Acer trees, and news of late.



Here’s some information about today. At the time of writing it’s Wednesday, I’ve got a serious case of headfog, and trying to string a sentence together is like pulling teeth right now. I’ve written and rewritten the content for this post no less than one hundred thousand times. It might be because I overslept this morning, and so had to make do with a breakfast of a petrol station vanilla latte before dashing off to take Ted for his annual jabs and a walk. I spilt coffee all over my purse whilst adding syrup to the cup, almost left my phone behind on the petrol station counter, then hit a kerb AND stalled my car whilst driving. And to top it all, I just made granola bars and forgot to put sugar in, so they were an unmitigated disaster. See? Brain. Fog.

On the less whiney note, I’m feeling chipper because Jason and I are going to an extra Pilates class this week! Pilates has risen pretty high on my list of favourites since we start taking classes six weeks ago. Our instructor Sarah told us that it’d take a few weeks for everything to start slotting together and working harmoniously, and she was oh so right. I’ve not felt this in charge of my body (I think that’s the right way to express it) for a good few years now, and it’s pretty great.

Now, can we talk about the Great British Bake Off? Jason and I watched the final an hour after it aired on Tuesday (Pilates starts at 8pm, oh the inconvenience!) and I swear to goodness I’ve never worked so hard to *not* go on social media in all my life so as not to find out the winner before we watched it. ^^ Sidenote: Isn’t that pathetic, to have to work hard to not go on twitter? Urgh. I need to get a grip on myself.^^ Anyway, so the GBBO. I still can’t get over the fact that Ruby didn’t win, to be honest. Frances seems a total love, but Ruby stole our hearts in the first episode and we rooted for her from then on. Have you read this article she wrote for the Guardian? She’s a bright lady. Tell me, was Frances your winner?

Now for another round of quickfire news, because that’s my favourite way of delivering you pointless trivia from round these parts! Here goes…Marks and Spencer’s have just brought out their Mandarin Cinnamon & Clove candles for Christmas, which is brilliant because those candles are the freaking bomb! Teddy ate the tail off his sheep toy, and swallowed it whole! New gel food colouring and sprinkles! (be still my heart!) Jason drove all the way to Ipswich and back in a day, and did a full lap of the m25! We’ve been working hard at keeping our house tidier, and have been doing *all* the washing up before bed each night. Unheard of for us, and it’s making our house a much happier place! I made kale chips! Our smoke alarm has gone on the blink, and the noise of it beeping randomly terrifies Ted so much I’ve had to go all Phoebe on it.

Round up? In the bag. How was your Wednesday?

p.s. I feel as though there’ve been an awful lot of leaves on Cider with Rosie of late. Sorry about that. I’ll cool it on the leaf front for a while starting as of…NOW!

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  • Rosie W

    Noo! We want ALL OF THE LEAVES!!
    I’m not surprised that Ruby didn’t win as everyone would have gone mental at Paul for it… plus her last bake was rubbish! But I was rooting for her too.

    Sounds like a productive week for you :)

  • Jess

    I love the pretty leaf photos! I hope your head’s feeling less foggy now. I hate days like that xx

  • Imogen

    Beautiful trees :) I also agree with Pilates! Such a good way to relax and feel energised.

    Imogen – A rendezvous with you

  • Lisa

    Those leaves are beautiful!! I love your little round-ups! They always make me giggle.

    xo Lisa | Making Life’s Lemons

  • Rachel

    You can never have too many beautiful pictures of leaves :)

    Rachel [at] AMomentInTime.


  • sally

    It’s sad quite how excited i got at the news of those candles, ive been on the hunt for something more fitting to the season and this might just be the ticket. We currently (i say we, i mean me as, as if the Mr notices one cadle to another?!) have a vanilla oil burner on in the hall (best smell to come into) and a lovely Lily Flame Heather and Honey candle for the livingroom which is on its last ‘burn my finger every time i try to light it’ legs.

    Lets talk GBBO. You see i didnt get the fuss over Ruby. She was aaalriight, just a bit sloppy and inconsistent. Don’t hate me! I actually wanted Kimberly to win…until she produced THAT wedding cake as her FINAL showstopper. I wanted to hide. The outside was TERRIBLE!!!! Not a reflection on her current performances i felt. I was ok about Franny pants winning…she did deserve it as she was imaginative and consistent BUT i didnt warm to her as much as last years winner.

    Jeez sorry for the mega comment :-S I have a chicken and leek pie in the oven so i must dash. Just as well really i could ramble on forever today, gaaaah!

    Lots of love to you all xxxxx

  • Kerri

    But the photos are so lovely!

  • Ceri

    Ah I love the Phoebe fire alarm scene!
    Love your blog, you’re a real inspiration, in many ways! :) x

    • Rosie


  • Bekka

    I do enjoy the leaves photos, I won’t lie. I have to admit when it comes to the GBBO Frances was my winner. I loved her strike of imagination, it got me rooting from her from the start. Ruby was my second choice, until the weeks whittled on and I began to get bored, not of her bakes, but her constant need to rip herself a part and act like criticism was the the worst thing on earth. I blame most of her theatrical performances on trying to balance uni work alongside such a competitive show, and believe she is actually a very talented baker, and woman for that matter. Now however, I just don’t know what to do to take up my Tuesday evening! Also, thanks for the heads up about the candles, noted! x

  • Suzanne

    I like all of the leaves on your blog! Your blog is beautiful and I really enjoy reading it. Your quick-fire updates are great too!

    Suzanne x
    Twitter: staylucky_ (I don’t have a blog!)

  • Cath

    I like Teddy’s facts best. And the nightly washing up. Vital to happiness. (I know this is a post from ages ago but I could NOT resist the autumn leaves, and remembering how, in October and November I was quite enjoying winter and big jumpers and scarves. Must try to recapture that optimism. Although saw SNOWDROPS on Saturday while visiting the ponies, so Spring is coming…)

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