Sidmouth beach.



I know I said I wouldn’t be posting until Tuesday, but I just can’t help myself.

Sidmouth beach was beautiful yesterday afternoon. Stormy and moody, with the sort of waves that could send you right off to sleep.

I’ve not been to a beach in the UK for years and years, and right now I can’t think why. There’s nothing quite like a trip to the beach, is there? Next time we’ll bring Ted with us, so that he have his first taste of seawater and a frolic in the waves.

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  • Amy

    I was in that area a couple of weeks ago :) so beautiful and relaxing! We meant to go to Sidmouth beach, but we didn’t have time:-( but looking at the photo I definitely want to go there! X

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    I haven’t been to Sidmouth in ages! Is there a tram that goes there, or am I imagining that?

  • Kirsty

    What a lovely photo! I love the sea and am forever wishing I could live near a beach! xx

  • Rosie

    Our beaches are some of the best. Such a lovely photo Miss :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Danielle

    You should definitely take ted! My spaniel LOVES the sea! X

  • Stephanie Large

    Has he not been to the beach yet? I’m sure he’ll love it. Alfie and Tilly go crazy for it, we always feel a little guilty when we don’t take them, haha.
    Looks gorgeous, I’d love to live by the seaside one day xx

  • rachel @ blush and brunch

    what a different sighting of a beach compared to the blazing sunny ones here in california! i love the sky and the rocky beach… really pretty <3

    rachel x

  • Christina

    Aw the beach is my fav place so lucky to live so close! Ted will love it my dogs go everyday lucky things x

  • Bekka

    This is a beautiful beach, I just got home from a beach close to my house. I’m super lucky to live next to the coast. I have a cocker spaniel also, and she loves the beach. She never stops digging in the sand! x

  • Ellie

    This is such a gorgeous picture! I agree that beaches are beautiful even when the weather isn’t sunny. :)

  • Emma

    I love stormy beaches, almost more than sunny ones, but not quite. I just think there’s so much energy at the beach when it’s stormy :)

  • Eva The Human

    You’re blog looks sooo nice :D

  • Amy

    Beautiful photo! No wonder you couldn’t help yourself and post!

  • Hannah

    my boyfriend’s brother’s got a cocker spaniel the spitting image of Ted, and 99.9% of his walks are on the beach! He loves digging holes in the sand to find forgotten tennis balls and paddling in the water. I reckon he’d love running around a forest! xx

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