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I’m having the biggest love affair with woollen socks right now. Woollen socks showing over the top of boots, more specifically. I bought these three pairs over the weekend (Primark, £2.50 don’tachaknow) and am now scouring the internet (that’s right, the whole entire internet) for even jazzier ones. October is the time for new socks, I just decided. Also, how gorgeous are those laceups, top right? Maybe October is the time for new socks *and* new boots…


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  • Alexandra

    This is so weird the exact same thing happened to me! I went on a but of a shopping spree a couple if weeks ago and picked those socks up from primark on a complete whim, but I wear them ALL THE TIME! Particularly with my brown Chelsea boots, they are just so autumny and remind me of warm fire places and snuggles blankets!! Good luck with your widespread internet search!!

  • Shu

    This post couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I’ve just bought so many jazzy looking socks to wear with boots. I’m wearing a nice burgundy pair with foxes all over right now ;)

    New Look sell some pretty great ones, I bought 3 for £4 and one of them had pumpkins all over it! Definitely recommend it :)

  • Beeta

    I am pleased to say that I also own these socks! You have fab taste ;) So cosy :)

  • Sarah

    Ahhh I love socks! If you ever find yourself in TK Maxx their sock selection is pretty wonderful :)

  • Rachael

    I have those Primark socks, but in a different selection of colours, including a dark green :)
    Definitely the month for socks AND boots! I treated myself to a pair of lace up brown boots from Aldo yesterday, I’m super excited for them to arrive.

  • Elena

    such a cute look, once I’ve found my perfect ankle boots – really want to find some like in the first picture, I will be pairing them with some jazzy socks for sure! so seasonal!! :) xx
    kooky capricious 

  • Jane Y.

    i love that look too – sock over the top of the boot!

  • Freya

    I need new long boots. But why do they always have to be so expensive!?

  • Charlotte

    Those socks look so cosy and definitely perfect for autuumn and winter! I do understand your obsession :)

  • Bhavi

    They are the best, I treat myself to one crazy printed pair a year :)


  • Vivi

    they look so cosy and cute :)

    xx Vivi

  • Hannah

    I love this look, may have just reused the knee high socks I never wear and rolled them down a bit to look a bit thicker with my boots the other day. Keeps your legs so toasty too! x

  • Tori

    I love this look!!! May have to go out and purchase some of these socks so wear with my new ankle boots!

    Great post!!


  • Gigi

    I love wooly socks peeking out over boots too! Have you seen on Pinterest the idea of using the sleeves of old wooly sweaters as boot toppers? I thought that was pretty genius!

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