In which we discover the joys of IKEA…



I’ve already blogged/tweeted/instagrammed about it (I know, get over it already), but Ikea really did rock my socks on Saturday. Seriously, how did I not realise how much STUFF you can buy there, for!? Just don’t look too closely at anything in our house now, friends and family, because I’m certain 99% of what we bought on Saturday is made of cardboard and papier mache ;)


We got our Ikea on old school style for the first 5 minutes or so (filling in the little forms for later reference, blah blah) before realising that the pros just take photos of each item’s label rather than bother to write it all down. We’re so green ;) Oh, and those meatballs? I don’t even care if they’re made of horse. They hit the spot.

Below: Anyone else find that shopping in big centres like Ikea brings out man’s inner child? Jason spent a lot of our time shopping trying to run away and hide from me every time I turned my back on him, and rode those flatbed trollies like a pro! ^


After shopping, we had a DIY-marathon and for the first time ever I actually mean WE, not just Jason! I was screw-sorter in chief when we built the daybed, and even had a turn or two with the power drill. Mega in love with the daybed, by the way. All jokes about cardboard furniture aside, it really is a beauty and goes so nicely in our guest bedroom. I’m going to be using the guest room as my kind of office from now on, and so am really happy to be making it a comfortable and pretty place to work.

I really can’t believe I’m saying this (I’ve always been of the ‘if you want a job done well, get someone else to do it for you’ school of thought ;) but there’s actually something really satisfying about DIYing isn’t there?

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  • Gemma

    I love doing DIY – it’s really satisfying and I prefer not having to rely on someone else. It can be really fun to surprise people by redoing a room or changing up the furniture. xx

  • Michelle

    Oh my, Ikea is too much fun to bear. I love your little ‘the pros just take photos of the codes’ quip – my flatmates and I learnt that very early on when faced with an Ikea just ten minutes walk from each new housing venture back at Uni. Definitely craving some of their meatballs now too! xx

  • Ema

    I’ve only been to Ikea once but when i was introduced to it i was like ‘Does everyone know about this place?! We must tell everyone!!’ :)

  • Chelsea Elizabeth

    Im really bad at doing DIY things, but I want to get better at it! And Ive never been to Ikea but it seems incredible!!

  • Emily

    I love Ikea – it’s one of my favourite places! I always feel weird telling people I love going to days out to ikea, but I do! So much fun :)
    emmerliejay x

  • Becca

    I’ve just come across your blog and love it. It’s made me feel really wholesome just reading it! :)

  • Meg

    This looks like such a sweet time – how fun! The closest Ikea to us is in Atlanta, so I’m a little green with envy ;) Enjoy your new furniture!

  • Georgina

    Ikea is the best fun ever! My old flatmate and I had a whale of time in there, buying tea-towels, cake stands and all sorts of stuff we totally didn’t need for our flat when we first moved in.

  • Janis

    Ikea must have been the place to be this week! And yip cant go to Ikea and not have the meatballs for your lunch (or the dime cake).

  • Steph

    Love your blog layout. So jealous.

  • kelsey

    I love IKEA! Haven’t been for so long but really need to go as I’ve seen so many pretty things on blogs lately!

    Kelsey xx

  • Irela

    Ikea meatballs are legendary!! You didn’t get the cranberry on the side? So so good. I also loved their apple pie, always super yummy. Now I can’t really eat anything there anymore but oh I’ll miss those meatballs!!!

  • Arushi

    I got lost on the way to the Ikea in Brooklyn during my first week in New York. But damnit, was it worth it. It’s a treasure trove of minimal goodness.

    x Arushi +

  • little t

    There is nothing like spending the day in IKEA. Whenever I go, I’m always tempted to stock up on those bags of Swedish meatballs on the way out… and then they stay in my freezer for all of eternity.

  • Kelly

    Those meatballs look delicious!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    Don’t forget about the switch to BlogLovin!

  • nicole correia

    I went to IKEA last weekend and I agree whole heartedly…and it’s actually quite a sweet date- shopping, walking about an endless maze, lunch/coffee and cake (or if you’re too comfortable with each other, scoffing both!) and you leave feeling refreshed and with some great bits and bobs!

    LOVE their candles!

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