WORN // Boyfriend jeans and red lipstick…



…for a day spent pottering around London with that handsome man of mine. Speaking of jeans, these ones are my newest purchase, and are maybe, no, DEFINITELY the best thirty pounds I’ve ever spent. They are off.the.charts comfortable.

And good job too, since right after these photos were taken I went and ate my body weight in burgers, rosemary fries, and chicken wings. Photos of that incredible grease-fest to come tomorrow…


Top (dress, worn as top): American Apparel // Jeans: H&M // Belt: Topshop (similar) // Bag: Mulberry // Shoes: French Sole // Scarf (tied to bag): Vintage, my Grandma’s // Watch: Vintage, my Grandad’s // Bracelet: Accessorize (exact colour discontinued0

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Posted in LONDON
  • http://unorganisedchaos.com Natasha

    Rosie you look absolutely stunning!! xo

  • Cath

    Love this outfit – especially the Mulberry/scarf/hair/lippy combo – perfect. Hope you had a lovely day up Lunnin. xxxx

  • http://madeinhunters.blogspot.co.uk/ Ema

    You look lovely hun, loving the burger eating appropriate clothing you got going on!

  • http://www.thatadventurer.blogspot.co.uk Hannah

    Love the dress/top and the jeans look great on you. Can never seem to make boyfriend jeans look so good on me – jealous! haha

    That Adventurer

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    Love that outfit, you have the accessories spot on.

  • http://www.wandertowonder.com Miho

    i love the way you’ve styled these jeans! the AA dress/top has been on my wishlist for a while, i’m starting to cave in… hope you had a lovely time :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • http://www.ferdies-place.blogspot.com Fernanda

    Oh gosh, I have no words! You look absolutely stunning! So chic, I love this look! xx


  • http://seekingchelsea.blogspot.co.uk Chelsea

    Gah, Rosie, can’t you look like a bum for just one minute? hehe :) you look so lovely!

  • http://ibuyprettythings.blogspot.co.uk/ Hannah

    Love this outfit, put-together but comfy and casual! You’ve inspired me to try something like this this weekend – including the red lipstick! xx

  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk Rosie W

    Looking gorgeous lady :) <3
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • http://hejjuni.typepad.com juni // hej juni

    rosie you look fab!! totally pulling off effortless chic with your boyfriend jeans, hair and red lipstick ;)

  • http://atrailofsparkles.blogspot.com Liesa

    Looking gorgeous! :-) Hope you had a lovely day! x

  • http://deluminators.blogspot.com Jane

    You’re totally rockin those boyfriend jeans! Love them with the red lips and nails.

  • http://holairela.com Irela

    You look lovely, I love this look! You are making me want to wear red lipstick again!!

  • http://www.milkandcrown.com Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    love it! so cute, the red lips give it the perfect touch. and those jeans looks SO comfy! i always have the hardest time finding jeans.

  • http://www.ailishgoes.blogspot.co.uk Ailish

    This is such a lovely look, I always wish I could pull off red lips but am constantly afraid it’ll go all over my face or something! You wear it beautifully!

  • http://fatzee.blogspot.com fathoosh

    You look absolutely stunning and red lip looks amazing on u!
    You should do more outfit posts…..

  • http://itsamadsmadsworld.blogspot.ca Madeline

    Love the outfit ! Looking gorgeous ! And your hair looks great like that

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  • http://www.thelilsparrowblog.blogspot.co.uk Essie

    You look so lovely. I love how you’ve done your hair xx

    Essie | The Li’l Sparrow

  • http://www.tapeparade.wordpress.com Laila

    I love when people have relatively simple outfits that just look SO GOOD, this post is so great. I love the dress worn as a top and the scarf tied to the bag – such a lovely and unique touch. Nice lipstick too haha!!! XX

  • http://marsjambelle.blogspot.com Marissa

    Hi Rosie! just wanted to pop by to tell you that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award here :) http://marsjambelle.blogspot.sg/2013/08/the-liebster-award.html

    Have a great day!

  • http://pukimatok.blogspot.com/ Ola

    You’re delightful <3

  • http://www.msmariadiana.com dee

    Love your bag! Can’t wait for the food posts tomorrow! ;)

  • http://thegrinninglabrador.com Lindley

    You dress so well! Such a cute outfit! Your hair and makeup always look lovely :)!

  • http://stephaniedreams.com Stephanie Large

    You look gorgeous! Such a simple outfit, but looks fab on you. You gorgeous thing <3

  • http://www.themowway.com Alice Barton

    this outift has such a cool 90´s vibe! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  • http://janesjumbles.blogspot.co.uk Jane

    Great outfit! So simple :D Love the bag too x


  • http://www.bowsbanglesandbakes.com Jenni

    It’s great to see you doing outfit posts! This is certain the sort of outfit I would wear – although I’m not imaginative enough to wear a dress as a top!
    You look fabulous! I don’t know how you do it with all that scrummy food you and jase eat! Maybe you should do the Cider with Rosie diet plan??

    Jen x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  • http://wonderful--you.blogspot.co.uk megs

    OH MY GOD, you are amazing.

    That is all. xxx

  • http://fromthecornersofthecurve.com Callie (@CallieThorpe)

    Urgh, can we talk about how glorious you look here, right down to your messy bun! So so pretty. xxxxx

  • http://www.uni-of-life.blogspot.com Danielle

    I LOVE that watch!! and am seriously in need of some new jeans, though jeans that go a bit wide at the bottom really don’t suit me, they look great on you though x


  • Daisy

    You look gorgeous Rosie! Are these pictures taken down Chiltern Street near Marylbone Road? I went to makeup school down there and it looks exactly like it! Such fond memories xxx

  • http://www.twowithseven.blogspot.co.uk Flora

    Ohhh mama! Oh Rosie this looks amazing!!!! I am a huge lover of boyfriend jeans, seriously seriously, and it never occurred to me to try tucking a body-top like this in to it. I will be copying this idea, if you don’t mind – red lipstick definitely makes this feminine but so casual too.
    10 out of 10 miss, ten!!


  • http://cantshutitup.blogspot.com Jessica Brown

    I’ve never seen someone suit red lipstick more than you do! x

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