A rundown of the past week!



In the past week, I’ve been…

Wondering…if maybe I should start learning how to knit? I was in my local fabric shop last week buying some hessian (seriously the most boring fabric I could possibly have come away with from that shop!), and got hung up looking at all the lovely wool. I’m quite fussy when it comes to scarves and can never quite find ones I like during the winter, so if I teach myself to knit this summer and start to on a scarf ASAP I *might* just have finished it in time for winter! If anyone knows of any good online knitting tutorials, link me up! :)

Eating…not nearly enough! I mentioned on Twitter that in the past week I’ve become someone who forgets to eat lunch. Forgets…food?! Who.am.I? I think it’s because I’m still trying to settle into a regular daily routine, and keep eating at funny times of day. I can always judge if I’ve eaten enough by how stressed I feel whilst cooking dinner. On Tuesday evening whilst making fish pie I had such bad low blood sugar-induced rage I could barely keep from chucking salmon across the room. And then Jase got home from work and fed me crisps, and all was well again. Bless that man :)

Listening toErato, because it reminds me of last summer. I hope they release a full album soon, because I’ll be first in the queue to buy a copy.

Missing…my Ma! She’s been in Ghana for a week now, and I miss her! I also am dead bored with getting stinky cat food on my hands every single day whilst feeding her cats, so wish she’d hurry home! ;) I’ve felt really sad that she wasn’t around to call this week, since so many months of hard work have come to fruition and I wanted to tell her all about it. I’m glad she’s home on Monday :)

Drinking…a Starbucks mocha cookie crumble frappuccino, as recommended by Rachael. I didn’t think Starbucks could make the mocha frap any more amazing than it already is but you know what? They’ve managed it!

Loving…watching a woodpecker hunting for insects on the bank by the pond outside our house. I’ve never seen one close up before! I’ve also been loving my pyjama pants. Not grotty ones for sleeping in, but the ‘fashionable’, daytime-approriate ones from Urban Outfitters. Whoever decided that wearing fancy pyjamas outside was a ‘thing’ this season is a genius! (p.s. Is fashionable an old-fashioned word? I feel like it is. It’s like ‘trendy’. Urgh, I’m getting old.)

Wishing forthese cups. I linked to them on the blog almost a year ago, but when I went to buy them they were sold out. Next month, little cups, next month…

p.s. I’m thinking of starting to alternate these rundown type posts on Fridays with my old faithful ’10 things that’ve made me happy this week’ posts. What do you think? :)

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  • http://firstkisstime.blogspot.co.uk/ Sarah

    Ooh wow, is the mocha frappucino that good? I tried the triple caramel and it was simply amazing! So sweet that you miss your mam, I would too if she ever were to leave me haha xx

  • Jess

    Just search ‘How to cast on’ and ‘Knit Stitch’ on youtube and there’s tons of easy tutorials, it took me less than half a day to learn how to do it! Knitting is so easy and theraputic and you feel so proud when you complete something! Good luck :)

  • http://justrachel-h.blogspot.co.uk/ Rachel

    I think alternating is a good idea, 10 thins that… makes me smile and I’d miss them if they were gone :)
    My nanny taught me to knit – its such a relaxing past time, I’d recommend it! xx

  • http://www.nishaantishu.com Freya

    I think it’s a fab idea for a series, Rosie. I often forget to eat when life gets really busy too, it’s a bad habit.

  • http://itsemmamade.blogspot.co.uk Emma

    I recommend crochet, quicKer and more fun than knitting!

    • Rosie

      I’ve tried crocheting, but am not really a fan to be honest! Found it waaaay too fiddly! I love the idea of it though, it amazes me what people are able to create just with a crochet hook and wool!

  • http://www.madeupoflittlethings.com Rachael

    Told you so :) the new layout is looking lovely by the way xx

    • Rosie

      Thanks lovely! Glad you like! :)

  • http://www.walkingdotphotography.com giedre

    Oooo, love the Erato movie! Will def look em up – thanks for the suggestion! Also: just something to think about knitting in the summertime: holding wool in lap? Not so comfy when it’s a million degrees out. :p I agree that learning to knit needs to happen, though! I wanna learn to make scarves, too!!!

  • http://the-cup-and-saucer.blogspot.com Alice

    HOW DO YOU FORGET LUNCH!? Seriously?! I think work is making me put on weight- I get bored so I nibble. When I’m busy, I don’t snack at ALL!! I’m planning on learning to knit too- fortunately my mama is exceptional at it, so I have someone on hand to sort me out when I drop half my stitches… xx

  • http://meghansilva.blogspot.com Meghan

    Love the recap and I hope your mom comes back soon .

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  • Kierra Makayla

    I love how this blog post is set up! xoxo

    Lovee, Kierra Makayla.

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