Monday resolutions! To be more creatively courageous.



This week I’m going to work harder at bringing *all* my ideas to fruition, no matter how daunting a project may seem.

I’ve been having all sorts of ideas for short films I’d like to put together just recently, but a number of things, including my failing laptop, the time it takes to put together film projects in comparison with photographic ones, troublesome winter daylight hours, and a fear of venturing into new creative territory have all combined to scare me off jumping in feet first and getting started. But this week I’m going to start looking into getting a new laptop and perhaps pop to the library (old school) to see if there’re any great books about film editing techniques, and then start to put together some little film projects. My worries about ‘Not Wasting Valuable Working Time’, and ‘Creating Substandard Work’ are going to be pushed aside, and I’m going to challenge myself to be more creative and courageous.

Yep. I’m excited for this one :)

p.s. Photo entirely unrelated. I just do so love those beautiful Autumnal squashes.

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  • Bea

    I’m trying to get more creative too with my own blog, but it’s harder!!
    But your post is very motivating! So, I’m trying to do my best!!
    Thank you!
    And have a nice day!

  • Hannah

    This is such a great resolution. Good luck with it and looking forward to seeing the results! x

  • Maria @ A bookworm’s life

    It’s great that you’re starting your week with such motivation. I sometimes struggle with new ventures; I find myself using excuses and just letting fear stop me from giving it a go. But it’s almost always worth it to try! Good luck!

  • Danielle

    Good for you! I have been telling myself this too. I am starting my little illustration business and trying to get back into photography, my holga has just been hiding away in a drawer for two years. Time to get him back out of his box and capture the little moments in life! I really can’t wait to see what you produce, good luck xxx

  • Tori

    Absolutely wonderful resolution Rosie, sending you the biggest and bestest of luck! I very much hope you get out of the week all that you want to :D


  • Lulu

    Looking forward to seeing some of your new projects gorgeous Rosie!
    x x x

  • Bhavi Patel

    Can totally relate, there’s loads of things I would like to try out but the amount of time it takes just does not fit in to my schedule!


  • Tania

    YAY go you!!! To a productive few weeks ahead!!! :) xxx

  • pauline

    What a great idea Rosie:-)

  • Rosie W

    I’m excited for this one too! :)

  • Clare

    Go for it and good luck! I am the worst procrastinator, it always seems easier to find reasons why not to do something than to find reason TO DO it. hah!

  • Jane Y.

    mondays are great for resolutions. good luck!

  • becca

    I can really relate to this! good luck with your creative endeavours :) x x

  • Sophie

    this sounds intriguing, I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to :) x

  • Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    So inspiring and motivating, Rosie!! I’m so with you on fulfilling your dreams and bringing all of your ideas into fruition! Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible. Best of luck to you and I look forward to what you have to share!! xo

  • sally

    I am excited for what you have up your lovely sleeves miss! I am feeling like i need to branch out in the creative stakes of late…just not sure how…or in what way yet…but the cogs are turning!!xxx

  • Sophie

    Good luck Rosie! My absolute favourite quote at the moments is, “done is better than perfect.”

    Sophie x xx

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