Two moments from our weekend, and a few more words than normal.



Jason and I spent Saturday doing the king of all weekend activities. Pottering. I pottered around in the morning drinking coffee and eating watermelon, I pottered at lunchtime (still in pjs) searching online for dresses to wear to the weddings we’re going to this summer, and I pottered all afternoon doing laundry, tidying up the house and making rhubarb icecream. On Saturdays Jason takes Teddy out to training classes, so I get a few lovely hours home alone all to myself. It always surprises me how much I treasure having time to myself at the weekends, even though I work from home all week either solo or with just Ted for company. That’s being an introvert, for you… 

Update on the dress hunt and first foray into icecream-making? The dress hunt went well. I bought three. Only two were strictly necessary. The third was for the day *after* the wedding, and that’s how I’m justifying it. Icecream…hmm. The flavour was delicious, but the texture wasn’t quite right. I don’t know if the rhubarb compote could have done with being sieved, or if no-churn icecream is always slightly denser than its churned counterpart, or maybe it was a combination of both. I think I’m going to ask Mum for her ice-cream maker (she’s had it for two years and has yet to open the box, so won’t miss it! ;) and have another go.


On Saturday night Jase said those oh so magic words…’Do you fancy doing something different tonight?’ My response was ‘uhhh…always!’ We looked into going to the cinema to see Monsters University or Despicable Me 2 (because we like intellectually stimulating films, clearly), but since we were too late to catch the final showings, we decided to have a movie night instead. There’s not much that can make a movie night complete with popcorn, candles, and pyjamas better than a good storm, and storm there was. Heaven in a small suburban living room, right there.

Sunday was soldier Joe’s 21st birthday, so we spent the day at Jason’s Mum’s celebrating! All of Jason’s cousins were there with their children, including 11 week old Callen. He was a darling, and the most mellow baby I’ve ever met. I think my heart just about exploded watching Jase hold him, you know? And would you just look at those sweet, scrunched up toes? Sigh…

p.s. I discovered Flora’s wonderful blog yesterday, and oh my goodness is her writing beautiful. She made made me want to try and place more focus on my own writing, rather than allow myself to get comfortable and just rely on photographs to make a ‘good’ blog post…if such a thing exists. Then I found Meg’s post on blogging and writing, and…wow. So here we have it. Fewer photos, and more words. Not as well constructed or eloquent as the words by these two talented ladies, but more words nonetheless. What do you think?

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  • Tori

    I think it’s perfect :) But I think everything you do is, so just go with what comes naturally to you. I adore Meg, I’m head over heels in love with her blog, everything she writes is wonderful and magical and true. But, I can’t recreate that magic, so I’m going to have to just stick to what I know (sarcasm and non-wit, the occasional joke and lots of brackets!) and leave the magical stuff to her (and keep enjoying reading it) xx

    • Rosie

      Oh you absolute love, thank you for saying that! :) Isn’t Meg’s writing just out of this world beautiful? I love how poetic she is. Just stunning.

  • laura

    I’m always amazed how refreshing the little things can be too! A change of routine, a bit of time to yourself, trying something new. It makes things feel sweeter doesn’t it?
    P.S. I adore your writing. You conjure pictures just as beautiful as your photographs

  • Lindley

    Aw those baby toes! So sweet!

  • Rosie W

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend, the storms were amazing. :)

  • Tania

    I LOVE IT!!! Watch out, mine will be coming this week ;) So glad you introduced me to Flora’s blog! It’s rare to find a blog where you actually go back just for the words. oh and those baby toes..*sigh* xx

  • Mere

    Wow, Flora’s writing really is beautiful! Thank you for introducing me to her blog! And oooh those baby feet are too adorable!


  • Liesa

    Such lovely photos! I do like the more writing thing, it gives us that little bit more insight :-) X

  • Madeline

    I want to see both those movies too (such a mature adult!!). And there is nothing like seeing a man with a baby to pull on the heartstrings ! xoxo

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  • Bekka

    Monsters University is amazing, I seriously suggest going and seeing it if you get a chance. As far as writing, I’m trying to get that into myself too. Looking forward to reading what you have to say!

  • Flora

    Awwwh Rosie. Those chubby baby ankles! I work in a baby clothing shop and I’m lucky enough to see gorgeous feet like these every day! It’s a different matter altogether seeing your other half cradling a baby though… Oh mama. It must be a primitive biological thing but I really have to restrain myself from jumping him when I see that! Huge baby fever.
    Thankyou so much for your kind words about my writing, Rosie. I can’t tell you how flattered I am. I think we all have our preferred medium and it’s totally individual how you’re most comfortable communicating.

    I really enjoyed this post – longer spells of writing can really bring a reader in to your world in the same way a photo or a drawing can. I’m biased though, I always like your posts!

    Thankyou so much again Rosie. You absolutely embody the image of the friendly blogging community and I like you even more for your enthusiasm to share and give a leg up to other writers. You’re the best xxxxxx


  • Hannah

    Sounds like a perfect weekend :) x

  • Charli

    I love the way you write – it’s not too much but you’re funny and interesting (I was actually going to say this before I even read the final paragraph, so it’s what I actually think!)

    I’d say pictures are what make me interested in a blog and the writing is what makes me stick around or come back for more – and you do both really well!


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