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Here’s the low down on what’s caught my eye just lately…

 1. A soft yellow print scarf. Wouldn’t it look so pretty all draped and bunched alongside a tweed jacket?
2. Roughly cut gold and amethyst earrings. I bought Jo a similar pair of uncut diamonds for her 21st last year, and have been hankering after a pair of my own ever since!
3. This tan trench coat.
4. Bohemian head scarves. Are they too summery to be worn in autumn though, do you think?
5. Wholewheat apple muffins. I made blueberry muffins the other day, and even though I cut down the sugar massively (370 grams down to 250!) they were still far too sweet for my taste. I think these ones from casa del Smitten Kitchen sound wonderful.
6. Chunky gold bracelets and navy nail varnish.
7. Caramel chocolate crinkle cookies. I could look at that strand of caramel aaaaaall day! ;)
8. A leaf, gold-leafed.

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  • http://lovelaceandlauren.blogspot.co.uk/ Lauren

    Lovely inspiration board, it’s really got me wishing for Autumn!

    Lauren x

    • Rosie

      Gosh me too, I’m so excited to be able to wear layers again! The rainy weather today is making me absurdly happy!

  • http://isabellabellamozzarella.blogspot.co.uk/ Isabella Mozzarella

    Reading your blog and seeing how successful you are so soon after finishing your degree is subsiding my dread about going into my final year this September. I hope I’ll be as happy as you when it’s all over for me!
    Lovely blog.
    Love Isabella x
    Isabella Mozzarella

  • http://www.thecafecat.blogspot.com Sally Gurteen

    Totally delightful. Especially the pumpkin!

  • http://www.thatadventurer.blogspot.co.uk Hannah

    All of this looks gorgeous. I NEED that hat and trench coat combo, but feel it wouldn’t look nearly as good on me.. Thanks for sharing! xo
    That Adventurer

  • http://www.organizedxxmess.blogspot.com Chelsea Elizabeth

    That pumpkin picture makes me excited for fall! and no! i think you can rock the boho head wrap at any time

  • http://orchardhouseliving.blogspot.co.uk/ Gemma

    Wow, that soft yellow scarf is gorgeous. That paired with the navy nails would be lovely

    Great inspiration board!xx

  • http://the-cup-and-saucer.blogspot.com Alice

    These things are so great! I love the image of the girl choosing a pumpkin- it just screams autumn! xx

  • http://itsamadsmadsworld.blogspot.ca Madeline

    All you bloggers are making me so excited for fall ! The LAYERS, the HATS, the BOOTS ! SO much to look forward to !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  • http://atrailofsparkles.blogspot.com Liesa

    Love how this is Autumn themed! It’s almost here!! :-)

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