but sharing tasks like rolling dough & chopping vegetables makes me so happy.
Making // Christmas cranberry chutney, which in turn has made our house smell oh so festive.
Reading // the Simple Things magazine (& wishing we had a fire pit in our back garden.)
Purchasing // a new lovie for the dog (this one’s a cat, and is hideously ugly. Previous raccoon, duck, skunk, and sheep lovies have all been devoured) & the softest men’s grey tee for me, since I prefer the cut to women’s versions.
Loving // going to bed early, with a hot water bottle each and a plan to watch telly in bed on one of our laptops.
Obsessing over // finding the perfect striped tee. My favourite one from Jigsaw died a few months ago, and my wardrobe’s been missing it. I didn’t manage to find one I thought was just perfect whilst out shopping on Friday, so am still on the hunt…
Adventuring // far from my usual routes on our morning walks, both to please that intrepid little dog of ours and also to stop me getting into a dull routine.

Now, how was your weekend spent? :) We did as little as possible these last couple of days, and feel all the better for it. I had intended to take today off work and just relax, but I can’t bring myself to start off the week in a sluggish manner. So Monday, let’s do this!

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  • Bea

    I wrote down this list last week!
    I like yours!
    Have a lovely week, pretty girl!

  • Maria @ A bookworm’s life

    I like your list Rosie. I recently found my perfect striped tee; it’s from Boden and I just love it! Have a lovely week!

  • Katie

    I love these post so inspiring to look at all the small things in life and appreciate them, such a good way to stay positive. Your blog is written beautifully and such interesting content, especially the ten things posts. xx

  • catherine
  • Lucy

    Rosie, this is a lovely idea for a post. You share such sweet little nuggets from your life.

    Lucy x

  • Nadine

    I also love anything peppermint and also peppermint hot chocolate!! How do you make your own at home Rosie ?

  • Nadine

    I also love peppermint hot chocolate!! actually i like anything peppermint. How do you make your own at home??

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  • Kerri

    That is such a cute idea for a post!

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