Some silly but great things that happened yesterday.


picture taken from yesterday morning at the royal landscape gardens. didn’t the lake look so beautiful? 

ocado substituted the rubbishy old ‘ripen at home’ avocados i’d ordered with three perfectly ripe ones. score! and hello avocado toast for breakfast! 

i managed to nab a free parking spot when teddy and i went for a walk up at the royal landscape gardens. and my car didn’t get clamped! double score!
jason and i went for a takeaway at my mum’s and pinched her fancy bbq to make use of over the next few weeks. and to be honest with you, since it’s always jase who does the bbqing anyway it’s unlikely she’ll ever be getting it back ;)
i painted my nails and they didn’t smudge. essie fiji, in case you were wondering…
the sun shined like an absolute trooper all day, and dried off that soggy dog of mine after his swim in the lake before he could get into the back of my car and start dripping.
i ticked off an entire to do list for the second day in a row!
and lastly…freckles!

and in the interest of fairness- one not so great thing that happened was that the diet dr pepper i ordered turned out to be a total disappointment. should’ve just bought the ultra-sugary version. remind me not to choose the healthy option ever again, please?

what made your wednesday great? :)
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  • Rebecca

    I think we found our house! That pretty much made my Wednesday xx

  • Jenny Hickson

    Hmm, I think the highlights of my Wednesday were: my lovely husband collecting me from work when I ended up leaving late, and the sun shining brightly so I could spend time in the garden in the evening.

    Well done on not smudging your nails by the way – a skill I still need to master :)

  • Park Bench Poet

    I love your posts like this! Reminds me to be thankful for the every day things! That lake looks beautiful, and total score on the avocados! Yummy avocado on toast!

  • Tamsin

    Avacado on toast is one of THE best brekkies! x

  • Amber Love

    Great post :) yes freckles! I love them! My Wednesday was freaking perfect! Day after my birthday so I had my new iphone to play on and I passed my driving test so I picked my sister up from school driving solo for the first time :D xx

  • Tania

    Sounds like the perfect day! oh yessss FRECKLES! They are back! x

  • HerNameIsTashaa

    Beautiful photo Rosie :)


  • Christina

    My freckles are definitely making their comeback!

  • Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

    What made my Wednesday great was simply the weather. It was a glorious day in the mid-70′s and no humidity! Just wonderful to be outside!

  • Gillian

    Getting good substitutions on my grocery orders always makes my day, I’m easily pleased haha!
    Sounds like you had a lovely little day, I’m loving the sunshine too (who isn’t?), so nice to feel like summer is finally here! x

  • Kaz

    Online shop substitutes can be an absolute goldmine sometimes!
    That picture is beautiful, looks like you got very lucky on your walk there!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  • Irela

    I had the most amazing Caprese salad for lunch. The rest of the day was a rainy soggy mess, but that salad sure made me happy ♥

  • Jessille Silv

    I got a long time to sleep when my works are over. Holiday!

  • lipstick and soda

    Such a lovely post, thanks for sharing! My Wednesday was great too, I decided to move houses and I’ve just been starting the process.

  • Heather

    Great photograph – it has been gorgeous in the UK recently (for a change) x

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