Day twenty seven.



‘A photo a day, for thirty one days.’

Twenty seven: My new favourite breakfast. Natural low fat greek yoghurt, blueberries, seeds, and a drizzle of honey. The seeds make me feel really healthy, but I can’t actually remember why they’re supposed to be so good for you. Anyone know?

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  • Alice

    This looks so yummy! I’m not sure why seeds are good for you but I think it’s something to do with omega 3 and 6 or something… and cave people ate them?! No idea! xx

  • Flora

    Not a clue, but this is one of my favorite breakfasts too! Breakfasts are my favourite in general, but anything that combines blueberries, greek yoghurt and honey is a winner in my book.


  • Rosie

    They’re good for boosting your metabolism :)

  • Jojo

    This is such a cute idea. You will treasure having a day by day portrait of your life and your photos are always so lovely. xxx

  • Reni J

    Seeds are meant to have all the ‘healthy fats’ your body needs. I’ve never had seeds with my greek yoghurt, might have to give it a go! x

  • Lucy

    Rosie, this looks so gorgeous! Makes my Shreddies look very dull in comparison!

    Lucy x

  • Ellie

    This looks delicious! Seeds have so many nutritional benefits… good source of minerals, fiber and protein (I know pumpkin seeds have a lot of zinc)!!

    Ellie | 

  • Mere

    This looks like such a lovely breakfast and I’m also absolutely in love with that bowl!


  • Irela

    One of my go-to breakfast options! Lovely ♥

  • Callie (@CallieThorpe)

    When I was little my grancha (welsh way of saying grandad) used to have a bag of those seeds underneath the stairs and he always used to get out a handful and I would sit on his lap and share them out of his hand. He is 78 and as fit as a fiddle so I would say they can’t be all that bad for you! xx

  • hannah

    Seeds are high in fibre and stop you feeling hungry – although incredibly high in fat (good fat) so eat in moderation!

  • Lou

    Love this photo and love this type of breakfast. Seeds are packed full of protein and as has been mentioned above, omega fatty acids 3 and 6. I picked up a ton of chia seeds here in NYC as they’re everywhere and therefore so cheap!!! Go you with the healthy eating, there’s so much yummy healthy stuff out there : ) but don’t forget the odd naughty treat too! xx

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