Doughnuts & results!



Jason took me out to the shops at half past 9 on Tuesday night to pick up doughnuts. That’s a good man, right there. He kind of had to give in to my polite requests (read: begging) to go on a doughnut run, because I’d found out earlier in the day that I’ll be graduating university with a 2:1! HOORAY!

I’d say a good 80% of my university experience was completely rubbish, but I’m loving this whole ongoing ‘I’m graduating uni’ celebratory thing like you wouldn’t believe! We went out for pizzas on the evening after my last exam, results day was a doughnut-o-rama, and you can bet we’ll be feating and celebrating on graduation day in a couple of weeks time too! Not sure I can milk it any longer than that, but three treat days is pretty good going right? ;)

When I found out my result, I called Jo to let her know my exciting news. The first thing she said when she answered the phone was ‘Oh my God! Are you pregnant?!’
She really wants to be an honorary Auntie already, and asks me if I’m pregnant yet almost every time we speak. (Oh, and I’m not, by the way. Jo continues to be disappointed.)


^That right there is a chocolate praline cake doughnut, with fresh coffee to go with it. Cake doughnut is my favourite. I love the stodge.^

In other news, this week I realised that I’ve been using my washing machine incorrectly for the past two years. Yup. I’ve been putting detergent in the wrong slot, so it hasn’t been cleaning clothes as well as it should have. Sigh. Is this not proof that I’m not ready to be a Mama anytime soon? ;)

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  • Rebecca

    What. A. Babe.
    Krispy Kremes are the scrummiest. Congratulations!! xx

  • Kelly

    I love doughnuts. I tried making some a few weeks back and they were absolutely disgusting.

    Congrats on uni :)

  • Dannielle

    Congratulations!! That’s amazing news about your results :) xx

    D Is For…

  • Ema

    That’s great Rosie! Congrats. :) xx

  • being erica

    congrats on the baby (food baby, from all the donuts)!

  • Flora

    Wooooo! Congratulations Rosie!!! I agree with you, 80% of Uni has been an endurance test but this bit is the bees knees. I find out my results tonight (gulp) so I’m getting close to knowing now. Doughnuts are a brill idea, kudos for managing to milk it for so long. I’m not sure my boyfriend would be so compliant! hahaha

    ps. RE people wishing you pregnant, I empathise – my brothers and friends are itching to be actual and honoury uncles (and aunts). Whenever I say I have news they expect me to announce an engagement or baby! Not that I would be adverse to either but one step at a time right…degrees & doughnuts for now!


  • Emma Louise


  • Fathoosh

    Congrats on ur results!
    Am in a similar stage, were I get asked ‘r u preg’ whenever I say I have good news to deliver!!

  • Fathoosh

    Congrats on ur results!
    Am in a similar stage, were I get asked ‘r u preg’ whenever I say I have good news to deliver!!

  • Madeline

    Looooove Krispy Kremes ! Congratulations ! But now I’m craving donuts….

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  • Michelle

    I say celebrate as much as you can! Especially with doughnuts involved, because that chocolate praline looks amazing! xo

  • Irela

    Congratulations on your good marks Rosie! The doughnuts look delicious, I haven’t had Krispy Kreme in sooo long.

  • Liese | lipstickandsoda

    congratulations on graduating and on your results! those doughnuts look absolutely delicious, you deserve them :) your comment on the washing mashine made me laugh, things like that tend to happen (to some of us :D)

  • Becca

    Big congratulations on your 2:1 ! What better way to celebrate with pizzas and doughnuts – YUM!


  • sally

    Iv never been able to get on board with the whole donut thang (dont hate me…i just dont get the fuss?!) you can sometimes bring me round if they are warm rings of sugary goodness and im at the seaside.

    Huge and whopping congrats on such a fab result miss xxxxx

  • LilyLipstick

    Congratulations! Definitely deserving of donuts. x

  • Lucy

    Congratulations! It must be such a relief to finally know your result.

    Those doughnuts look absolutely amazing. There is definitely something very special about Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Oh so good.

    Lucy x

  • Rosie

    Congrats on your 2:1! You have a degree but you cant work your washing machine :P Haha :)
    You’ve made me crave some doughnuts now… !
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Carrie Willink

    Yum yum yum.. I was just going to ask are you pregnant- all those goodies look like cravings to me:) Although I am currently not with child and I have cravings all the time! What do we blame it on? Oh yes… celebrations.. your a genius!
    ps. I don’t think I have seen such a cute blog in a long time! Love it over here!

  • Amy

    I’d love one of those chocolate praline cake donuts right now! LOL about your washing machine skills…I’ve used mine without turning on the water hose several times. Not a good idea.

  • Georgina

    Congratulations on your 2.1! You totally get to do more celebrating; just celebrate it with different people. With Jason, with your family, with your uni friends, with Ted…with EVERYONE. Milk that uni celebrating!

  • Sonia

    Congratulations on your 2:1 Rosie! And doughnuts are definitely the best thing to celebrate with especially if they’re Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

  • claire // this little house

    congrats on your degree!! i’m loving your form of celebration, can’t beat a good donut!
    thanks for stopping by our blog and for your lovely comment :)
    your blog and it’s design is just gorgeous!

  • Jess Corcoran

    Congratulations! them donuts look so yummy. xx

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