10 things that’ve made me happy this week!


Angora Image found via Pinterest, original source unknown. If you know the source of this image or own rights to it, please do get in touch and I’ll credit/remove as per your wishes :)

1.Watching the hedgerows near our house getting heavy with ripening blackberries. I’m planning on heading out to collect a pot or two any day now…

2. Breakfast dinner. Scrambled eggs on toast are the bomb.

3. I know I already mentioned it, but this street performer. I can’t get over how magic this little moment was.

4. Wearing new clothes for the first time.

5. Cracking open a new bottle of Starbucks gingerbread syrup! I can’t tell you how excited I am to start making gingerbread lattes again this autumn and winter!

6. Breakfasts of ripe peach and pink grapefruit.

7. Watching Ted attempt to escape going to bed on Tuesday evening! I got home late from London and so Jason had already put Teddy to bed once, but I woke him up coming in the front door. Ted had decided he was done with sleep and so refused to go back in the kitchen and just rolled onto his back to stop me moving him. I actually had to slide him, on his back, the full length of the hall to get him back into bed. That dog…

8. Fig and berry candles. SO good!

9. Watching the Great British Bake Off with Jase, and hearing him say things like ‘Take the custard off the heat, for goodness sake’! This from the man who hasn’t cooked in about two and a half years…;)

10. Old friends, and new friends. I’m feeling pretty lucky these days to have such wonderful people around me :)

What’s made *you* happy this week? :)

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  • http://belledubrighton.co.uk Lauren

    Fig candles are the best! Though perhaps hand picked blackberries are better! My baby is three months old today, that’s whats made ME happy this week, oh and the fact that I reckon autumn is almost here!

  • http://www.thelilsparrowblog.blogspot.co.uk Essie

    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week! For me, I’ve loved enjoying home luxuries this week before I go back to Uni on Monday: playing with my gorgeous dog, sleeping in my extremely comfy bed and eating fillet steak! :) xxx

    Essie | The Li’l Sparrow

  • http://www.nishaantishu.com Freya

    Oh Ted! You silly sausage. x

  • Brookies

    What made me happy? Reading your blog!! xx

  • http://capturingthewanderlust.blogspot.co.uk/ Dominique

    cannot beat scrambled eggs on toast! my spaniel always has strange routines to avoid going to bed! and the fact that i’ve finally been offered a graduate job has made me VERY happy this week!


  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk Rosie W

    Brinner is the BEST! Nothing like bacon, eggs, chips and beans <3 My beautiful new (to me) Mulberry bags have made me happy this week!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • http://orchardhouseliving.blogspot.co.uk/ Gemma

    Sounds like a lovely week with such nice things making you happy.

    Bless, dogs will try just about anything – so cute though. The addition to our family of a very handsome and loving dog has definitely made me very happy this week! xx

  • http://www.elleai.me Laura

    I love these posts :) I too decided to have a breakfast dinner this week – it consisted of dippy eggs and soldiers haha! Laura x

  • http://loulou-in-paris.blogspot.fr Lou

    You know i love these posts Rosie, so so much. Ted sounds so hilarious, what a personality! I’m happy my bf and i survived our first week back at work after the summer break and i’ve been much better at budgeting my money this week! xx

  • http://hejjuni.typepad.com juni // hej juni

    oh this list made me smile. first of all, eggs on toast is the besttttt. breakfast food is my jam

  • http://orbitingoceans.blogspot.co.uk Bekka

    The Great British Bake Off has definitely made me happy this week too, I have an unhealthy obsession with that show!

  • Emma

    This list made me smile, I can’t wait to be able to have candles on allll the time!

    Hmm maybe…

  • Laura

    Blackberries have made me happy this week too. I picked lots at my partners parents house with intentions to make jams, pies and crumbles. Then I realised I do not know how to make jams..or pies..or crumbles. I better head to Pinterest!

  • http://www.jessthetics.wordpress.com Jess

    I’m so excited about blackberry picking too! I also love the idea of making my own gingerbread lattes. My family have been making me happy this week :) xx


  • http://cocoandmingo.com Jessica (Coco/Mingo)

    Breakfast in general morning, noon, and night is the best!! That’s really awesome you got growing blackberries right near your house – I want that! And the fig and berry candles…i can only imagine how amazing that will smell on a crisp autumn night…
    Have a great weekend, Rosie!


  • http://kimiandme.blogspot.co.uk/ christina

    your reasons to be happy, always make me happy. i live on scrambled eggs on toast. I saw the most amazing singer when i was in bath, everyone stopped and stood in silence listening to her. Your vid sounds incredible.. x

  • http://stellaryder.blogspot.co.uk/ Ella

    Hi, I just discovered your blog today and I love it! Will definitely be reading regularly. I think this is a really cute idea for a post

    Ella x

  • http://the-cup-and-saucer.blogspot.com Alice

    I think GBBO turns everyone into a baking expert haha! The Ted anecdote made me chuckle too. New Emma Bridgewater crockery is making me happy right now! xx

  • http://www.impeccablykaili.blogspot.com Kaili Clark

    You are just darling. I love your blog.

  • http://www.thatadventurer.blogspot.co.uk Hannah

    Where did you get the fig and berry candle from? It sounds like it would smell amazing! x

  • http://www.justlikeheavenblog.com Kirsty

    Breakfast for dinner is always a good shout – breakfast foods are the best! Spending quality time with my family & boyfriend this weekend has made me happy :) xx

  • http://likesof.us Alecia

    I had my mom in from out of town all week and it was so nice to catch up with her! BUt I agree scrambled eggs on toast is the bees knees.

    xx Alecia http://www.likesof.us

  • http://rosalilium.com Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

    Your happy list makes me happy too. I wrote a happy list today too. It so fun to read about the little things that make somebody’s week.

    Not spamming, but if you want to have a gander at my happy list, it’s here –>

    Have a great week!

  • http://Www.bowsbanglesandbakes.com Jenni

    I love your 10 things posts they are some of my favourites!
    I’ve loved playing bake off innuendo bingo this week and totally blitzing my house! I do love Toby’s doggy smell but I’m not sure everyone else was so much! Lol

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  • http://www.ailishgoes.blogspot.co.uk Ailish

    Love that you are able to have gingerbread syrup lattes alongside still eating breakfasts of peach and grapefruit, autumn is so great!

  • http://www.theheadlessmannequin.blogspot.com The Headless Mannequin

    This is a lovely post – and a nice reminder of the little details that make life rosy (pardon the pun :)

  • http://www.littleappletree.co.uk Angela

    I love watching GBBO with Dave. It’s only while watching it that I realise how much cookery knowledge he’s picked up from me over the last 14 years. He can protest all he likes that he doesn’t know what he’s doing in the kitchen, but GBBO and I know the truth :)

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