Our weekend, as told by my camera roll…


This past weekend was so lovely, I didn’t want it to end. The sunshine was just glorious, Jason and I spent lots of proper time together (no phones, telly, or computers in sight), and we had a delicious BBQ on Sunday with my Ma and sister. As much as being a student with almost unlimited free time and four month long holidays was lovely, working full-time now makes me really appreciate the weekends in a way I haven’t ever had to before. I’m already thinking ahead to the next one…


Above: We had fun decorating the new shelf in the living room. The books (all food related, of course) are my current reads. ‘At Elizabeth David’s Table’ is one of the loveliest recipe books I’ve ever read, and ‘A History of English Food’ is what my Grandma and I were reading together before she died. I’m finishing off reading it for her.

Below: I love carnations. They’re the epitome of ‘cheap and cheerful’, don’t you think? :) Cider-with-Rosie10

Below: We like our potatoes garlicky. And look! Homegrown thyme! I’ve not killed it yet! *touch wood* Cider-with-Rosie11

Below: Just *look* at these babies. Without a doubt the sexiest potatoes I’ve ever cooked. I’ll be making them again this week, without a doubt. Cider-with-Rosie7

Below: Mid-coo at the dog. Cider-with-Rosie2

Below: BBQ fayre. Cider-with-Rosie6

Below: Fresh BBQed corn on the cob is something else, isn’t it? Just crazy delicious. Cider-with-Rosie9

How did you spend your weekend? :)

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  • http://joy-and-laughter.blogspot.com Johanna

    Looks so much fun! Those potatoes seriously look like a sexy number, I haven’t had any in way too long and will definitely have to change it :)
    I had a really amazing weekend too, spent lots of time with family and enjoyed every minute of it!
    I know you probably must say somewhere on the blog, but I haven’t read it I don’t think, do you mind me asking what you did at uni and what you’re working as now?

    Merci :)

  • http://Zozeze.com Zoe

    Your photos are just lovely! definitely given me inspiration to go out and do something nice this week.


  • http://madeinhunters.blogspot.co.uk/ Ema

    Corn on the cob on the BBQ is one of those things that you wait all year for and the taste is just summer in a vegetable (?) Vegetable? Is corn a Vegetable?

  • http://www.lovefromkelly.co.uk Kelly

    I absolutely love BBQ corn on the cob. I always wrap it in foil with a bit of butter and it comes out really juicy.

    Love from Kelly

  • http://www.sunnysweetpea.com Jenny

    Your photography is so beautiful. Your home looks lovely and light. It’s a shock to the system working full time isn’t it? You also find that your life flashes by so quickly. I definitely love my weekends. And I genuinely treasure my annual leave!!

    Jenny x

  • http://Thenewnortherner.wordpress.com Lucy

    This food looks so delicious! It’s great to make the most of any sunny weather we have by eating outside whenever you can.

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  • http://www.daisybutter.com Michelle

    Oh my gosh, those potatoes and all of your BBQ food! Definitely popping a BBQ party in the diary for the weekend. So lovely that you’re ‘finishing off’ that book for your Grandma too, I really like the look of those foodie books – will have to have a look at them! x

  • Amy

    I’ve finished uni now and after three years working full time will probably be a shock to the system too! We will survive though :D

    You’ve some gorgeous pictures here! Congratulations you’ve made me crave potatoes at 11:30 in the morning :P

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • http://www.emmerliejay.co.uk Emily

    Oh my gosh pleaaaase do a recipe/how to post for those potatoes <3
    emmerliejay x

  • Cath

    You cannot beat a Fancy-Dan shelf. And that, that my friend, is a Fancy-Dan shelf for sure. Lovely photos. How disgustingly beautiful do you look, cooing at the dog? xxxx

  • http://hejjuni.typepad.com juni // hej juni

    oh that looks like a super wonderful weekend! glad you had a great one. I started off mine with a trip to the movies with a girlfriend and we had a sleepover. the girlie sleepover definitely hit the spot!

  • http://www.organizedxxmess.blogspot.com Chelsea Elizabeth

    Im drooling! everything looks so delicious! It looks like you had a lovely weekend, I had a similar one!

  • http://www.brightonmumma.blogspot.co.uk Sophie Wearing

    THOSE POTATOES LOOK AMAZING!!! How did you do them? Roast them in garlic and thyme then smush them? xx

    • Rosie

      Boil the new potatoes first until they’re almost completely cook, then add to a roasting tin with oil, fresh thyme, and garlic cloves. Crush them gently with a potato masher, and top with oregano, salt, and another drizzle of oil. Then cook for 45 mins @ 180 degrees, turning once halfway through, and sprinkle on grated parmesan 5 mins before the end :) The recipe came from a blog, I linked it in my last ‘The Edit’ post I think! x

  • http://www.thisconfettilife.com This Confetti Life

    So summery and delicious!

  • http://etiene-et-eugene.blogspot.com lenka

    All the pictures look so lovely and tasty as well! Makes me wish for the weekend to arrive as soon as possible! x

  • http://Fatzee.blogspot.com Fathoosh

    1.lovely pics as always
    2.the shelf looks cute. I love to have such neatly set corners in my room too
    3.i WANT those potatoes.
    4.i wish I could pull off a hat as smartly as you
    5. Cheers

  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk Rosie

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Those spuds look loooverly :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • http://mstoodygooshoes.blogspot.com Amy

    Those potatoes are a thing of beauty!

  • http://holairela.com Irela

    Those potatoes ARE pretty sexy! You should post the recipe (pretty please!)

  • http://a-paige-at-a-time.blogspot.com Paige Francesca Bryan

    Ooh sounds lovely, do put the potato recipe up soon! Paige xo

  • http://www.twowithseven.blogspot.co.uk Flora

    The Elizabeth David book is great! My mum just bought me my own copy actually for when I move out this September – I’ve been using hers and it’s such a great book!


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