Monday resolutions! (on a Tuesday…)


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This week’s resolution is inspired by an encounter I had at a petrol station last week. It was rush hour, and I wanted to get home so I could start cooking dinner, and the petrol station was absolutely rammed. I parked up behind a pump with a car already next to it, and waited. And waited. And waited some more.

When the guy eventually came out I was all set to scowl and tut at him for taking so long, when he smiled apologetically and ushered his tiny son along in front of him to try and get in the car as quickly as he could. His little boy was so sweet, snacking on a Kinder egg he’d obviously just been bought, and it melted my heart. I felt so guilty for being impatient, and gave the guy an extra big ‘Don’t worry, take your time’ smile to compensate.

And so my resolution for this week (and forever really, but we’ll start just with seven days) is to give myself, and other people, more time. I have a dreadful habit of forever being at least ten minutes behind (as mentioned last week) and it leads to a constant feeling of impatience and hurry. This impatience has a knock on effect for the people I encounter whilst running late, because it means I haven’t got the time to just relax and wait for them to get on with doing their thing, you know?

I’m going to try my absolute hardest to be more tolerant of other people, and give people more of my time instead of forever being in a rush to hurry on with my day.

*Generosity of spirit*
That’s what I’m aiming for.

Have you started out this week with a resolution of your own? :)

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  • Johanna

    My resolution this week (and as you said forever really hah) is to be lighter, and not to worry about everything all the time. I want to learn to trust my intuition again to tell me when there is actually need to worry :)

  • Lou

    Rosie, what a wonderful resolution : ) my resolution will be to give something back to the universe. Whether that’s complimenting someone, showing my support to or appreciation of friends, cooking a nice meal for JB, making time for myself and some yoga. That kind of thing : ) xx

  • Toni

    I think that’s a lovely resolution to make! Everyone is so rushed and there is so much impatience it would be great for everyone to just give each other a little more time.

    My resolution this week is to smile more; to people in the street, to shop workers, to colleagues, everyone! Spreading happiness by smiling :)

  • Chelsea Elizabeth

    This is so weird! I was just thinking the same thing this morning, I realllly need to give people more time, I have a bad tendency to just do what I need and let it go from there when I should be investing more time

  • Cath

    Beautiful resolution. You are already such a love, that this will make you into an angel in the making. Fact. How will the WORLD deal with such goodness…? ;)

    Mine is not to talk about or think about any of the negatives of our situation. Not even for five minutes. All week. There will be NO WHINGEING. So you have to help me out by not asking how things are on Thursday. xxxx

  • Lindley

    What a great resolution! I must resolve to be more patient with others! I get easily frustrated with strangers whilst shopping at the grocery store or driving and need to remember to relax and let things go rather than get so hyped up over someone innocently pushing their cart in front of mine!

  • rachel @ blush and brunch

    generosity of spirit – love your resolution this week! i tend to get really impatient and antsy at times so this is one i will definitely try and join you on this week :)

    rachel x

  • Allie

    I could definitely jump on board with this. So often I get caught up in my daily life and my own stresses that I don’t think about what’s around me and how I’m affecting people. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  • Becca Louisa

    I am also massively impatient!! I think I’ll join you on this resolution :) my other mini resolution is to make a little bit more me time!! I seem to be constantly busy these days and it’s quite simply exhausting! xx

  • Sarah

    That’s such a lovely resolution! I’ve so guilty of being impatient and being intolerant, but it just causes so much unnecessary stress and anger. I don’t have my own resolution this week, so I think I’ll just start with yours :)

  • Tabitha

    Oooh, good one! Working at school I can get really impatient at times having to wait for little ones to complete tasks. I manage it at work, its poor Ed who suffers at home when my spirit’s all out of generosity! x

  • juni // hej juni

    this should be my resolution for the week, scratch that, for life! impatience is probably my biggest problem. I find it really hard not to get all passive aggressive when my patience gets stretched. here’s to all of us being more gracious and patient with others :)

  • Emma

    Ooo good resolution! Definitely a must try!

    I always find the more I make the effort to smile at people, the better I feel :)

    Hmm maybe…

  • Kathleen

    That is a great resoltuion! I am always running late to everything so I constantly feel rushed and stressed. Therefor, my resolution is to get ready earlier and leave the house with time to spare!

  • Siobhan

    Awww I loved this post! This is something I do as well. I’m always in a rush and when people hold me up I just think they’re inconveniencing me…I don’t take a second to think they have things going on as well. Reading this post will certainly make me think twice before I start getting in a huff with people xx

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