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Chai-tea Image credit: Yummy Supper.

Last month Cider with Rosie experienced record high numbers of daily pageviews, generated over 62,000 impressions, and gained more than 450 new followers across Bloglovin’, Twitter and Instagram. My readers are always keen to find beautiful new blogs to read, and past sponsors have experienced significant reader growth whilst advertising their blog on Cider with Rosie.

The wonderful Irela, of Hola Irela, says of her experience advertising on Cider with Rosie
‘Choosing to advertise on Cider with Rosie has been one of the best decisions I’ve made to grow my blog. Within hours of Rosie mentioning me on Twitter or a blog post, I gained a very impressive amount of new wonderful readers. Not only have my subscribers doubled, but my daily page views have also increased consistently. I’ve met so many delightful people, and I know a lot of them are finding me through my ad on Cider with Rosie. As if that wasn’t enough, Rosie is truly an amazing person to work with. She is trustworthy, approachable and a complete sweetheart. She truly dedicates the time to getting to know her sponsors and highlighting their strengths. I’ve chosen to renew my sponsorship a couple of times now, and I will probably continue doing so in the future. The growth my blog has seen through Rosie’s advertising package has been very impressive.’

There are a range of advertising packages available, all of which include a linked advert in the sidebar of my blog and other promotional features that help my readers to learn about you and your blog or business.

Head over to the ‘Sponsor‘ page to take up an advert for the month of September, or feel free to drop me an email ( if you’ve any questions you’d like answered. I’d also be more than happy to send you more details of statistics etc. if you’d like them :)

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  • Ali Mackin

    What a cute and whimsical blog you have here! And congrats on your numbers!! Wow.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  • Flora

    The second I can afford it, Rosie, I will be asking to advertise on your blog. I think that testament of your personal and professional approach to advertising is spot on – I love reading your ‘Who’s been on the sidebar’ posts and I ALWAYS check out those blogs having been on yours. I love how personal you make it and I really appreciate you picking out your ‘favourite post’ – those paying to advertise with you are really getting bang for their buck & I think you do a great job!


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