A Snapshot: Wednesday


Coffee-and-steam ^ Image found via Pinterest, original source unknown. As always, if you know the original source of this image or own rights to it, please get in touch and I’ll credit/remove as appropriate.^

Do you know what happened yesterday? I think I *just* started to bored of summer…

It’s one of my worst habits, this ‘constantly getting bored of the season we’re in’ thing. I was browsing through my Pinterest boards and came across the photo above, and then next thing I knew I was dreaming about buying up an army of brightly coloured knitted hats to wear this winter, & taking Teddy out for walks on frosty grass, & roast dinners, & cinnamon scented candles, &…

Quick, someone talk to me about how splendid August will be to curb this ridiculousness right away!

I mustn’t wish away August just yet anyway, because Jason and I have our four year anniversary to look forward to! The last three years we’ve always splashed out on our anniversary gifts to one another, and kind of treated our anniversary as a a mini, mid-year Christmas. This year though, neither of us can think of a single thing we’d like other than to just spend the day together in London, being a bit dorky at the Tower of London and then eating ourselves silly at a nice restaurant in the evening. We must be growing up, or something…:)

Other stuff that happened yesterday?
- I listened to this song about a billion times.
- Ted needed a trip to the vet, and it cost an eye-watering 86 quid. Ouch. Why do vet bills always come in just under the excess limit on your pet insurance, hey?
- Sophie’s beautiful blog stole my heart.
- I checked the news every five minutes, because I’m obsessed with the Royal family. Anyone else?
- I ate the best goddamn egg mayo sandwich of my life.
- Then to burn it off, I did the Blogilates Arms on Fire workout, and my arms fell off.

How was your Wednesday? :)

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  • http://www.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk Rosie W

    I’m just the same. I seriously prefer Autumn and Winter to Spring and Summer, I don’t mind the rain :)

    It’s mine and Ash’s 4 years on 20th August. We celebrate ours with a nice meal before we head off to Reading festival!

    I spent my Wednesday at work, followed by a trip to the cinema to see The Worlds End, which was so fun :) Hope your Thursday is as good as your Wednesday!

  • http://toritellshertales.blogspot.com Tori

    I think that sounds like a lovely way to spend your anniversary! The boy and I never celebrate beyond a meal out and we don’t buy presents, all a bit sad really! Doesn’t say much for us :p

    I became slowly more obsessed with the baby as time went on. I wasn’t so bothered about the labour, nor the fact he was a boy, but I (like many others) found myself waiting to watch them walk down those steps with him, and I’ve been waiting and wondering what his name would be – George Alexander Louis. Me likey!

    Ahhh, don’t wile away this Summer month yet, Winter will be upon us all too quickly and we don’t want another, what felt like, 7 month one!

    As for that song – its about (well, they mention) my Cathedral back home – Winchester (and an LSD trip, but the less said about that, the better!!) xx

  • http://ibuyprettythings.blogspot.co.uk/ Hannah

    Eeek vets bills are always so pricey for what always seems like a minor thing! I can share with your obsession of the Royal family, we can chill out now we know the sex and the name! xxx

  • http://seemsprettyobvious.blogspot.com niina

    I always do that too! I mean summer is my favorite season and everything but I’m secrelty waiting for autumn haha :) You have a lovely blog by the way!

  • http://theprivatelifeofagirl.com Sophie

    Thank you for the mention! :))

  • http://www.fizzypeaches.com Lyndsay

    You have such a lovely little blog! The design is so pretty.
    New follower here :)
    Looking forward to reading more

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  • http://www.beccalouisa.com Becca Louisa

    Oooh, I like that your blog remembers my details so I don’t have to type them in again…!! Does this mean I comment on your blog too much? Hmmm.

    I am also a little bit too addicted to the Royal Baby! It is seriously exciting though. I love the name they have chosen :) xx

  • http://ladyeleanorsblog.blogspot.co.uk/ Eleanor

    I know exactly what you mean about the season-boredom. I’ve loved having a bit (lot) of sunshine for the past few weeks, but this inbetweeny, boiling hot but cloudy weather that threatens to rain every 5 seconds makes it hard to know what to wear in the mornings. Roll on cosy coats and boots! Sophie’s blog is lovely by the way x

  • http://www.twowithseven.blogspot.co.uk Flora

    Good post Rosie, I tottallllly share the sentiment about summer! I’m over it (I’ve been over it for weeks). Autumn is my favourite time of year and already I’m yearning for my boyfriend’s flannel shirts, oxblood lipstick and apple & cinnamon crumble. Countryside walks in freezing cold air that make your lungs feel clean! Oh, if only.
    I watched the news a lot too and got strangely excited over the baby. All babies are exciting I think. My twenty-one year old self should grow a pair and act my age; I’m such a country-mum in my mindset.
    I hope Ted is OK!


  • Hannah

    Snap! I’m also ridiculously excited for autumn/winter. The thought of long nights, Christmas films and big jumpers is too much; especially in this heatwave ;)

  • http://holairela.com Irela

    August will be absolutely fantastic because it’s my birthday month!!! I kid, I kid. I am super proud of my month though, best month out of the year and all that ;)

  • http://thegrinninglabrador.com Lindley

    I am so over summer! I will appreciate every moment of it while it lasts though I am anxiously awaiting fall like no other :)!

  • http://irelatetothat.blogspot.com Rekha Monger

    Blogilates workouts are super awesome, I have been doing the same for quite some time now and i <3 it.

    I adore your blog :) your little posts on small and beautiful things in life are just just awesome and i love to read more of it.

    P.S~~ This is the first time i have commented in your post after stalking you for a pretty long time :P.

  • http://Fatzee.blogspot.com Fathoosh

    This image make me what a hot chocolate now now
    Egg mayo sandwich ugh!! Sounds yumm….never tasted one !!

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