Holidaying // Cardiff, day two!



Probably the hardest decision Jason and I made the weekend we were in Cardiff (after choosing between coffee or tea over breakfast, of course) was which of the castles we wanted to visit on Sunday. Choosing between Castle Coch and Cardiff castle was tough stuff for Ultimate History Enthusiasts like us. In the end, we decided to head over to Caerphilly and visit the pint-sized 19th Century fairytale-esque Castle Coch, so as not to have a history-overload what with our trip to the Tower of London coming up this weekend. Oh, and speaking of Castle Coch, I learnt the hard way this weekend that ‘Coch’ is actually supposed to almost rhyme with ‘cork’. Just FYI…

Here are a couple of photos from our last day in Cardiff, if you’d like to see!


Below: I’m still regretting opting for a breakfast of yoghurt and fruit, instead of having a full ‘Welsh’ breakfast like Jason did. If there’s one fried, horrendously bad food I go weak at the knees for, it’s hashbrowns. To be fair there are actually loads, but let’s just pretend there’s just one…


Below: Castle Coch (or ‘Red Castle’) kind of feels like a movie set. It was built in the 19th Century, following classical Medieval architectural styles and techniques. Do you remember that old children’s TV series called The Worst Witch? Well, it was filmed there! Shall we take a moment to be nostalgic over that show? Ah…CBBC. Those were the days. Cider-with-Rosie-in-Cardiff-24

Below: The ornate ceiling in the Drawing room. Cider-with-Rosie-in-Cardiff-22


Below: I loved the paintings and illustrations on the walls of this room. There were lizards climbing around the fireplace, and woodland animals lining the walls. Magic! Cider-with-Rosie-in-Cardiff-25

Below: We look so dorky in this photo, and I love it! He’s my soul mate :)  Cider-with-Rosie-in-Cardiff-20

Thank you thank you thank you to the Park Plaza for having us to stay! We had the best time :) Special thanks to Sara and Caroline from the hotel, and Sara from the Happy Cupcake Kitchen. You ladies are just wonderful!

Cardiff- we’ll be back!

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  • Lou

    Hash browns are my absolute favourite too! I hope Jason shared a little of his with you :) Ahhhhhh nostalgia indeed for The Worst Witch! The Demon Headmaster has also just come back to me… xx

  • Ema

    Oh gosh The Worst Witch was one of favourite shows ever! They don’t make shows like that anymore! Lovely photo’s Rosie, You and Jason are the cutest couple ever!

  • Jenny

    Looks brilliant. We live fairly locally to Cardiff and everytime we’re heading along the M4 we have a good peer at Castle Coch and think about going to visit – now we’ll definitely have to.

    (Also, yes please to the hash browns!)

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    I’m glad you clarified how to say that, I was thinking ‘surely it’s not pronounced ****?!’ I love those illustrations, I want them on a wall in my house.

  • char

    Oh what amazing photos, how much do I want a starry ceiling like that one right now?!

  • Brooke

    Did you know that ‘coch’ is red in Welsh? It’s such a magical castle and I spent a lot of my childhood there. The view of it up on the mountain to me is absolutely amazing! xx

  • Callie (@CallieThorpe)

    Yay! I am so glad you had a lovely time in Cardiff! I am welsh and was born 15 minutes from there in Newport! Cardiff is a real gem, being the capital of wales it has a lot to offer! Wales is such a beautiful place. This post has made me miss home but as always I loved reading <3


  • Rosie W

    Lovely photos Rosie, you have really made me want to spend some time in Cardiff. I recognise that castle picture from The Worst Witch! Thats going back a few years ;)

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Sophie

    so funny seeing you in CARDIFF! my old stomping ground. loved it, but don’t thin i could live there forever. one year was enough for me. but your photos are making me miss it :) x

  • Madeline

    That is such a sweet picture of you two. And the castle is gorgeous ! Looks like a great visit

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  • Angela

    I loved The Worst Witch. I actually bought the first book recently to read with Lucas and he thinks it’s pretty cool, too! (You can get the series on DVD at Amazon btw!)

    Lovely pictures as always. The drawing room ceiling is just amazing! And I had no idea that there were two castles in Cardiff…

  • Sonia

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip! And lovely photos! :)

  • Olivia

    It was so lovely to meet you both, such a perfect couple! Your photos look so gorgeous too, I used to love the Worst Witch so I’m so gutted we didn’t visit there! xxx

  • Lindley

    You guys are so cute together, you both look so happy in that final photo! That castle is beautiful!!!

  • Irela

    Gosh you guys are so adorable. Love that picture hehe I love hash browns myself, had a batch this morning ;) Good Stuff!

  • Lucy

    Rosie, that photo of you two at the end is so cute!

    I’m such a castle fiend as well. I’ve certainly got good value out of my National Trust membership and in Wales you are spoilt for choice with places to visit. Glad that you had a lovely time!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  • Fathoosh

    The palace looks husband’s been there and he loves it too. You guys look adorable !
    Have a great weekend girl…

  • brittany

    these photos are sooo beautiful! what a fun place to visit!!

  • Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots

    Aw your photos from Cardiff look lovely, you’re getting so good with your photography now, looks like you had a great time!

  • hayley

    lovely pictures! that ceiling is beautiful!

  • Georgina

    The Worst Witch! I used to love that show. And the books. Ah, nostalgia.

  • Holly

    I just love the ceiling in the drawing room photo! It’s absolutely beautiful – those tiny gold stars and the butterflies. Just wow. Thanks for sharing!

  • Liese | lipstickandsoda

    your trip looks amazing, and i love the dorky photo :)

  • Jenny

    I’m from Wales and lived there until I was 23 and I have NEVER been to Castell Coch. I suppose it does rhyme with cork, better than saying what I guess you were saying :P It looks beautiful, I really must go. Cardiff Castle is also lovely. Seems very similar from your photos actually. The peacocks there are evil :D

  • Lucy

    It’s weird seeing someone say such lovely things about Cardiff, I guess you don’t really appreciate a place you get to see all the time. And your photos make it look lovely too! I will have to make more of an effort to see it though non-local eyes.

    Also, I had no idea ‘curry half and half’ was a Welsh thing… I thought everyone knew that! Haha!

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