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Parisian-light Image: Found via Pinterest, originally from this tumblr. Photographer/owner unknown.

I’ve had the loveliest collection of blogs linked in my sidebar this month. In fact, it’s been pretty detrimental for my productivity! I go onto my blog with the intention of completing a task, and find myself half an hour later ten posts in to one of the blogs written by the wonderful ladies linked below! Go and have a read, I promise you’ll love them :)

I keep finding myself getting lost in Freya’s blog. It’s so intelligently written, and is a wonderful mixture of tales of her recent adventures (she’s in Canada right now, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!) photos of the most delicious looking food, and snapshots of her day to day life. Freya lives in London, and seems to have a knack for finding those hidden gem type restaurants that I can never seem to find! I plan to call on her for a list of recommendations next time I head up to the city! ;)
Favourite post of the past month? ‘This is what I’m talking about.

Hola Irela
I’ve SO enjoyed reading Irela’s blog this past month. Her ‘voice’ on her blog is so calm and serene, and her photos? Wow. This past month she’s shared a couple of recipes for delicious-looking vegan meals that I can’t wait to try out, and I defy anyone to have a read of her post on gratitude and not feel uplifted. Absolutely one of the most charming lifestyle blogs out there at the moment, in my opinion.
Favourite post of the past month? Ducklings in the summertime.

Life is worth the fight
Do you know what’s amazing about Stacie? This month she’s had to go into hospital because she’s got a nasty infection in her IV line, and yet would you look at this photo? She’s still got the biggest smile on her face. Her blog’s been nominated for a Cosmo Best Lifestyle blog award this month, which is wonderful and so well deserved! She’s an inspirational lady.
Favourite post of the past month? 1 year.

Bows, Bangles and Bakes
Jenni’s blog has been one of my favourites to read this past month. I just love her writing style, and her photos are beautiful! The focus of Jenni’s blog posts varies from recounting tales of her weekends spent with her man and handsome dog, to reviews of her favourite books and television programmes, to sharing her most recent purchases. Just a delightful blog to while away an hour or two reading :)
Favourite post of the past month? Further adventures.

Made in Hunters
I’m kind of addicted to reading Ema’s blog at the moment. Her photos are dreamy (I’d like to live where she lives, please!) and Grizzle (her sweet dog) has the sort of adorable, whiskery face that deserves its own Instagram page, you know? This month she’s shared stunning photos from her trip to Norfolk, found a starfish on the beach, and celebrated her boyfriend’s graduation! Go and take a nose around, you won’t be disappointed!
Favourite post of the past month? Weekend scenes: Norfolk

Sunny Sweet Pea
Jenny is my kindred spirit. She’s a fellow spaniel lover, a keen walker, snap-happy…did I mention spaniels already? I can’t go on Jenny’s blog without falling in love with Pip’s sweet face, and spending 10 minutes trying to convince Jase that we need a new springer pup. She writes (so beautifully) about her life with her partner and Miss Pip, mixed in with recipes, wish lists, and book reviews. I just can’t stop reading her blog!
Favourite post of the past month? Sugared almonds and grey skies.

Lou Lou in Paris
Lou’s blog deserves about fifty million readers. Seriously. It’s charming, funny, and about PARIS! She writes about her travels (this month she’s off to New York! Lucky lady!) shares inspiring quotes and words, and has recently started writing ’10 things that’ve made me happy this week’ posts! Hooray for counting our blessings! Stay tuned for her photos of NYC! :)
Favourite post of the past month? Lazy weekends and sunny skies

Angel’s Corner
Fatzee’s knows her stuff, when it comes to makeup and skincare. This month she’s been writing a delightful mix of posts; sharing how to make cake pops, how to make tinted lip balm at home, and photos of some beautiful, baby shower cupcakes. Also, this month she celebrated her two year wedding anniverary! Congratulations, Fatzee! :)
Favourite post of the past month? Cupcake project.

Little Black Suitcase
Karis’ blog is so unique, and fascinating to read! It’s a kind of wanderlust-wishlist, documenting exciting places to visit from around the world, and her pick of the best hotels and apartments in each location. I want to book a holiday pretty much every time I visit her blog, which at the moment is every single day! A must-read for those of you with itchy feet, and free spirits :)
Favourite post of the past month? Holiday in the UK.

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  • http://madeinhunters.blogspot.co.uk/ Ema

    Rosie, i would gladly sponsor your blog forever and a day just to hear your kind words :) They make my day. xxx

  • http://www.sunnysweetpea.com Jenny

    Aw. You say such lovely things. It’s been my pleasure sponsoring you this month. Pip and Ted would have beautiful puppies. If I didn’t have to cope with the trauma of poochy pregnancy I’d say let’s do it. Or, let’s let them do it, uh hum.

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

    • Rosie

      Wouldn’t they? I was reading about how much work pup pregnancy and birthing is the other day, and I definitely couldn’t handle it! Too much grossness!

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    Thanks for these. I love finding new blogs to read. The Paris blog sounds fab.

    • Rosie

      It really is! They all are brilliant! :)

  • http://loulou-in-paris.blogspot.fr Lou

    Ah thank you lovely lady! Such kind kind words and i’m so happy to discover your other sponsors :) hello from New York xx

    • Rosie

      You’re v welcome! I’m so envious of you right now! ;) Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  • http://Fatzee.blogspot.com Fathoosh

    Thank u for the lovely words Rosie….


  • http://www.littleblacksuitcase.com Karis

    Thanks :) It’s a joy to sponsor your lovely blog – I’m in very good company! x

  • http://holairela.com Irela

    Thank you for the kind lovely words Rosie. You make me blush :)

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