10 things that’ve made me happy this week…



Image via Kevin Russ.

1. Speaking to my best friend on Wednesday, and finding out that she performed a C-section and delivered a baby for the first time the other day. She’s in her 5th year of study to become a doctor, and hearing all that she’s learning to do at the moment makes me burst with pride.

2. The little dog who insists upon standing with his paws up on my leg whilst I crouch in front of the washing machine loading it with clothes, giving the socks a sniff and catching any that fall on the floor. He’s a great ‘helper’!

3. Drinking tea outside in the cold with Ted, and watching steam billow from the mug like a cauldron.

4. Walking into the Christmas section at my local garden centre on Monday. Holy mother of baubles, it was beautiful!

5. Wearing layers. Especially piling on multiple cardigans at once. So cosy-making.

6. Watching Ted’s indignation when he woke up from a nap and spotted three pigeons feasting on the beech nuts in our garden. Not kidding when I tell you he actually ran head first into our glass door in his eagerness to get out and chase them away…

7. Impromptu dog walks with my Ma, when she had a midweek morning off work. Having a dog-walking buddy is the best :) Now, if I could just convince Mum to retire early and be at my constant beck and call…

8. Eating peppermint creams alongside a mid-afternoon cup of coffee.

9. The feeling of changing into warm, dry clothes, after getting drenched to the skin on a dog walk. Nothing quite like it!

10. Edamame beans, and green juice.

What’s made you happy this week? :)

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  • Charlie

    I love you 10 Things… posts. They remind me to focus on the little things that make me happy every day :)

  • http://dinoprincesschar.blogspot.com/ char

    I’m really embracing the prospect of layers this week. I like the cold weather when it’s not so much rainy as crisp and cold and you can see your breath.

  • http://www.charlotteeileen.blogspot.co.uk/ Charlotte

    Sounds like an ideal week! I think my highlight must be a lovely dog walk and chit chat with my mum too.

    Charlotte x


  • http://intoruth.blogspot.com Ruth Johnston

    So crazy for edamame beans at the moment. Lots of love for hot drinks too, I really enjoy this series :)

  • http://amberluiselove.blogspot.com Amber

    Love getting soaked in the rain! I walked back from uni today and it started to pour and instead of hating it I loved it! :) I write a weekly happy list as well if you’d like a peek i’m over at amberluiselove.blogspot.com xo

  • http://laurahigh1977.blogspot.com Laura High

    Lovely post. Personal, sweet and made me happy too :) Thank you for sharing. Laura

  • http://the-cup-and-saucer.blogspot.com Alice

    I love these posts!! Warm dry clothes after a drenching are certainly a winner. And I’m so excited to make a trip to our local garden centre! It does Christmas better than Lapland I tell you. xx

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