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It feels like forever since I just sat down to blog simply for the sake of having a good old catch up. FOR EV ER. So let’s catch up! Over (a photo of) tea and cake, no less! There’s not been anything particularly exciting going on in our house just recently (slash ever), but here’s the low down on our happy mundane.

It’s Jason’s 26th birthday in just under a week, and so I’ve been busy putting together a little selection of gifts and treats for him to enjoy. He’s requested a coffee cake as his birthday cake this year (remember last year’s caterpillar cake request?) and I think I’ve settled on Nigella’s coffee cake recipe as the one to try. I’m glad that this year I’m allowed to spoil Jason on his birthday. Last year he had a bit of a freak out about turning 25, and I wasn’t allowed to talk about or make a fuss of his birthday at all. The big silly.

Here’s a run down of my current technology-based woes! Hard drive still broken. Laptop still appalling. Tried using an old iMac that Jason had kicking around at work. Was so slow and crappy it made my laptop seem fast. (Maybe we could mark that as a success?). iPhone had a mini-freakout this week, & stopped working. A three hour stint in a bowl of rice fixed it up a little, but I fear it’s on its last legs. Sigh. I just need a million pounds for a technology overhaul, is that too much to ask?

I found out this week that Jason’s kept every anniversary card I’ve ever given him. Just when I think I know everything there is to know about him, he goes blows me away with sweet sentimentality like this. I’m a lucky lucky lady. Also, Ted’s been mellowing out recently and it becoming more soppy and snuggly by the day. It’s pretty wonderful :) Now, if he would just learn that being invited onto the sofa doesn’t mean that he’s become our equal and can ignore all commands henceforth, we could actually have a cuddly¬†sofa dog!

Now, quick-fire boring news! Those lush Italian Pan di Stelle biscuits I bought home from Italy are almost finished, and I’m sad about that! I found out that we don’t put capital letters at the beginnings of seasons in English, and that also made me sad! (Because autumn looks nicer written as Autumn, don’t you think?) I burnt a candle down that looked like it was going to tunnel, and then turned out not to! Jason finished a whole crossword! I tried quinoa for the first time, and loved it! Jason tried fennel for the first time, and spat it back out onto his plate toddler-style! We need a new coffee pot, because I left water in ours for two days and it’s corroded and taints the coffee! Teddy tried to eat a kirby grip!

Phew. That was pretty thrilling. Any mundane-but-happy news that you’d like to share? :)

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  • http://miscriant.blogspot.com Becky

    It’s nice to just catch up sometimes isn’t it! I’ve had a stinking cold for a week so havenn’t been doing much but I’m spending time with the girls tonight which I’m looking forward to. I don’t blame Jason on hating fennel – vile stuff!
    Becs x

  • http://sarahlibros.blogspot.co.uk Sarah

    Catch ups are always nice! (And I was drinking actual tea while reading so it’s sort of like catching up over a cup of tea? ha) It’s nice to have an excuse to spoil someone you love, hope you two have a lovely time for Jason’s birthday! Also it’s just the best when a pet decides they always want to cuddle. Now I’m missing my pets who are back home with my parents!

  • http://www.chicadeedee.com Dannielle

    Try running white vinegar through the coffee pot and it should fix it. It’s my mom’s go to trick. I’m still going to put capital letters for seasons, rules be damned! I’m also getting really confused at everyone keeping correcting me every time I say “Fall” they say “Autumn”. Surely if you know what someone is always referring to there’s no need for corrections? haha. Hope you can turn Ted into a big sofa cuddler :)

    Dannielle | Chic-a-DeeDee

  • http://the-cup-and-saucer.blogspot.com Alice

    Sorry for crushing your dreams with the season thing :/ That sucks about all of your technology going at once though, why does it always happen that way!? And bless Jason, he always sounds so lovely! x

  • http://www.stripesandsnapshots.com Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots

    You can get Pan di Stelle in lots of delis and Partridges in Duke of York sq, don’t worry! In Italy I also used to be able to get Pan di Stelle cereal, it was amazing – you definitely need to get some, pronto!

  • http://www.twowithseven.blogspot.co.uk Flora

    Sounds similar at my end Rosie, everrrrything is breaking. Everything. TV’s, laptops..I don’t want to tempt fate with writing what I think will break next!!

    I’m also with Jason on the fennel thing. Absolutely bloody disgusting. Eruhg.


  • http://hannahsundae.blogspot.co.uk Hannah

    My boyfriend is also 26 soon, right at the end of the month and I am SO excited about my present for him (and the one from his parents)and its really difficult not to say anything! xx

  • http://hejjuni.typepad.com juni // hej juni

    oh gosh my boyfriend turned 25 in january and he had a little freak out too! hahah he didn’t ban me from spoiling him, thankfully. but in the weeks leading up to his birthday he kept freaking out about hitting his mid twenties.

  • http://fillmylittleworld.blogspot.co.uk Beeta

    Rosie, I love the photograph and the text over it. Everything is looking so slick on your blog these days – congratulations on making it so lovely and successful :)


  • http://bluehairinbelgium.blogspot.be Kerri

    I really enjoy reading simple posts like this, it’s always nice to here about everyone else’s mundane life.

  • http://www.naturallyjes.blogspot.com.au Jes

    This is such a lovely little post. It seriously is nice just to have a moment to sit down, and talk about what’s going on in life lately. I love it.

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  • http://www.a-tuesdays-child.blogspot.co.uk Sarah

    Great post, its nice to hear the mundane sometimes. I’ve never tried quinoa, although I’ve always been curious about it…it just reminded me a bit to much of Gillian McKeith, she was always going on about it.


  • http://suddenlycity.blogspot.com Clare

    Isn’t fall surprisingly busy? It’s hard to find to sit down and just write.

    Planning my boyfriend’s bday as well – they can be tricky, those boys…

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  • http://meneksh.com Meneksh

    Ahh! I always thought seasons were capitalised until recently when an American friend challenged it, and then I was pretty sad too. We have the same problem with Dougal – plus, when he goes on the sofa, he takes the whole thing up because he’s so big and also boney which is uncomfortable. He has the boniest elbows I think a dog has ever had.

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