Photos of the past week (or so)…


// I ate avocado toast for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago, and can now join the rest of the planet in agreeing that it’s totally delicious. Right// Pyjama pants and bright pink shoes. Toast

Left// Just those churros, again. Right// We found a new path through the woods that takes us under the tallest trees. Churros

Left// Those buttercups made me happy. Right// He gets muddy paws Meadow

Left// There’s hardly any space for Teddy to swim in the lake now, since it’s been completely taken over by lily pads. Right// She was an absolute sweetheart. Teddy-swimming

Left// I made coleslaw, and used my mandolin for the first time. I nearly shredded my fingers a few times, but it was weirdly satisfying being able to chop the carrot so uniformly. Is that weird? Right// That plant pot lasted about three minutes before he started to chew it up, and I took it away from him. Ted was not happy to give it up, I can tell you. Coleslaw

Left// Homemade pasta. Another minute or so of kneading, and that dough was ready. Right// Heaping bowlfuls of fresh tagliatelle with pesto and parmesan. Fresh-pasta

Left// Maybe my all-time favourite photo of Ted. He’s been obsessed with curtains ever since he was tiny. Right// Risotto with mushrooms and fresh (kind of homegrown!) thyme :) Mushroom-and-thyme-risotto

Left// I bought some peaches, and accidentally left them in my car for two days. It made them even riper and juicier than they were when I bought them. Right// This one tasted amazing smooshed onto toasted sourdough for breakfast. I’m all about fruit on toast at the moment. Can’t get enough.


Photos taken largely from my Instagram. I’m ‘ciderwithrosiebee’ on there, if you’d like to follow along :)

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  • Rebecca

    Mmmm I love avocado on toast, since this baby though I have gone off my veggies!

  • Becks

    Lovely photos – that fresh pasta and risotto has got me staaaarving already this morning! xo

  • charley

    beautiful photos rosie

  • Rachel S

    Teddy is the sweetest! Those churros look delicious.

  • Chelsea

    The Teddy/curtains picture just makes my heart melt, what a sweetie!

    • Rosie

      Isn’t it so cute? :) I can’t stop looking at it, it’s so cute!

      • Rosie

        Major overuse of the word ‘cute! ;)

  • Kristyn @ Milk + Crown

    love these! especially the one of your puppy under the curtains :) how precious is that! and mmm peaches–my favorite. i’ve been eating them like crazy lately. happy wednesday!


  • juni // hej juni

    oh I looove risotto with mushrooms! So hungry for some right now

  • Ting

    Awww…Your photos are so gorgeous!x

  • Dannielle

    Gorgeous photos as always! Ted is such a wee cutie xx

    D Is For…

  • Bianca

    I went to try an avocado a couple of weeks ago but didn’t like the look of it. What do they taste like? Also have you tried a donut peach? I discovered them the other day it tasted delicious! xx

  • KB {Tragic and Lovely}

    I LOVE churros! I’ve always wanted to make my own pasta. Great photos.

  • Jenny

    Avacado on toast with some sweet chill sauce drizzled over the top is amazing. And Ted is so lovely, Pip would love him :)


  • Catherine,

    Gaaahd, I bloomin’ love churros! The field of buttercups look very pretty indeed. xo

  • Chelsea Elizabeth

    All of your food pics are making me hungry and your pup pics are too cute! Im loving summer so far

  • sally

    Not sad at all mandolin-wise. Although i don’t have one whenever i see them on cookery programmes etc i always get a bit excited and think i must must get one. Equally i always forget. Love the little plant pot face!!! When my parents dog was small she would sometimes sneak empty yoghurt pots out of the recycling and stick her snout in them and run round and round the garden wagging her tail so much. Sometimes its the simplest silliest things!!!!xxxxx

  • Madeline

    Great pictures ! Your dog looks thrilled to be out and about outdoors !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  • Megan Maguire

    Gorgeous pictures! What camera do you use? xo

  • Lucy

    Now, I’m seriously craving avocado! It’s just so damn good.

    Lucy x

  • Emily

    Avocado on toast is a gift of God isn’t it! (Try it with bacon for extra bliss!)
    Can’t beat a bunch of cracking instagram snippets!
    Lovely, just lovely!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  • Leanne

    Gorgeous photos, the food all looks so good! x

  • Carrieanne

    Love the pic teddy is so cute. Yummy peaches and sourdough toast sound good need to try.
    You have a lovely blog here and can’t wait to read more so glad I stumbled across it.
    Newest followers

    Carrieanne x

  • Melissa

    Great photos! Looks like a great week. x


  • Amy

    That is the sweetest picture of Ted under the curtains! I am addicted to avocado!

  • Lindley

    I come from California where avocado is king and I so truly miss indulging in avocado everything…that toast looks divine :)! Ted seems to be bundles of fun– if only I could introduce him to my little Morgan!!

  • Irela

    Avocado toast is my favorite! I got a bad batch of avocados this time around from the market so I’m really missing my avocado toast this week :(

    Those churros look yummy yummy! I’m such a fan of any type of fried dough ♥

  • http://www, Catherine Lux

    Oh gosh, I feel so out of it, I haven’t read any blogs for ages, and then I come on yours and it’s all changed! It looks amazing though!!! In. Love.

    Hehe, Dylan loves flower pots too, he has great fun throwing them up in the air and jumping up to catch them before they fall, so funny to watch!

    And isn’t Avocado Toast just the best?! My favourite snack ever!

    C x

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