The Edit // #2



I officially need a pair of tan brogues. Also, I can’t get enough of cuffed jeans right now. I’m cuff-obsessed.

Figs on everything is all I can think about right now. These grilled fig, goats cheese and prosciutto tartines in particular had me at hello.

A beautifully collated gallery wall.

current favourite song.

I’d like a pair of these jeans in grey, and also black.

Also grey: this long, floaty skirt.

A Blog Named Scout is my new favourite read. All of Jenn’s photos are just gorgeous, and oh so pinnable!

White chocolate and coconut-covered apples, as an alternative to traditional toffee apples.

London’s most creative couples.

I made this stew the other night for dinner, with a few tweaks to the recipe. It was totally delicious. Jason proclaimed it was ‘The best dinner ever cooked!’ ;)

Gold above knuckle rings.

39 ways to cook and eat sweet potato.

p.s. Three posts you might have missed from around these parts! // Baked sweet potato & tabbouleh // Scenes from Borough Market // The Blogosphere magazine launch.

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  • Sophie

    Tan brogues are the BEST. I saw some boooootiful ones in a window when I was walking home last night, thanks for reminding me to look them up. Please note: My purse does not thank you.

    ;) Sophie

  • Cath

    I really like ‘the edit’ idea. I often save the recipies, especially. :D

  • Noddy

    So going to make that stew….sounds absolutely love :)

  • laurenella

    Should I be ashamed that I’ve never tried a fig?? xx

  • Tiia

    I need brogues too, I’ve been obsessed with them for a while now.

  • Emma

    Those brogues are gorgeous! I’m lusting after a pair myself.

    Plus that stew looks incredible.

    Hmm maybe…

  • Sade

    I have a bag full of sweet potatoes that need eating up! Thanks for the links Rosie :)

  • Emma

    Lovely links, I really fancy a stew for the weekend now. yum!

  • Georgina

    Rosie, I have just discovered your blog and it is so lovely! I too am feeling those tan brogues, and I love that sweet potato list, it is completely underrated in my opinion. I can’t wait to see more of your posts to come :) xx

    The Librarian

  • Flora

    I desperately want a pair of tan brogues too Rosie! Lovely for work and comfy for the weekend too. Let me know if you find anything good – do a post!! Loved that picture of you in a recent post at a mixing machine btw – you look so lovely!If I were a boy I’d really want you to my girlfriend. *blush*


  • Tori

    Love the brogues and cuffed jeans look! I am also loving that link for the sweet potatoes! Great post!


  • christina

    Aw I just love how pretty your posts are… food, the fashion you love, 39 ways to cook sweet potatoes. :-) popping over to scout blog, another blog to admire. x

  • Sarah

    I love this post, it’s such a great idea! I need some tan brogues in my life too. I had some way back when started uni in 2008 and just haven’t found a pair that have matched up to them since. I just started following A Blog Named Scout – it’s gorgeous! xx

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