Let me introduce you to…The Grinning Labrador!



Today I’m really excited to help you get acquainted with Lindley, from The Grinning Labrador! Lindley is my soul sister from across the pond, and I love reading her blog so much! She shares beautiful stories from her life in Boston with her handsome fiancé Trip and sweet dog Morgan, and has a wonderful joie de vivre that just shines through her blog. Here’s a little Q&A with Miss Lindley, helping you get to know the main characters in the world of The Grinning Labrador

What three words would you use to sum up your blog?
Silly, carefree, and optimistic!

 What made you want to start blogging? And what was your first ever post about?
‘I was looking for an effortless way through which I could document my favorite memories and expand my writing to an appreciative audience! My first post was brought to words after my mom sent me the sweetest/saddest article on the passing of a family’s dog and how the family went about saying their goodbyes. I felt incredibly touched. The spirit of family is so important to me and the role of the family dog is a powerfully calming one :)’

What’s been the best thing you’ve learnt or discovered since starting your blog? Has it taught you anything new about yourself?
‘Operating a blog is a humbling endeavour. There’s a great deal of competition and a rush for glowing stats. I’ve come to accept that The Grinning Labrador is a virtual extension of my day-to-day and I must do my best to focus on relationships not quantities. In turn, I’ve realized that establishing personal connections with my regular visitors is what’ll make me smile at the end of the day, not how many people looked at my page that particular day. When you find ‘your’ community within the blogging world, it’s inevitable that readers who truly identify with your content will naturally sail toward your blog!’


 What do you find inspires you the most, both in relation to blogging and in general?
‘My inspiration is almost always found in the ones I love and the locations that cater to our adventures! Between the spontaneity of our New England getaways, planning a west coast wedding, and covering Morgan’s wild ways I never feel at a loss when it comes sharing what makes my heart happy!’

What was the driving force behind you adding the handsome Morgan to your family? :) And have you always been a dog person?
‘I grew up with two family labradors, one chocolate and one yellow! Riley and Murphy are so dear to me and I missed them beyond belief upon relocating from Southern California to Boston. On Valentine’s Day, after many months of discussing a prospective four-legged family member, Trip gave in and told me he was getting me a pup! Within days we found a lovely breeder of English Labradors and claimed sweet Morgan :) I was adamant that we went with a black labrador so as to maintain my loyalties to Riley and Murphy and establish the lab trio within my family! Morgan has been such a lovely addition to our lives his playful loving ways make my heart melt again and again. ’


 What’re you favourite things to see and do in your hometown of Boston? What would you recommend to any would-be Boston tourists?
‘The Boston Public Garden represents one of the prettiest juxtapositions of city streets and tranquil green. It is the central landscape to a sea of beautifully constructed Victorians resting on tree-lined streets and the forefront of just the right number of high rises. Boston is certainly a walking city and I would suggest walk walk walk! Each little division within the city has something different to offer– the North End for authentic Italian food and culture, South End for trendy cuisine and art galleries, Beacon Hill for picturesque cobblestone paths and brownstones, and Back Bay offers the polarity of a residential neighborhood with hotels and shops lining Newbury and Boylston Street.  I eventually intend on posting my guide to a quintessential Boston day, so be on the lookout!’

Do you prefer coffee, or tea? ’Tea! Preferably while cozied up on the sofa watching Parenthood.’ If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? ’St. Barths- French West Indies! Given the condition that Morgan could tag along with us :) Though I must say I am always content in Boston, at home with my little family.’  Do you prefer sweet, or savoury? ‘I am cake-crazy though jalapeno peppers or hot sauce are a must with nearly all my meals!’  Which Sex and the City character are you most like? ’Charlotte!’ Which season is your favourite? :) What’s your earliest memory? ’Having ginger snaps and milk with my Grandad before bedtime :)!’ Favourite episode of Friends? ’I never actually hopped on the Friends bandwagon! I think I went the 90210 route instead!’


 And lastly, will you tell us a little about your lovely fiance and upcoming wedding? What’s your favourite thing about that man of yours? And how did he propose?
‘My fiance, Trip, is the best person that I’ve ever met! He’s such an upstanding gentleman with a serious love for life (and me!)! I adore him with all my heart. I cannot wait to be his wife, and will officially be his Mrs. come October 19th!

Newport Beach, California is where our wedding will be but we also have a special tie to Newport, Rhode Island and that is where Trip proposed last summer! Trip took me on the most serene coastal walk at sunrise. Morgan was still a little pup and had the ring looped through his collar. It was adorable and the perfect amount of romantic without being ridiculous!’


 Thank you so much for answering my questions Lindley! Head over to Lindley’s blog by clicking *here*, and say hello! :)

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  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk Rosie W

    Off to check out her blog now, she seems so sweet!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • http://sarahlibros.blogspot.com Sarah

    Lindley has a fantastic blog & is a great person to talk to in the blogging world!

  • http://cocoandmingo.com Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    Thanks for sharing and so great meeting you, Lindley! That dog is just the most precious thing (especially as a pup!)…and I LOVE watching Parenthood while cozying up with a cup of tea (and tissues)!


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