I drive places with two satnavs running simultaneously. AKA a round up of our weekend.



This is a family portrait from our Friday night. I can’t imagine ever wanting to go out of an evening again, when evenings spent at home are as happy and cosy as this. Ted’s developed this really wonderful new habit of curling up alongside me when I lay on the floor watching telly (anyone else do that?) and it’s so lovely to be able to have an actual chilled out cuddle with him. Fellow spaniel owners will know that’s a pretty rare thing, since spaniels are usually about as relaxed and cuddly as a toddler who’s just washed down a pack of Haribo with a can of Red Bull. It’s pretty much my favourite way to spend each evening. And Jason’s more than happy to have the sofa all to himself, so it suits us all just fine ;)

On Saturday I drove to my cousin’s flat in Crawley, and *didn’t* get lost and drive round the whole m25 like I have done before! I did have two satnavs running at the same time to get me there (fo’ real) but it did the trick, and that’s what matters right? Other far less successful things that happened on the journey? On my way there I stopped for petrol and filled up, then realised I’d forgotten my purse when I got to the counter to pay. Then whilst hunting frantically for said purse, I dropped my phone on the floor (for the third time this year!) and the button fell off. But! I know my card numbers off by heart (#asignishoponlinetoomuch) so was able to input my card details manually, and my phone button is now almost good as new with a little help from a strip of sellotape. Oh my. What a modern day success story…

¬†Want to see some photos from Emily’s hen do? Well, you’re in luck!


^^ Bunga Bunga, Battersea. ^^


Just take a look at that bellini. I have precisely zero idea what was in it, but it was good stuff. Actually, everything at Bunga Bunga was pretty incredible! Best olives I’ve eaten in a long long time. And Jason and I order olives pretty much everywhere we go, so that’s saying something!

*Now, let’s cover Sunday!*


^^This jumper ^^ came out of winter storage, and got worn with relish on Sunday afternoon. So cosy, it should be illegal. I spent the afternoon catching up on the Forty Days of Dating experiment, and especially enjoyed reading all the responses some design students gave to Tim and Jessica’s question ‘Why are you single/Why are you in a relationship?’. I turned to Jase and said to him ‘Jase, if someone asked you why you’re in a relationship, what would you say?’.

And without even missing a beat, he said ‘Because I’m hungry.’ Ha!

He was joking, we promise ;) It’s an interesting question though, don’t you think? Both Jason and I said that our true answer would be that we’re in a relationship because we’re as necessary and important to one another other as the air we breathe. What would your answer be? We spent the rest of our afternoon dying with laughter at this video of the wonderful Colleen and family enacting the Christmas story, as told by Colleen’s 3 year old niece.

Our weekend in a very wordy, grainy-photographed nutshell? Done.

p.s. Guess what? Jason’s decided to grow a beard. If you’ve been reading this little ol’ blog for a while, you’ll know how long I’ve been campaigning for him to grow a beard and so can guess how ecstatic I am right about now! Seriously, it’s like Christmas come early!

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  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk Rosie W

    Sounds like a packed out weekend! I hate forgetting my purse! Crazy that you know your card number off by heart, that would be so dangerous for me…
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • http://www.twowithseven.blogspot.co.uk Flora

    I too was on the M25 that weekend, I can’t say it’s my cup of tea. I don’t mind driving but mannnnnnnn, driving down south is a different kettle of fish. It has NEVER occured to me to use 2 satnavs at once! To me it sounds like double the anxiety but then again I guess you’ve got double the chance of not taking the wrong turning!

    You look phenomenally gorgeous as usual (that skirt, that hair!!) – I need to take one wacking great leaf out of your style book.I think Jonathon would be drooling on the floor if I dressed like you.

    Also, I love the why are you in a relationship thing. It wasn’t a question that had occured to me! As if there was a choice? haha I hope that doesn’t sound weird. My answer for that would be: the night I met Jonathon I KNEW I wanted to be more than acquaintances with him and I couldn’t bear for him to not want to be more than that with me. By the time we had got to know each other, it seemed bonkers, miserable, wasteful, (nay, impossible!) that we could exist in the world and not be ‘together’. So that’s why. (not that it fits on those yellow cards, but still).

    Hope you’re well, Rosie!


  • http://orbitingoceans.blogspot.co.uk Bekka

    I love the forty days of dating blog, it’s so good. They’re back to posting now as well I think. Also, I have a Spaniel and she is the softest dog, she always curls up next to us. I must have a rare one ha!

  • http://crayonsandbeads.blogspot.com Vanja

    I like to watch TV on the floor too! I like to put some pillows around me:)


  • http://www.thegrinninglabrador.com Lindley

    Pup cuddles in front of the television are the best! Also, those cupcakes are lovely! That’s such exciting news that Jason is growing a beard! When I met Trip he had a beard but quickly shaved it off. I always associate his beard with our original meeting moment :)!

  • http://www.thelilsparrowblog.blogspot.co.uk Essie

    These pics are so cute. Looks like you had a perfect weekend! xx

    Essie | The Li’l Sparrow

  • http://mybafflingbrain.blogspot.com Laura Clipson

    My boyfriend’s got a beard, and I love it. Every now and then he trims it down to stubble again, and I have to make him grow it back. I’ll never let him shave it off.

  • http://thenewnortherner.com Lucy

    Haha! I love how excited you are about the beard!

    Lucy x

  • http://www.littleappletree.co.uk Angela

    What a fantastic weekend!

    I’m quite fond of snuggling on the sofa with Dave. It’s a good way to spend any evening or a weekend. If I do go out, which is as rare as hens teeth really, I’d head straight for a gorgeous Bellini like yours. Mmmmm.

  • http://www.ellalogy.com Ellie

    Aah that bachelorette party looks like so much fun! If you’re looking for something to calm your dog in the evenings, you can try chamomile flavored treats… I just got some for my dog and she loves them! xo, Ellie

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