I made churros for the first time this weekend. Jason and I have had a thing for all things cinnamon sugar ever since we went to the county show a couple of weeks ago, and had the best cinnamon sugar doughnuts ever in the whole entire world . The churros were pretty awesome, but not quite as mind-blowingly amazing as those hot doughnuts we ate right out of a paper bag.

I’ve been scared of deep fat frying for ages, but now I’ve seen how simple (and weirdly satisfying) it is I’m planning on frying everything in sight. These chocolate cake doughnut holes are next on my list of recipes to try, in the hope they taste like our beloved Tim Horton’s chocolate Timbits.


How was your weekend? :)

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  • Freya

    Now that I know you’re a fan of the Timbit I love your blog even more! Every time I go back home to Canada I get a massive box of them for road trips :)

    • Rosie

      Haha, Timbits are the BOMB! I had no idea you were Canadian, whereabouts in Canada? Jase has family in Alberta, we’re hoping to take a trip out there soon!:)

  • Natasha

    I have never tried churros before, they look so yummy so I may have to try some now haha :)

  • Eadaoin

    Ooh I know how you feel with the deep frying, there is something so satisfying about it!

    Also love Tiger for kitchen ware, those spoons are my favourite :)

  • Katie

    You’ve done a great job with these – they look delicious! I’m pretty useless at cooking but I know my mom would love to try this out!

  • LilyLipstick

    These look amazing. Churros always remind me of holidays to Spain as a child! x

  • Liese | lipstickandsoda

    these look amazing! glad you got over your fear of deep frying, everything in moderation, right? (or not :D)

  • Flora

    Your boyfriend is so lucky to have you to make him these! I would have taken the whole plate and retired to the sofa to munch them with Game of Thrones. And perhaps not shared them…


  • sally

    Is it wrong that these look like they would make a lovely breakfast?! Mmm! I have a recipe from Simple Things mag for these but instead of chocolate sauce they serve them with spiced apple cider! Mmmm.

    Just Mmmmmm!

    Hope you all had a lovely weekend xxxx

  • Amy

    I’d rather eat something “cinnamon-ny” over “choclatey”any day. But the combo of the churros and the dipping sauce — wow! That is perfection!

  • Aimee

    Oh god, these look SO good. I haven’t had churros for years! Deep fat frying scares me, but I might have to brave it for this cinnamony goodness! xo

  • Danielle

    Those look amazing, what recipe did you use? x

  • Janeese Brown

    I love churros! I haven’t had them since I was in Mexico, I’m definitely trying this recipe out. :3

  • Lucy

    I tried churros for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a food festival. They are absolutely awesome!

    Lucy x

  • Marlen

    haha i LOLed at “weirdly satisfying”- i loved that. and man oh man this looks mouth watering. i love anything with cinnamon, too ;)

    xo Marlen
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  • Irela

    Rosie! You have to post a recipe for this! I love churros! They are the best! My favorite thing is to have churros with hot chocolate. It’s a great treat when it’s cold outside.

  • Carolyn

    omgoodness delicious!!!

  • Debra

    These look absolutely amazing! I never actually thought about making them at home but why wouldn’t you? haha Hope you enjoyed them :)

  • Rebecca
  • Madeline

    This looks way too delicious !

  • Jasmine

    These look amazing. I must try them soon!! :D

  • dan

    churros are my absolute fave! xx

  • Laura

    Oh wow, these look spectacular. I’ve never actually had a Churro but anything deep fried and covered in chocolate… well lets just say I KNOW I will love them.

    By the way you photos are amazing! Can I ask what camera and len’s you use? I’m still a novice beginner, so always looking for inspiration :) xx

  • Valerie

    wow this looks so good! i can’t believe i’ve never thought of doing churros myself! it’s one of my favourite things to have whenever I’m in Spain :) xx

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  • Yii-Huei

    These look so cute and delicious! I love churros, although I’m a little scared of the deep fryer.

  • Amy

    Um, YES!

    I use the recipe from Thomasina Miers’s “Mexican Food Made Simple” when I make churros. The dipping sauce is wickedly good! x

  • Stephanie

    Humm churros! How come you know Timbits? I love Tim Hortons! I should go sometimes this week! ;)

    • Rosie

      I was introduced to TimBits a couple of years ago, when Jason and I went to Canada to visit his sister and family! I’ve never looked at a Krispy Kreme the same way since! ;)

  • David Foster

    Hi Rosie,

    Firstly, thanks so much for sharing your churros recipe, I had a fun time experimenting!

    However, if you don’t mind, I have a burning question that I hope you could help to answer. I followed the recipe, but somehow, the insides of the churros still does not come out as cooked/chewy as desired.

    Would like to ask if you have any tips regarding how to solve that issue? Thanks so much in advance if you could help! :)


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