Monday resolutions! // Week one…


The-Vanilla-Bean-blog-Rhubarb-icecream Image credit: The Vanilla Bean blog

Today I’m starting a new series here on Cider with Rosie, called ‘Monday resolutions!’. On Mondays (perhaps not every Monday, but most…) I’m going to be sharing a resolution I’ve made for myself for the week ahead. Last week I shared on twitter that my resolution was to work on improving my posture, because I so often catch myself slouching and not bothering to hold my core strong. It’s such a waste of all the time I spend trying to tone up my stomach muscles during my weekday workouts! I made fairly good progress with my resolution during last week, and can notice some changes in my body as a result.

This week’s resolution is far less virtuous. I’ve been meaning to have a go at making my own ice cream all summer but still haven’t got round to it yet, so this week I’m going to buy up all the rhubarb I can find and have a go at making this wonderful no-churn rhubarb ice cream. Doesn’t it sound (and look!) delicious? The photo above (and the recipe I’ll be using) are both from The Vanilla Bean Blog.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this new series! Would you be interested in hearing how I get on with each week’s challenge, maybe in a monthly round up post? :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  • Cath

    I think that this is an awesome idea (and weirdly in-sync as I made myself a Monday resolution without even really knowing that this was what I was up to, last night as I was falling asleep) and I would really enjoy reading a roundup. I like the idea of such a short resolution. I think I might actually be able to stick to anything for 7 days…

  • Ruth Johnston

    I think this is a great idea! I’m always making promises to myself on Mondays too, great way to look forward to the week ahead.

  • Sarah

    This is a great idea! I made a resolution last night to work out every morning this week before work, but I’ve already failed that one. Ice cream sounds like a much better plan! :D

  • Ema

    I think it’s a great new series Rosie, and a really good way to get those little things ticked off your list in small bites :) xxx

  • Eleanor

    Yep, loving this idea. I am forever giving myself long term goals and then not sticking to them, I think that little weekly ones would be much more effective! Also, I’m copying your posture one today at my desk, it hurts. Looking forward to seeing the ice cream!

  • Bekka

    Sounds like a great series, I’d definitely love to seen how you get on with your resolutions. Good luck and have fun with this weeks!

  • Dannielle

    I think a Monday resolution is a great idea! I’d definitely read that series, and the roundup :) xx

    D Is For…

  • Georgie

    Great idea! Weekly resolutions seem much more manageable than whole-year ones! Also, on the ice-cream front: when I was little and could still eat ice-cream (I’m lactose-intolerant now, sob) my mum used to make grape ice cream, which was just amazing! xox

  • lois

    Brilliant idea. I try and do this in my head from time to time, but actually having it down in writing is much more of an incentive! Good luck with the ice cream, I’m here if you need a taste tester ;)

  • Johanna

    What a great idea! Have you read “the happiness project” by any chance? It’s full of ideas for little resolutions (definitely some of which I should make and keep) and generally a really good read :)

  • Chelsea Elizabeth

    This seems like a great new series! And a monthly roundup of it sounds pretty awesome as well

  • Tania

    Perfect serie! I also need to improve on my posture so bad! I look like an old lady (due to sitting badly all day at the office!)I’m thinking I need to start yoga..! x

  • Stacie Pridden

    Yes! i’d love to hear how you get on it sounds yuummmmyyy!

  • http://IBuyPrettyThings Hannah

    What a great idea for a series of posts! That ice cream looks yummy, definitely let us see the finished product! xx

  • Rachel @ Blush and Brunch

    i love this idea! posture and ice cream are both awesome resolutions. gets me thinking if i should set more goals for myself each week too. i can never stick to new year resolutions but a weekly one seems much more doable :)

    good luck with the ice cream!

    rachel x

  • Leanne

    This is a great idea for a series, I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’d struggle to think of something every week.
    I look forward to hearing how you got on with your ice cream! x

  • Megan

    New follower here, and I absolutely love this idea! What an exciting way to make small changes and try new things in manageable doses. By the end of a month, a year, and so on, the list of things you’ve accomplished will be so impressive!

  • Alice

    This is such a great idea! I love the idea of making my own ice cream- just not rhubarb flavour. For some reason, I just can’t make myself like it!! xx

  • Kelly

    I love this idea. I need to sit up more straight too! :)

    Love from Kelly

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