The last of the blossom.



The tree outside our house has blossomed (bloomed?) so late this year. The flowers are only just opening up. I wouldn’t have noticed how late it is if I hadn’t found a picture of it I took over a year ago, when it had been in full bloom since early May. Spring seems to be lingering, doesn’t it?

I hope that really sunny week we had isn’t summer done over and done with. I just can’t get on board with another washout summer, it’s too depressing for words. I had to give myself a stern talking to the other day because I caught myself starting to think longingly about winter already, when cold weather like this is justifiable. There must be warmer weather coming soon though, mustn’t there?


In other news, I collected my essays from uni yesterday…and I’m pretty happy! My dissertation was a bit of a skin-of-the-teeth job, but hey! That’s okay! Unless I’ve totally flunked my Drama and Witchcraft exam (not likely, but possible) I should be on track for a nice comfy old 2:1! And thank GOODNESS for that!

In other OTHER news, I popped in to see my Grandma’s next door neighbour on Sunday afternoon, and she told me that the lovely old garden centre over the road from their little row of cottages is going to be demolished. That garden centre has been a family institution for the last 15 years, and I’m more upset than I care to admit to think it’s not going to exist anymore. Cesca quite literally learnt to walk at that garden centre when she was a tot, and it never really feels like Christmas until we’ve made our annual trip to the Christmas department to choose a decoration to hang on the tree. Though I promised myself I wouldn’t, and *couldn’t* bear to go there without my Grandma, I think we’re all going to have one last trip there before it gets knocked down. It is the end of an era, after all.


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  • Rebecca

    I have been thinking about winter too, the baby is due in November so I have been buying lots of warm snuggly clothes, and even a Xmas pudding outfit! But I’m sure we have a good summer waiting round the corner xx

  • Becca Louisa

    Beautiful photos as always, Rosie! I’m glad you have decided to make one last trip to the garden centre and I hope it fills you with lots of precious memories of your Grandma :) xx

  • Liese | lipstickandsoda

    beautiful post and pictures, thanks!

  • Amber-Rose

    That is such sad news about that Garden Centre! My Dad owns one and he said the industry is really struggling at the moment. I hope that they manage to save it last minute. It would be a shame to lose so many.
    We used to make similar pilgrimages when I was little to our local garden centres.

    I’m loving your new look still, btw! Every time I visit i smile. :)

    Amber-Rose xo

    • Rosie

      That’s so sad to hear that your Dad’s garden centre is struggling too. I think they’re such lovely places to visit, I’m sad to see them close down. Apparently the garden centre opposite my Grandma’s is being demolished and a mini version of it will be stuck on the side of the Waitrose they’re building in its place.

      Thanks so much, so glad you’re enjoying the new design! I love it too! :D

  • Cate Elise
    • Rosie

      Thanks so much Cate! :)

  • Louise

    These photos are gorgeous! I haven’t been on your blog in a while due being overwhelmed with exams, but I’ve just noticed how lovely your new layout is! Sad news about the garden center, it really is such a shame when things like that come to an end. At least you’ll still have this gorgeous garden though!

    Louise x

    • Rosie

      Thanks Louise, so glad you like the layout! I’m so happy with it! I’ve not been able to stop looking at it this past week! :)

  • Adie

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog because now I found yours. Didn’t have a second thought. I’m always looking for lifestyle sites like yours. So happy, thank you again, Rosie! :-)

    Im sorry to hear about the centre! I know how it feels to be overly attached, sometimes unknowingly.

    Love, Adie

  • Dilan Dilir – things you remember

    so beautiful photos! :D

  • Fiona

    such pretty photos!

  • Heather

    Pretty photographs – ps. love your blog design :)

  • Amy

    Hey. Absolutely love your blog but I’ve only just discovered it. Been reading back through the posts and just found this one. I think I’m doing that Drama and Witchcraft module starting in September…crazy!

    Love your writing :)

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