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Blogosphere magazine is a brand new publication written by bloggers, about bloggers, for bloggers. It’s tangible, in an almost entirely intangible industry. And I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

Sweet Poppy, from Poppy Loves, contacted me a few months ago to ask if I’d like to be featured in the first edition, and I’m pretty proud to have been included in such a swish publication alongside some of my favourite bloggers. I went along to the launch on Wednesday night with Tania, Freya and Michelle, and had the best fun. The event was held in the most gorgeous penthouse flat, about 15 minutes walk east of Waterloo. Seriously though, that flat. If I were an estate agent, I’d probably describe it as ‘A superbly spacious riverside dwelling, boasting a plethora of entertainment space and stunning views of the Thames, St.Paul’s cathedral and the city skyline.’ That little emoticon with the hearts instead of eyes sums it up just as well though. You know the one.


┬áThe magazine is *beautifully* designed, written, and collated, and features interviews (the darling Estee is the star of the first edition!), articles, advice columns, and recommendations from key food, lifestyle, travel, beauty & fashion bloggers on which blogs to read next. I’ve been a big fan of Estee’s since day one of discovering her blog and videos, and was maaaaaybe a little psyched when she recognised me from my blog after I went over to say hey, and she told me that she’d been reading Cider with Rosie just that morning! I tried to play it cool, but my inner dweeby fangirl did a little dance ;) So Estee, now you know!


^^ Took a while to get a half decent photo of the three of us at the party. This was one of the less successful ones. We call it ‘Tania and Freya are two friends having a nice chat, whilst a creepy weirdo tries to steal their magazine.’ ^^



Towards the end of the event, I started to get a little peckish. Canapes are great and all, but I dunno. Too small, too much fear of talking to cool people with a parsley-party going on in my teeth. And since great minds think alike and all, almost simultaneously Tania and I turned to one another and were like ‘Uhh…shall we…do you fancy….uhhh…burgers? Yep?’ So burgers we had. God bless Byron. God bless crispy onions. God bless Oreo milkshakes, quick service, blue cheese dip, and BBQ drenched burgers. We ate our burgers alongside a little post-party magazine reading, and laughed at the narcissism of sitting over dinner reading each other’s articles ;)


The hugest of thank yous to Blogosphere magazine (and Poppy especially!) for featuring Cider with Rosie in the first issue! It’s an absolute honour to be included :) If you’d like to pick up a copy of Blogosphere magazine (and I hand on heart recommend you do!) you can order one *here*.


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  • Rosie W

    Looks like a fabulous magazine :) Congratulations on being in Issue 1! X

  • Emma

    That looks like such a beautiful magazine, you are so lucky to be involved! I really want to get one now :)

  • Danielle

    Waw! Congratulations, what an achievement, you must be so proud of yourself. What a fantastic idea though it sounds like my dream! I may have to purchase one after reading this!xxx

  • dan

    That looks so exciting congrats for being involved! You definitely deserve it :)

  • pauline

    Hi Rosie, just bought the e-book version, it looks amazing as do you:-)

  • Vivi

    Wow looks like you had an amazing time! And I am so jealous you met Estee, I love her videos :)

    xx Vivi

  • Bella

    Rosie, you’re looking so beautiful at the moment. Whatever you’re doing, keep at it! xxx

    • Rosie

      Oh, you lovely thing you! Thanks so much for saying this, made my day!x

  • Emma

    Sounds fantastic! What a great night!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

    Emma xx

  • Sarah

    How fun! May have to go ahead and order a copy for myself :)

  • Lou

    Brilliant – I loved reading this, it sounds like such a fun evening, the magazine sounds great and very well deserved that all of you lovely girls are featured! xx

  • Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    Wow!! Congrats, Rosie – that feature looks amazing! I wish I could get my hands on a copy :) You three are so cute – I’m so happy you had a great time, it looks like it was a ton of fun!!!!

  • Emma

    Ah, I love your adorable blog! I’m definitely looking forward to reading more!
    xo, Emma

  • sally

    This looks like a BEAUTIFUL magazine!! Massive well done on the article, do you know how you can get hold of a copy?! Be lovely to flip through. Also LOVE your dress Rosie, you look lovely! I think it may beee a French Connection number non? Only as i have a blouse in the very same print. But im waffling.

    Have a fab weekend lovely face xxxx

    • Rosie

      Thanks so much! It is indeed a French Connection number, my favourite purchase of the past couple of months! It’s just so versatile!

  • Lottie

    looks an incredible magasine and a burger is always a good idea :)

  • Lisa @ Making Lifes Lemons

    How cool! I love that idea!
    And congrats!

    xo Lisa | Making Life’s Lemons

  • Katie

    ah wow, love the idea of a blogging magazine!! congrats as well, bet it’s a great issue with all you blogging geniuses in there!

  • Cherry

    This looks fab!

  • Cat

    What a lovely idea for a magazine – would be good to see if it highlights any smaller blogs as well. The view from that penthouse is amazing! x

  • christina

    this is so cool, the whole event and being featured in this new glossy mag! Congrats to you! Ps I had a little chuckle at the photo caption of the three of you. x

  • Jenni

    Oooo this looks exciting! Congratulations for being part of it! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy – I was tempted to get the e-magazine so I could read it straight away but there’s something about a physical paper copy! How gorgeous does Estee look on the cover too?

    Jenni x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  • Bea

    A lot of compliments!!
    Now I know what Blogshere is!I saw you, Freya and Tania at this event but I didn’t understand what it was…now that I know, I just have to make my congratulations to you!!!
    I really would like to read and visit Blogsphere!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Rosie

      Thanks so much! x

  • jess (creative index)

    What a fun magazine! Congrats on the feature! How awesome to be in the first issue!

  • Nicola

    Will this be available to buy in any stores?

    • Rosie

      I *think* it’s available in some stores across London, but as far as I know the best way to buy is by ordering online :)

  • Katie

    this is so exciting! I can’t wait to read it xxx

  • Fern

    This looks like such a beautifully put together magazine! x

  • Liese | lipstickandsoda

    looks amazing, congratulations! btw, i would have been fan-girling over estee as well :) and over you, to be honest!

  • Sarah

    It looks like a beautiful magazine, huge congratulations for being featured! I always love reading about you, Tania and Freya – it seems like such a beautiful friendship!

  • Sophie

    Ooh, this looks fantastic! Totally going to order one now!

    P.S. I love your blouse (dress?)!!

    • Rosie

      Thanks so much Sophie! It’s a dress, from French Connection :)

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